February 28, 2014

Dear Mother Nature,...

1.  ...you suck!

I don't remember the saying "March comes in like a ... penguin".

"Baby It's Cold Outside"

"March Comes in Like a Penguin"

2.  Dear Dad,

In response to Mother Nature, I think I shall invoke your words of wisdom.  Which just happens to be your response whenever I proposed something you thought idiotic.  "Go pound sand!".

"Go Pound Sand"
Avalon, New Jersey

3.  ...or, when you didn't want to be redundant, "That's for the birds!".

"That's for the Birds"
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

4.  Or, if he was REALLY done with me,  "Why dontcha go play in the traffic!"

"Playing in the Traffic"
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5.  Dear USAirways,

Yes, you got a boatload of money out of my wallet this morning.  What was I suppose to do?  Thing #2 is flying in from Cincy today for a weekend of wedding appointments and planning.  Do you REALLY think I'm gonna let Mother Nature get in the way of our limited opportunities, when all I had to do was re-arrange return flights at the mere cost of...a ransom?  Apparently weddings can never cost enough, so go pound sand USAirways!

"Something Old"

6.  Dear Baseball Gods,

Isn't it time you put Mother Nature in her place?!? Seriously, I'm starting to question your manhood.

"People ask me what I do in winter when there is no baseball.
I'll tell you what I do.
I stare out the window and wait for spring."

-Rogers Hornsby

Apparently it's the winter that keeps on giving.

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  1. Great post, and know you don't want to spare any expenses on the wedding planning. Totally agree that it is time for some action from the basseball gods!

  2. -8 this morning. NEGATIVE. Not cool. Frigid.

    This is coming from a winter lover!!!

  3. super cold here too… love your something old photo… gorgeous!

  4. My dad's favourite saying was "go pound salt"! Just love that pearl necklace shot!

  5. Have fun...in the cold... with all the wedding stuff! I've been wondering how all that's been going! I just keep tuning into sports radio to hear about spring training - we've got a station up here I follow on FB and they've been posting tons of pics from FL!! It's so encouraging!

  6. Oh -that sounds like a weekend full of fun! Stay calm and warm!

  7. I, too, really want this winter to end soon but that shouldn't stop anyone from doing what they want. here's to sunny days.

    have a great day.

  8. Go pound sand. I like it! Hope this weather clears and warms soon, because you clearly have stuff to do! Hope you weekend of wedding planning goes well! Thanks for joining Little Things this week!

  9. Ha! Sounds a lot like what my dad used to say too! Great pics Kathy!

  10. Well, you're doing better than my mom if you get 4-6...they are expecting up to 10 more inches on top of their 60 something. And, even though I'm not dealing with snow, I'm done with cold too. I've battled being sick since November and I think it's because it's 20 one day and two days later it's 70...by body has no clue what to do with this! Have fun with the weekend wedding planning though...that's fun no matter what the weather.

  11. Great quotes and photos to do with them. I like the "March comes in like a ...penguin". I just happened to have a drawing that I will enter as my last drawing for the 29 Faces challenge. Hop over and take a look.

  12. super cool quote, and right up your alley. all that snow..sheesh. Go play in traffic? lmao hopefully the wedding planning will cheer you up. have fun!

  13. Yes Dear, Old Man Winter is really doing a number on us this year! But, I'm thinking SPRING, in spite of the impending storm. Daylight Savings is just around the corner. Hang in there, Friend! Aloha

  14. Yep, I am done with it, too. I feel like I'll be telling someone to go pound sand this weekend :)

  15. exactly.
    all of it.
    what you said.
    winter - go fly a kite!

  16. yep... enough already.


  17. it does suck but we have gotten some great blog material ;)

  18. My thoughts exactly. And MORE snow in the forecast? Spring will be well appreciated this year.

  19. Hopefully, this is the last blast before spring! Fingers crossed. :)

  20. Love the sayings your dad said to you. I don't look forward to the wedding planning days if we live farther apart. So hopefully they decide before she finishes college :)

  21. Oh my goodness you "crack me up". Loved your dad's expressions and you illustrated them with great photos. I really liked the (Playing in Traffic) shot.
    I know it's been a horrible winter for so many. We had snow last night but it was what we refer to as a "skiff" here. Just enough to know it snowed but not enough to even worry about it. Still I am so ready for Spring....only 19 more days till the first day of spring and I get another year older!

  22. I love your messages to Mother Nature. We're like 8 with snow today and tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 1 above or below depending on your source. So ready for spring! Thanks for sticking it to Mother Nature.

  23. Have I told you lately that I love you? 'Tis true. Winter totally SUCKS!! Penguins, Lions, Polar Bears, etc.
    Hope you catch with you tomorrow. Hanging another photo show on Monday and finishing up with the matting and stuff. If I get it done....I'll be in the line up. If not, hope you understand. I'm trying.

  24. So many beautiful photos in this post! I really like the light on the water (that bird is pretty luck to be there) and your shot of the pearls.