September 22, 2016

And what happened then?...

Well in Omi-ville they say...her heart grew three sizes that day.  (disclaimer:  I think it was more!)

Aveline (a-vah-leen) Lillian
nickname:  Lila
aka: Grand #1
8 lb. 11 oz.
August 29, 2016
Cincinnati, Ohio

And then the true meaning of "grandparent-hood" came through.   And the Omi found the love of ten Omi's, plus two!

"And then they were three"
Cincinnati, Ohio

Even tho Thing #2 wanted me to be present at the birth...logistics always taunted me with the possibility I wouldn't make it.  That's what happens when Omi lives in Philly and Grand #1's parents live in Cincy. If we could just eliminate western Pennsylvania (apologies to the 'burgh)  and Eastern Ohio I'd be a much happier Omi.   Luckily, I made it in time!  And took photographs, just to prove it.

"My girls"
Cincinnati, Ohio

"I'm a girl"
Cincinnati, Ohio

(major props to Thing #2.1 who endured sleeping on a hospital bed directly under the air conditioning vent for the duration.  BRRRR!)

Of course I had an impromptu "photo shoot" before Grand#1 left the hospital.  Lucky for me, Thing #2 packed her hospital bag with a few wardrobe changes. She is operating under the mantra "the bigger the bow, the better the mama".

Grand #1, all packed up and ready to head home.  I hope her parents are ready, 'cause I think she's gonna be a heartbreaker.

"Homeward Bound"
Cincinnati, Ohio

So here's the thing.  It's not like I've never participated in childbirth before.  Afterall, I have three of my own.  Full disclosure, I must have had my eyes shut the entire time because I never saw a thing!  I want to thank Thing #2 and #2.1 for asking me to be there at the birth of my Grand #1.  To truly SEE a miracle entering my life was the best gift I've ever been given.  BUT...that doesn't mean the rest of my family needs to give up trying.  Just sayin'.

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