March 1, 2014

Song-ography, the "Nothing More" edition...

"We are love.  We are One.
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are peace.  We are war.
We are how we treat each other and nothing more...

"Nothing More"
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

...Tell me what it is that you see.
A world that's filled with endless possibilities?
Heroes don't look like they used to,
they look like you do."

I have to admit, this song really touched my core.  Hit the core and then infiltrated my brain.  It was hard to get this song out of my mind actually. There were many different paths my thoughts travelled when thinking how I wanted to interpret the lyrics.  I ultimately chose to go with the idea of peace, war, and heroes coupled with a photo of a dizzying multitude of American flags honoring our fallen soldiers.  Who in my mind "give in such a way that has no end".  It seems we are inundated with the idea of "paying it forward".  It's a wonderful idea.  But how many of us actually put this theory into practice?

...We are how we treat each other and nothing more." 
-Nothing More (Alternate Routes)


Next week's song is an oldie.  As in 1970's old.  You can have a few laughs with the song, or you can take on the message of intolerance and exclusion.  Lots of possibilities with this classic.  Next week's song is "Signs" by the Five Man Electrical Band...

Five Man Electrical Band

Thanks for joining in at Song-ography.  Take some time, visit some of the blogs that have participated.  I promise you will be awed and inspired.  I will be stopping by myself, and probably be smacking my head while thinking "Why didn't 'I' think of that??!!??".

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  1. You are so good at this stuff as in getting the message out and highlighting it with the complete clarity in your photos. I couldn't agree more with the life lesson from the song's lyrics. Hope you have an ok start to the week - the personal reply was appreciated and I will send back one in return shortly. Thanks, Renee.

  2. LOVE the shot!
    The black and white choice is very fitting for your thoughts.

  3. Love the mood and message of this photo as well as that of this song. Thank you for pointing my attention to it.

  4. How striking how profound.

    This was a gorgeous choice. Thank you for choosing it!

  5. I love your take and yes, true heroes! The images are gorgeous. This song really impacted me too. First time hearing it and just really struck but the simple and beautiful message.

  6. good morning Kathy! what an amazing song choice this week ... not sure if i will ever get it out of my head ... but that is a good thing! Love your photo and how you interpreted the song and the b/w treatment is just perfect! thank you again for hosting this linky party! have a great week...

  7. Very dynamic bw photo and post ~ Peaceful Sunday to you xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  8. what a great image, i love it in black and white. i'll bet it's awesome in color as well!!

  9. I just tried to comment but something weird happened... So I´ll say it again; very cool pic with a graphic feel to it, love it! :-)

  10. Like you this song has been on my mind ... and I find myself looking for ways to help people and animals. You have engendered a wonderful thing here ... and your flag picture beautifully demonstrates what we all need to do ... stand in line to help our Vets as they come home from war ... one of man,s greatest weaknesses is making war on each other. Will we ever seek peace even though it is not profitable economically? Time will tell ... but one can hope :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. I love this beautiful sea of ​​flags! Excellent photo!

  12. that is an amazing photo Kathy...all those flags.

  13. I agree, it is a simple song but with a powerful message. I liked it too, thank you for sharing it.


  14. I would NEVER have thought of processing that image in black and white, yet it's perfect. The lack of distracting colors makes the repetition that much more impactful. It's a great interpretation of the song.

  15. I really enjoyed this week's song. I love the picture you've chosen, and the black-and-white is wonderful!