July 27, 2015

"The ocean...

"A picture in grey
Dorian Gray
Just me by the sea.

And I felt like a star
I felt the world could go far
If they listened 
To what  I said.

Washes my feet
Washed my feet
Splashes the soul of my shoes."

-The Ocean (U2)

"The Ocean"
Stone Harbor, New Jersey


So life's about to hit the fan around here.  My shoes will gather no moss, once August hits. I'm off on a couple of jaunts AND most important of all...I will be packing up and sending off Thing #3 for her next venture...college.  Cue sad "Empty Nest Syndrome" music.  I admit, I'm feeling anticipatory sympathy for the Better Half as he will have a double whammy to deal with, the absence of Thing #3 AND the melancholy of Moi.  It won't be pretty. Given all that August will put on my plate, I have decided to give Song-ography a vacay for the month.  Song-ography will return on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST.  And because it will be the first Tuesday of a month, a prompt will be given (should you decide to use it, or photograph to your own music)...

"Go Big or Go Home"
American Authors

So please remember to mark your calendars for Song-ography's return on September 1st.  Thanks to all who stop by, leave a comment, join in. All are appreciated.  I look forward to visiting those who link up to see whatcha been up to!

(Song-ography on Tuesdays.  Click on photo for a full description.)


  1. Wonderful ocean shot! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. What a nice shot. Love the composition.

  3. Well - I timed my joining in just right then!
    Have a wonderful August and embrace it.
    All of it!

  4. Enjoy your August off. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  5. Gorgeous shot... kind of a minimalist feel to it.

  6. A beautiful shot.

  7. What a beautiful shot!... I love all the negative dreamy space surrounding the little girl. All the best with sending off #3, I try not to think of the day I have to do the same with my boys. My heart goes out to you...

  8. Best of luck!!!! I hope the process is a smooth and easy one for all parties involved!

  9. Great picture - perfect composition and contrast. Good luck with the move and adjustment; hopefully it will be an easy transition for all involved.

  10. We're both at the ocean this week. Enjoy all the changes coming.

  11. Enjoy your travels, stay safe, and bring home lots of wonderful photographs to share.

  12. Pretty beach scene. I have been to Stone Harbor it is a lovely town! Enjoy your day!

  13. I hope I remember to mark my calendar for September 1st... You have a great time until then! No blues, well, hardly any allowed :)

  14. Beautiful image, Kathy! Enjoy your month of adventures and getting used to the empty nest. I dreaded that time for years (and years), and then when it came, it really was fine. I'm still close to my kids and love when they visit. And it's a joy to see them making their way in the world!

  15. Oh Kathy! When our little # 3 went off to college, I was ready! Hubby was not. It's too quiet...the bus doesn't stop...the TV isn't on...the dog is sad! I told him to SNAP OUT OF IT! They are good kids, they know the difference between right and wrong, they are caring and helpful individuals...and they know very well that THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Further, HOME IS WHERE YOUR MOM IS! Remember, Kathy, they'll be back, and before too long you'll be saying to yourself...or out loud maybe..."OMG, they're stilllll here!" hee hee hee.
    Enjoy yourself. Give yourself a great big pat on the back, until such time when they reach out to do it for you! IT'S ALL GOOD! YOU DONE GOOD! Put your feet up and relax! ALOHA

  16. A most wonderful picture and it reflects your feeling so very well. It will be hard to life in a big house with only a husband ( even the best one) and one or two dogs...
    I still have one year left but ,oh my, I start panicking already.
    Have a wonderful summer!