April 8, 2015


"Well, everybody faces the fact there really aren't many 
record stores around to go to and just browse.
Maybe browse online, yet that tactile feel of
flipping through a stack of vinyl remains one of life's simple pleasures."

-Billy Gibbons
(but I might have said it too!)

"Snap, Crackle, Pop"

I miss...

the sound of a needle dropping

the snap, crackle, pop between songs

the snap, crackle, pop during songs

the liner notes

the plastic milk crates "borrowed" from the back of the 7-11 used for storage, and moving, purposes

the "B" side

the cover art

the dust and fingerprints

I miss that lesser quality and older technology is trumped by the pursuit of perfection according to many of today's ears.  Perfection is boring and often lacks character and interest.  Plus, I just don't believe that "high tech" does "sentimental" the way vinyl does.  I have a few dozen vinyl albums that have survived the multiple moves I have made during my life from high school, to college, to married life, to various house relocations.

If I take a good look at them,  I can see AND hear a history of my life.  The snap, crackle AND the pop.  It's a simple pleasure.

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Next Tuesday's Song-ography title suggestion is "Soak Up the Sun" by Sheryl Crow.
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  1. Yes indeed! Did you know vinyl still sells at auctions and for some pretty big bucks. Recently an album went for $400 at an auction I attended. I don't remember what it was but I do believe it was a country western. I wish I could remember. Love the post Kathy.

  2. They say that vinyl is final. "Snap, Crackle, Pop" Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. True, I never parted with my vinyl - so many memories!

  4. I have a turn table in the attic that I wanted badly to photograph for this week's song*ography, but climbing up the rickety steps and my bronchitis were not suited for each other.

  5. There's a great shop in Newtown for browsing!

  6. Great post and very creative BW shot! Beautiful!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Wonderful shot. Oh, how I remember that snap, crackle, pop.

  8. amazingly enough, I have been seeing these again in stores. A whole section here in barnes and Noble. Can you believe it. I too still have quite a few that I have saved over the years and we enjoy them at our cabin. lovely shot as always.

  9. Gorgeous shot, we did have a record player when I was a kid, it was hard work to get the music to play vs hitting play on the ipod but it was worth it for the spinning results!

  10. My dad loved the old records too and we (my sister and I) were able to get him an old record player for his birthday. How many happy hours he spent listening to his records !!!! Thanks for sharing.

  11. great picture! you took me back in time!

  12. Profound you are! Kathy, I'm back. Did you already know that? However, I am not Renae of Simple Sequins {evn'tho this says so, cuz your little google drop down box doesn't offer 'name/url' so I have to greet my bests with the familiar pic and blog.

    I am back at

    renae's repertoire

    Please note and come and visit and see. I now OWN my blog. Big difference. Definitely a learning curve but I thoroughly love my new site, url and blog.

    The info about hearing the crackle of a vinyl album is sooooooooo true. My goodness. I can't think of the last time I used a turn table or even where any of my albums are; no clue. But your post gave me the desire to find and seek out a former sound I once loved as well.

    renae's repertoire

  13. And don't forget putting it on 78 for giggles! I do miss the crackle and sounds of a good vinyl. I recently saw records being sold at Barnes and Noble along side portable turn tables. I was tempted.

  14. I like the 'snap, crackle & pop', but I do not miss the dust and fingerprints. I, too, still have vinyl, but my turntable is German and does not like American power. I have to get a new one.

  15. Nothing like vinyl. In my mind I still hear the crackle and pop, on certain songs.