October 13, 2014

If I've said it once...

...chances are I'll probably say it again.  Actuuuuuuually...I'm fairly sure I've said it a gazillion freakin' times. I chalk it up to being a classic overachiever. Truth?  I have the tendency to sound like a broken record at times (Pops, you were right).  As in vinyl.  Pre 8-track, cassette, CD, pirated download.

"Keeping My Mouth Shut"

So what WOULD my family miss hearing come outta my mouth...if I didn't have one?  A family can dream, right?

10.  He won't hurt you.  (said to anyone cowering at my front door as dog #2 is channeling his inner Cujo.  But I swear to Gawd...he won't hurt you!).

9.    I'm soooo tired. (probably from protecting the UPS guy from Cujo.)

8.   Why are YOU tired? (incredulously directed to anyone OTHER than myself...and Cujo.)

7.   What's wrong?  (the response from the fam 9 outta 10 times is..."I'm TIRED!")

6.   Where did all my Tupperware cheap plastic containers go?  (dryer's eat socks in some households...kitchen cabinets apparently devour plastic in mine)

5.   Did you hear me?!?!?  (fact:  my teen-aged Thing #3 and Better Half often misplace their ears...it's probably with the plastic containers.)

4.   Did I ask you that already?  (fact:  I often misplace my memory...it's probably with the family collection of ears and plastic containers.)

3.   Can you pick up some Snapple? (because I'm too freakin' tired.  did I ask you that already?)

2.   Freakin' (because I would have gotten the freakin' bejeezus slapped outta me if I had said the alternative growing up.)

And my WORST offender on the "oops, I did it AGAIN" list...

1.   I'll just be a minute.  (My whole fam knows I'm freakin' delusional, but they are just too tired to tell me)

Later Gator (yeah...I say that too),

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  1. Love the self portrait! Those sandals are so cute! I'm a broken record around here myself!

  2. I think your plastics migrate over here. Mine multiply and I have to thin the crowd every so often.

  3. hahaha nice post! love the picture!

  4. Did you hear me - I say that a million times a day!!

  5. Haha - this was freakin' funny. :)

  6. Oh my gosh you sound just like me. I related to so many of these it was just too funny. The Plastic Container thing happens here as well along with missing silverware.

  7. Funny list! And in some way it sounds familiar...

  8. I only loose lids and socks. Good thing I like organizing drawers with spare plastic containers. I've gotten really good at quickly throwing away spare socks! And I'm annoyingly on time. Drives my whole family nuts.

  9. Holy Crap! Freakin! (best damn word ever) and talk about deaf - swear to Gawd my entire family. And honestly if you are a woman, you are destined to be SO DAMN TIRED - and once you add kids, it goes to a level of tired only another mother can even remotely relate to. As for plastics - forget-about-it! dang stuff - I open the cabinet and it is all containers, no lids; next time it is lids flying everywhere, no matching containers. It is a conspiracy probably started by Tupperware.

  10. You made my day! Reading your post at 6.30am shouting at my thing#3 to hurry up and telling the dogs to be quiet and SEARCHING for the plastic container......you get the picture. Must be a global thing with us mothers. Now I will head back to my bed because I am tired!

  11. You always crack me up! Be right down usually means I will dwell over my outfit, put a load of laundry in and check my Instagram then possibly forget we are suppose to be leaving the house in the first place ;)