April 6, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'American Pie' edition...

"Drove my Chevy to the levee,
but the levee was dry."

-American Pie (Don McLean)

"American Pie"
Ambler, Pennsylvania

"American Pie" was released in 1971.  Which meant I was in elementary school.  Which also meant that anytime the song came on the radio it was accompanied by "Oh no, not THAT song again!" because it was so freakin' long!  8 minutes 36 seconds long.  Which meant...for-EVVVVVVV-errrrrrr.  There are two songs, both kinda lengthy, that I ALWAYS remember the words to.  Yes despite how little, or "more than a little" I've had to drink:  "American Pie" and "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" (no that is NOT next week's song prompt suggestion, you're welcome!). And both songs always seem to get everyone singing along despite how little, or "more than a little" they've been drinking.  I like that. I've also come to appreciate "American Pie", and it's extreme length, the older I've gotten.  So many different interpretations and meanings that can be imagined.  And everyone thinks they are right.  I read an interview once, with Don McLean, who said that he never discusses the meanings behind the lyrics.  "Open for interpretation" is good in this case.

An interesting tidbit about the song.  In the final chorus, there are a few "uncredited" singers in the background.  Some "little knowns" like James Taylor, Carly Simon, and Pete Seeger.  I wonder if THEY minded the length of the song while waiting for their cue!


Spring might have finally sprung around here.  Lots and lots of sun the past few days.  Boosts both my Vitamin D levels AND my mood.  In light, of all the light....next Tuesday's Song-ography prompt suggestion is...

"Soak Up the Sun"
Sheryl Crow

Link ups from blogs, Instagram, Flickr are all welcome.  Just as long as you have two things:

1.  A song

2.  A photograph(s)

Links that don't include both of these elements will be deleted. Creativity is encouraged!  Gosh, I HATED having to delete a few last week.  Gorgeous photography, but not applicable to Song-ography.  Sorry!  Thank you to everyone who stops by,  participates by linking up, or comments.  All are appreciated!  I look forward to popping by and saying hello as soon as I can!

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  1. That is a VERY cool shot!
    Great capture, and I'm so glad you shared at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/04/bluebird-breakfast.html

  2. I love the song, American Pie that is. Paradise, I will have to check if I even know it :)
    Wonderful shot!

  3. Fuzzy dice and a good old shiny chrome.. it doesn't get much more American!
    I, too, know all the words to the song and sing them with reckless abandon. (My fave Don. McLean song though is Starry Starry Night (or Vincents song)
    I just completed editing a food photography shoot of my sis-in-laws cheesecakes, she's kicking off a cheesecake business. So dozens of angles and slices of amazing cheesecake goodness are the images that register in my mind at the thought of American Pie. :)

  4. Great shot! Love the song!

  5. Man or man. the glimpse of that classic wheel and fuzzy pice...sweet! T^his linkup does like my picture,,,help. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  6. Cool pic! I used to love the 50's nights they had on Thursday nights in downtown New Bedford, MA. The city was bustling with cars and cool clothing all engulfed in great music and dancing. Some fun right through the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Don't know why they really ever stopped. Maybe because a generation had died off and times were a changin'.

  7. I think I'm still sick of that song that never ends. :)

  8. Fuzzy dice - nice! Considering much of today's music - at least you can make out the words of the lyrics to sing along which is more than can be said to a lot of songs.

  9. Love the dice! I just adore this song (totally copped out with a different song, too!) I wrote a report on it in college, about the significance to American culture!

  10. Love the dice! I read while Google searching the lyrics that rumor says Don will tell us the intended meaning when the original manuscript goes up for auction. Reportedly that will happen this month. Not sure how true that is. Would be awesome to know, but also would be cool to just let each person feel something personal.

  11. Great song and your interpretation of it is so cool! Love the dice. When growing up in Germany and listening to theat somg ( I must admit it must have been a shorter version) nobody could explain what a levee was...

  12. Perfect shot to illustrate this song! When my daughter was in high school (in the late 80s), she had an assignment for literature class to analyze the lyrics to "American Pie." We went over it together line by line and she wrote a fabulous essay. Since then I've read articles about the "actual" meaning of the song and it was nothing like what we thought. It's interesting to read here that its creator himself refuses to discuss its meaning (I didn't know that) so maybe our interpretation was as valid as those so-called experts' ideas.

  13. I don't have a song, but love that you used fuzzy dice and the car for the image. http://linorstore.com/passover-intermediate-days/

  14. Perfect shot for this song. I used a different one this week...as I was finally sitting down to edit some pics from the adventure it started playing in my head. Sorry I never made it back to link up my post last week, one thing led to another and I (because I still can't figure out why I don't get emails anymore, or why mine are being denied) hadn't checked my post til much much later.

  15. That shot is perfect! I like learning tidbits-all so part of Americana.

  16. First off, Great Song! I like your interpretation. The dice hanging from the rearview mirror are just "cool."

  17. Good for you clamping down on the rules. I think that is a great move. So many people go to such great efforts to be creative when others can not be bothered it somehow devalues others peoples efforts.

    Oh and I had another song suggestion. It was playing while I was at the gym the other day. Piano Man by Billy Joel


  18. Look at those dice! What a great photograph.