July 31, 2014

Under the super moon...

...at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

"Steel Pier"
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Steel Pier.  A 1,000 foot long amusement pier in  Atlantic City.  Opened in 1898 and once considered the "Showplace of the Nation"...or at least the East Coast...which to us East Coasters IS the nation.   Originally debuting as a theatre, the Steel Pier expanded to include attractions and rides. Not to mention every great entertainer of the day including Frank Sinatra to Al Jolson to the Beatles...

(No...I did not take these photos)

...and its famous diving horses.  Despite being all kinds of wrong...I gotta admit it's kinda mesmerizing in it's equine "Take the Nestea Plunge" bizarre-ness. And I can't forget those "American Bandstand" rip off shows of my youth,  which were broadcast from the Steel Pier via UHF channels on the weekends.  If that doesn't date me then the cans of Vidal Sassoon hairspray, curling irons, and bottles of "Sun In" natural hair lightener clogging my bathroom counter tops surely did.

"Welcome to the Steel Pier"
Atlantic City, New Jersey

"Wooter Ice"
Steel Pier
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Super Moon.  A full moon that occurs when the moon is nearest the Earth during its elliptical orbit around our planet (see,  I paid attention in science class...sometimes).  The moon appears bigger, and brighter to the naked eye.

Steel Pier + Super Moon = I should probably buy a better camera lens for the NEXT astronomical phenomenon

"Give it a Whirl"
Steel Pier
Atlantic City, New Jersey

It's too bad my camera doesn't produce "scratch and sniff" photographs.  If it did, it would allow you to scratch and sniff the...

Salt Water + Popcorn + Wood + Fried dough + Suntan lotion + Spun Sugar  

...all under a Super Moon at the Steel Pier.

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