August 3, 2015

"See you in September...

...see you when the summer's through.

I've decided to take a bit of a blogging break.  To savor August.  And all the end of the summer brings.  Farmer's markets, one or two weekend get-aways, packing the youngest up for college, a few tears and hopefully more than a few smiles (the safe bet is on the tears tho).

"Farmer's Market Haul"
Real Life/Still Life
Ambler, Pennsylvania

Honestly, I'm a bit tired.  And stressed.  The summer of 2015 hasn't exactly been what I had hoped for.  I've barely picked up the old camera. Motivation has gone AWOL.  It's probably hiding in Thing #1's vacant bedroom, that has morphed into Thing #3's (aka my soon-to-be college coed) "staging area" for all the crap necessary stuff that metamorphis seems to entail.  It's not just me shedding tears, my wallet is weeping too.

So I will take August to regroup and regather.  Tackle the old "to do" list that has been growing at warp speed.  Picking out photographs to put on canvas for an office display, organize and print those wedding albums from Things #1 and #2 weddings LAST summer, take a few steps away from social media (it's either that or lower my expectations of how people sometimes behave), maybe research some evening school offerings at local colleges for fall semester,  POSSIBLY even dust my furniture.

Probably none of which I will actually finish!  But a girl's gotta dream, right?!?!?

...bye, bye baby goodbye."

-See You in September

Probably most importantly...breathe.  I've come to realize I've had a boatload of changes the past year. Two Things married, and my last Thing off to college.  Even tho I didn't ask for an empty nest, it somehow happened.  And relatively all at freakin' once.  Time to refocus, regroup, redefine.  And so the journey continues...but on a new untravelled path.

Altho I'm stashing the camera for a few weeks, I will still be on Instagram (KathyMcB).  Yes, I think I can still handle a camera phone.  See ya on the flip side!. See you in September!

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(Song-ography will return on September 1st.  The song suggestion is "Go Big or Go Home"  by the American Authors.  Click on photo for a full description.)


  1. I really enjoyed my two week break - so I'm sure you'll love your month off! {I might bug you with an email or two...kinda missin' you! Is that possible after only one looong breakfast??!}

    1. I will GLADLY respond to phone calls/texts my friend!

  2. Enjoy your hiatus .... come back refreshed :-D

  3. Good luck with getting Thing 3 to college and tackling your to-dos! ENJOY August my friend!!!

  4. I don't envy all the things you have to do - so yeah, taking off is a good thing:) Love the wrap of your bouquet of flowers and your first still life.

  5. Wish you lots of happy times and safe ones too.

  6. Enjoy stay safe and keep shooting such lovely photos!

  7. I totally understand taking a break. I hope this time away is good to you. You have had so much transition lately and whether it resisters or not, it does affect us. Sometimes all these online things can leave one feeling drowned. Enjoy August!

  8. Enjoy your bloggy break! You've had quite the year and summer!! I would skip the dusting though. :)

  9. Lovely shots - and I hope you'll return to the blogosphere soon!
    Thanks for linking up at

  10. I hope you enjoy your bloggy break. I am looking forward to our trip which starts next week but I will continue to blog my way through life because I have an addiction problem when it comes to blogging ;)


  11. Kath, enjoy your respite. As The Happenings would say, "See you in September See you when the summer's through".

  12. Enjoy the end of the summer! If you need to unload more than 'stuff' while you're in State College, let me know!

  13. Stunning photos. So glad to come visit. Headed over from Barb's Sunday sundries.

  14. Enjoy this time & savor each moment. It's a transition we all must make at some point in our lives - empty nesting. While I relished it, I loathed it too - especially when the 2nd son decided to move 1800 miles away from home, instead of 50. THAT tore my heart out (still does)..........but I've learned to embrace it & move through it.
    See you in September girl!

  15. I accidentally took a blogging break for May, June, and July... it's been good! Savoring summer, the peak three months of daylight here in the far north.. sun, oh marvelous sun.
    Have missed keeping up with my reading though. Enjoy your break and all that it includes!

  16. I agree with all of the above - apart from dusting furniture! I am not looking forward for my daughter to leave next summer! Especially after my two sons left - one not even in the same country and daughter is looking at universities in Paris! Me and husband and both wallets are weeping!
    Enjoy your blogging free month ...I do less and less as well for so many different reasons. Looking forward to seeing you on Instagram!

  17. Enjoy and savor your August!
    Your photos are beautiful

  18. I so hear you *sigh*. Totally understandable after all that happened in your past year, and still is. Good things, but life changing nonetheless. For similar reasons I just said goodbye to mye WW, I am not ready to take a complete break, now that I started my Saturday art linkup, which is fun and I love it. But I definitely also need to 're-group' myself :)
    Bonne chance and much success! To both of us. See you in September!
    p.s. and just in case, I just email subscribed :)

  19. First off, I love the summer harvest grouping and those flowers, aww, I love Dahlias! We've just finished packing my husband who heads out to Saudi tomorrow. This morning as we were sitting in church I realized, this is it--this is the last time we will be together as a family in church for at least 6 months. Tonight my hubby and daughter went out at 11:00pm for a last minute daddy daughter date. I heard her crying in the shower. It's going to be a tough transition for all of us!

  20. Enjoy your break! I kinda wish I was taking a break or slowing down but I feel like I did that when we moved, & I don't know if I really can do that. I'm also trying to figure out niche & mission statement which makes everything even hazier (which might actually just be the heat).

    Anyway - enjoy the time and take it easy! We will see you in the other side!

  21. I might sound repetitive but I looove your blog, love how you write, love how you feel, and love your young spirirt. I can so easily picture myself a few years from now with an empty nest like you and it scares me... truly and deeply. So I guess I am here feeling with you! As always... amazing pictures!!! A M A Z I N G !!! did you by any chanve take a photography class on line? I was thinking about taking one...