October 13, 2014

Song-ography, the 'Small Town' edition...

"Used to daydream in that small town
another boring romantic, that's me."

-Small Town (John Mellenkamp)

"Another Boring Romantic"
Berks County, Pennsylvania

I use to daydream in that small town.  Twenty-five (give or take) years worth of daydreaming.  About BIG towns.  I moved there somewhat willingly. I stayed there somewhat willingly.  I raised two of my Things there somewhat willingly.  But truth-be-told I was a fish out of water. Actually, I was in the water.  Just the wrong size pool.  Where some find peace as a big fish in a small pond...I find my comfort zone swimming amongst the big guys.  I like being that small fish in the big pond.  There is an anonymity and diversity I find appealing.  So when given the opportunity to trade in my wading pool for bigger seas...I jumped.  Years of daydreaming became reality, and I've never been happier.

Different strokes for different folks.   The good news is, distance has made my heart grow fonder.  I can appreciate my former small pond, and all it has to offer, much better from my new perspective.  And it DOES have a lot to offer...if you are the right fish. 

...yeah I can be myself here in this small big town,
and people let me be just what I want to be."

And that's good enough for me.


Before you link up your "Small Town" post, take a look at what we have in store for NEXT Tuesday's Song-ography...

"Perfect Day"
Lou Reed
(BBC production performed by various artists)

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  1. hi Kathy ... it has been weeks since I last joined your linky party! But I am back :~) I just love it ... but life has been busy! Love your image ... the sun flare, the lovely texture and fall color! So you are big town girl? Well, I am definitely a small town girl ... but isn't it nice that we both have found what we love? have a great week!

  2. That picture is gorgeous. There is something about small towns! Having grown up in one and now living in a city I appreciate both!

  3. Great photo, simply perfect with this melody and your post. I liked living in the big city (or on the fringe) and while I remark I live in a small town (actually called a village), it is a giant compared to where I grew up. As a parent, I am now encouraging my children to do the same from this slightly larger small town. No one can tell you what kind of fish you are - you have to explore and figure it out.

  4. I moved from the "big" town to the small town - I love my little pond.

  5. I am much better at being anonymous in a big pond. Let me tell you - Paris was THE BEST for that.....hours and hours of being left along wherever you walked! As always, love the light in your shot!

  6. I, too, love the anonymity of walking in a big city and just snapping pictures of what I see. In a small town? Not that easy for me, as I usually feel being watched and I do not like to intrude. Even if it is 'only' a picture of the outside of a house or a fence or... But, I think it is a good idea to experience both, big and small town life. And I like best living on the fringe, in between.

  7. Beautiful photos, interesting compositions with autumn colors, a delight the hearts!

  8. Small town or big town? I managed to have the best of both , living in the countryside but with the gig town in my backyard? Wonderful picture , gorgeous light!

  9. Love the light shining through those autumn leaves! I'm definitely a big town girl. A visit to a small town can be fun and intriguing, then get me back to the city and the hustle and bustle and all the diversity and opportunity. Thanks for hosting another fun week!

  10. Beautiful! The big city isn't for me but to each their own is right!

  11. What a great post and a fab.. photo. I have been pondering this very subject for a while now. We just spent 5 months in a very small pond. I LOVED every minute of it. But then we left and landed in a big city and I LOVED that as well. I guess Ill just keep sticking my toe in the water till I find a perfect fit.


  12. Stunning picture. It definitely makes me think of autumn.

  13. Love the carved initials in the tree. Before my father passed away 10 years ago he gave my husband a rolling tool chest. When my husband opened the top drawer, scrawled.........and upside down were the words "Carol was here." It's a family treasure. My form of carving my name into a tree. LOL I hope you are having a great week.

  14. I am the opposite to you... I was born and raised in a big town, a very big town actually, London. I wants to post a picture that was 'London' but couldn't find one that I felt worked because to me London is MY small town. It is home to me, it is where I belong and it is where I feel safe. I live in the burbs now but it is not home to me... I don't really like it here but moving back into London is just not a financial possibility for me.


  15. Great shot of this tree. Love your perspective and depth of field!