January 23, 2017


Grand #2.  Yes, #2 chronologically.  But she shares equal residence in my heart with Grand #1.  I mean after all, can't we ALL get along?  On Saturday, while millions of women were marching in protest throughout the country...I was only focussed on the women in MY life.  Those that started the day with us. And that one little gal who decided to join the party and end the day with us.  Despite what the media tells me these days....life is good.

"Ellie Rose"
(Thing #1 with his little girl)

It took awhile for Miss Ellie Rose's parents to settle on her name.  But the wait was worth it.  She carries the moniker of all her great grandmothers combined.

"And Baby Makes Three"

There is just something special about seeing your son holding his little girl.  Boom.  The sound of my heart exploding.

We are in love.

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