January 4, 2015


...down she comes.  Just me and the Christmas tree, and all the rest of the holiday "stuff".   Why is it that MOM always gets this job?  Like cleaning up vomit, and disposing of pet accidents in the house.  Okay, before I get "outed"... gotta confess.  The Better-Half does the latter two because I'm easily grossed out.  So I guess I shouldn't complain about cleaning up the holiday accoutrement.  Yet somehow I don't let that stop me.

"Ain't No Lie Baby...Bye, Bye, Bye"
-NSync (yep, I'm quoting NSync)

There is nothing as OVER, as Christmas when it's over.  All those weeks of build up, and then BAM.  The dang ball drops in Times Square, Ryan Seacrest annoys me on the television yet again, I eat pork and sauerkraut on New Years Day, watch some football, and then?  Finito! I have tried extending Christmas in past years, almost perilously to the point of being called "White Trash" by the neighbors.  Disclaimer: I've never had to uproot Christmas lawn decor for the mowers during the summer months.  I admit, I'm not totally sure of the reason why I do not enjoy the beginning of January.  It COULD be I'm either still in the Christmas spirit, or it COULD be I'm just too lazy to pull down the decor. Probably a bit of both. 

I'm sure there are lots of psychological reasons that could be delved into as to my reasons.  It's depressing.  It's as if when I dismantle the tree, I'm also disposing of the ideals and possibilities of peace, joy, and goodwill towards man.  All those good Christmassy ideals and feelings Charlie Brown espouses.  It also means family is once again dispersed. Thing #3 is back at school.   The Better-Half back at work.  Thing's #1 and #2 are back to married life and no longer only MY Things.  I have to share, and I am not good at that.  And I am once again home...alone.  Just moi and the Christmas tree(s).  Yep, there is nothing as OVER as Christmas when it's over.

I guess I don't handle "empty" too well.  It's something I have to embrace and grow in to.  I just need time, and usually accomplish that by mid-February.  The spots where the Christmas tree(s) once stood, are now empty.  To make room for our tree(s) after Thanksgiving, is the end result of Rubik cube-like maneuverings of furnishings in our home (and some cursing, fa-la-la-la-la).  Each year seems to be a different series of moves that accomplishes my goal.  However, by time I take down the tree(s) in January, I stare at the blank holes in my rooms and always seem to have a difficult time remembering WHAT was there before the tree(s)?  "Ironically", I also seem to always realize that I REALLY LIKE where I moved my furniture to, and would prefer to fill the holes with something new instead.  Have I mentioned that January is typically an "expensive" month for the Better Half?  It's just my little way of extending the holiday "giving" spirit.

But I guess what it all comes down to, is that packing up the holidays does serve a purpose.  Whether I initially embrace it or not.  That bare house has a wonderful sense of openness.  Clean slates.  New beginnings.  Fresh possibilities.  Hmmm, sort of like the possibility of that new chaise lounge I've been eyeing for the open corner of the family room...where my tree USE to stand (until I took it down and don't want to  can't remember what went there).  Seriously, who doesn't love the idea of new possibilities?  (I'm speaking to YOU my Better-Half!).

If only I could as easily de-Christmas and un-deck those extra 10 pounds I seem to have put on since Thanksgiving.  Since the house is now empty, guess I have no excuse not to get back into the gym.  Timber!  God I hate when Christmas is over.

P.S.  Disclaimer:  the attire is my "just home from church and devising my de-Christmas-a-tizing strategy" clothing.  Rest assured, the UGGS came out when it was Timber-time.

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  1. Funny post, but if you buy that chaise lounge where are you going to put your tree next year?? My living room is so tiny that if I buy one more piece of furniture there will be absolutely no room for a tree. Oh well, less work for me. Happy New Year, Kathy!! Fill it with all good things!!

  2. Yep, I finished my de-Christmasing just about an hour ago. I had the tree in it's bag, all the décor is gone, boxed and put away, but the tree still needed to be moved to it's "winter-spring-summer-fall" home in the attic. I do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the movement of said décor, but I have to have R help putting the tree in it's rightful spot.
    I hate it too...not only depressing, but I hate it when everyone let's go of the good holiday cheer.
    Happy 2015 Kathy!

  3. LOL..please tell me you don't take down the Christmas tree all decked out in heels!! bahhhhaw!!!

  4. I am the Jew who hates the end of this season - it's so pretty and people are actually happy and semi-nice!
    And yes! Ryan Seacrest is ANNOYING! We actually flipped between the 3 NYE shows b/c we couldn't stand any of them haha!

  5. I'm keeping my decor up another week while College Girl is home and we still have some celebrating to do. It always depresses me to think of taking it down but when it's all down and put away I love how open and clean everything looks!

  6. We have a man down the street...single with no kids....who has every year for the past 20 years, put out more outdoor Christmas decorations and lights than anyone in our subdivision....then he takes one down a day....in no hurry at all.....finishes around Valentines day. The very last thing he puts up each year is the Santa in the sleigh that sits on top of his roof. We all enjoy his lights so much. He does the same thing on Halloween....and then doesn't hand out candy. lol He's a high school football coach. Also, each year, he adds a new decoration outside. And he keeps all the old ones. We will all be sad if he ever moves away or dies. Won't be the same without his lights!

  7. I hope you are not re decorating in those heels! I undid 10 trees and a train tunnel yesterday, I don't want to see another bauble for 11 months!

  8. Yes, why does the post-Christmas decoration removal always end up being done by Mom? :) Great photo - I must confess that my tree never comes down with that much style! I'm usually in pajamas and a robe...lol.

    1. These are my "just home from church and devising my de-Christmas-a-tizing strategy uniform". The Uggs came out of the closet for the actual implementation :)

  9. Can always count on you to find the humor in the mundane and slightly annoying. {have I ever told you I believe you have a gift like that of Erma Bombeck??!!? I mean it!} Though it is ALWAYS me that does it, I was eager to have at it this year...my husband actually wanted the decorations to stay up longer than I did.....most odd, indeed!

  10. For many many years now I put up the tree and take down the tree. I prefer to do the lights myself but I sure don't mind if others would help with the ornaments. I've gotten help with that a few seasons but not this last one. It's really not a big complaint since I never cook but enjoy eating.
    January - around here it's cold and snowy and typically not much fun.
    Moving furniture - doesn't that bring joy to women?

  11. My tree is down, it is the rest of the c.r.a.p. that is getting on my nerves. I don't know who thought it was a good idea to pull out so much decor this year...

  12. HahaI love this, great post

    Thank you for linking up

  13. True, true, true! I am glad you fessed up to donning uggs because I was going to have to sheepishly admit to being terribly under-dressed for taking down Christmas. But while I'm at it, confession: last year's lights on the dogwood were mysteriously still on the dogwood when I went out to decorate this December - must have had a white-trash moment. Confession: they are still there.

  14. I love the power suit look to attack the undoing of Christmas! Cracks me up. I'm with you on the empty. Christmas just felt empty this year for me, and there was no reason. It just did, and that bothered me greatly because I have all I need. I had to do lots of repenting.