September 1, 2014

Where for art thou...


"Desperately Seeking Summer"
Atlantic City, New Jersey

How do I know summer is outta here?  Besides Labor Day being the "unofficial" end to summer?  Two big clues this past weekend...

1.  My first pumpkin ale.

2.  Pumpkin coffee made it's appearance on the shelves at Wawa

It's official.  Sayonara summer.  Seems I hardly got to know ya.  Truth-be-told, I'm always happy when a change of season arrives.  Altho I didn't have much time to relax and travel the way I usually do during the summer this year, I'm sure I'll get to enjoy that on the flip side in 2015.  In the meantime bring on my boots, sweaters, Penn State sweatshirts,  football games, cool air and warm colors, complaining about Christmas decor on the shelves before I've even bought a pumpkin, waking up to the sound of my neighbor's leaf blower at some ungodly morning hour, and I can not lie...NO MORE RE-RUNS ON T.V.!  How can ya not love Fall?

Ahhhh, one other thing I love about Fall.  I do my BEST travelling plans this time of year.  Interesting factoid...If you are sitting on a pier in Atlantic City gazing out across the Atlantic, do ya know what you'd see on the banks of Europe gazing directly back at you?  Lisbon, Portugal.  Yeah, the Better Half found it this is probably gonna cost me money  interesting I'd point that out to him too.  The wheels are turning.  Gosh I love Fall.

Happy Labor Day!

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