August 31, 2015


 "I'm thinking life's too short, it's passing by
So if I'm gonna go at all
Go big or go home...

"Go Big or Go Home"
Squaw Valley, California

...I'm gonna live my life
I've got no regrets
Go big or go home."

-Go Big or Go Home (American Authors)

Knock, knock. Who's there?  SEPTEMBER!  Which means my hiatus is over and I'm back in the blogging saddle again.  As much as I love my photography AND my blogging, gotta was darn refreshing to put down the camera, and step away from the blog for a respite.  Not sure I got my creative spark lit up again, but at least it's well rested.  Doesn't mean I didn't take any photos.  But the photography I did participate in for the most part, was of daily life via the old Iphone. Two things I learned?

1.  It was nice to not be tethered down to the Canon.  It certainly allowed me to capture more of the "day-to-day" of my it happened. And I don't THINK I was quite as annoying to all my friends when I wanted to snap away.

2.  And boy, do I hate the quality of my Iphone camera!  I've decided to go big, or go home and switch to a Samsung
(may the Android force, be with me!).

August was filled with living my life.  Lots of laughs.  Some tears.  Spending it with family and friends.    Passing time at home, and on the road (or in the air).  Saying hello.  Saying good-bye.  Endings.  New beginnings.  Pretty much August is the month also known as "Go Big or Go Home" for moi.  I will be documenting some of the happenings in the next week or two.

But for today, I'm just happy to be back here...with one photo.  Since it's been a month since my last post, not sure how many will remember that today is Song-ography.  But the link up is posted, and we'll see how many remember it is indeed SEPTEMBER.  Bring on Fall.  Cooler temps, college football, brilliant colors, challenging my brain by learning the android way of doing things, and my new normal as the newest member of the "Empty Nest Society".  Go big or go home!


Since it's been awhile, click on the Song-ography link in the banner for Song-ography specifics.  But it can be explained generally here:

Song/lyric + photo(s) = Song-ography

Since it's the first Tuesday of the month, a prompt was given:  American Author's "Go Big or Go Home".  It's up to you if you decide to use it, or go your own way.  The rest of the month?  It's totally your choice.  Thanks for linking up AND...I'll be by to see whatcha' been up to!


  1. I'm happy to have you back!

  2. Welcome back! It's been a long while since I was at Squaw Valley. I think the husband and I are planning to do an epic rod trip next summer where we head west and visit family and friends all along the way.

  3. Yay! You're back - I'm linking up in the am (thanks for joining me!)
    Glad you enjoyed the step away from the blog (-:

  4. I've been counting the days!!! So glad you're back ~ it felt good to me to take a few weeks off. Sounds like it was good for you too! Can't wait to hear more tales. Welcome to the 'empty nesters club' ~ we're the cool kids!

  5. Glad to have you back but can also TOTALLY appreciate the need to step aside (if even momentarily) to appreciate life's calling. August is definitely a pivotal month. I know you've heard (and lived) the 'Terrible Twos' and the 'Tumultuous Teens' - well, that is where the 'Empty Nest Syndrome' comes into play. Suddenly, as with the pain of birth - you forget all the turmoil and can't wait to see your kid every chance you can. The cycle of life is a crazy ride.

  6. So nice to see you back on the blog. Glad that we're connected on other channels so I could witness some of the fabulous time off you took. I'm not quite ready to do Songography yet, still struggling with juggling time.But - getting there. Until then, I'm enjoying looking at other people's photos and posts (and painting :))

  7. Great photo!! My husband has a Samsung and it takes great photos. But I'll still carry my Canon (and annoy my friends).

  8. A very full month indeed! Glad that you could step away to refresh before hitting fall's busy. Nice to have you back!

  9. Wow, the photo looks so interesting, what a great shot of the wine glasses and her smile. Perfect!
    Maya: Tea In Sidi Bou Said

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  11. Sometimes we need a break from it all - I'm glad you enjoyed yours! I love your photo - great capture. I'm happy to participate again and thank you for resuming Song-ography! I "went my own way" this week. Welcome back, Kathy. :)

  12. Welcome back. - I like your photo. It seems "happy."

  13. Greetings from Dubai! Really enjoyed going through your blog. Have a great week ahead! Will be back soon...