November 18, 2013


The week that was...

"The Cheese Stands Alone"
Italian Market - DiBruno Brothers
Philadelphia, PA
November 11 - November 18, 2013
Project (47/52)

"My funk is none of your funking business.  But since you asked..."
- moi

I'm officially in a funk.  This comes as no surprise to the Better Half and the Things.  They've been living with me and could have made this diagnosis a couple of weeks ago.  But I'm ready to make it now.  I'M IN A FUNK.  How do I know?  Funks are a normal part of least mine. I get grumpy, lethargic, unmotivated, I disengage, I eat more cheese than kale chips, my elliptical is gathering dust.  It's a vicious cycle.  Because all this?  Puts me into more of a funk.  Please pass the cheese, please.

Luckily, I'm not one of those people who thinks I need to be happy all the time.  That doesn't mean I can't see the humor or irony in a just doesn't last as long as usual.  Feeling sad, or on edge, isn't necessarily a bad thing as long as it doesn't last forever.  Altho I'm pretty good about getting INTO a funk...I'm not so good about getting OUTTA it.  Sometimes, I just have to change things up a bit.  Or organize something that's really messy (I currently have a multitude of options to choose from here!).  Or listen to a piece of music that makes me want to shake the Funks out of my system.  Or plan a great vacation...and maybe even take one too.  Or do a random act of kindness.  Or just eat a good piece of cheese with a good glass of wine.

Sometimes it's hard to see the forest thru the trees.  Luckily, I'm a firm believer that there is a cup of a new kind of coffee that I'm gonna love, a fabulous recipe to try out, a great photo op around the corner, the perfect Christmas decoration I can't live without at HomeGoods, perhaps shedding some of my hair in a new style, or a $280 cheese shopping excursion to the Italian Market...that will lead me right out of Funkytown.  I just have to figure out which one it will be.  Right now? Seriously thinking about chopping off some hair.  But while I ponder,  I'm gonna make a dent in the spoils of my cheese excursion.

Ever find yourself in a funk?  How do YOU de-funkify yourself?

P.S. Even tho I'm in a funk, I can still feel gratitude:

Day #15.  November 15th - I am thankful that a day of "best laid plans" that go awry doesn't necessarily equate to a bad thing.

Day #16.  November 16th - I am grateful to live in a city where old melds so nicely with new.  A city where each neighborhood brings with it a new personality.  A city where I can have access to all the wonderful foods of different cultures, without actually having to go there (but...I am also grateful we have an international airport that WILL take me there when I can work it into the budget).

Day #17.  November 17th - I am thankful for Philadelphia hoagies...'nuff said.

Day #18.  November 18th - I am thankful and appreciative that at times, my memory is still sharp as a tack.  For some reason I ALWAYS remember that November 18th is Donna Oriole's birthday.  My best friend from second grade.  Who moved away when she was in 7th grade.  Who died of cancer in her early 30's.  Yet I still remember November 18th.  Happy birthday Donna, to me you will always be forever young.

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  1. Just don't make it a one way trip to FUNKY-ytown! I get them every so often. I try not to over think it and just accept that there is something greater than crazy a$$ hormones. Try to keep THOSE bitches in check! Hang in there my friend...i'm here if you ever need a ride out!

  2. Love that picture!! Totally can relate to the funk - they happen, heck life happens!

  3. I go shopping when in a funk, but never for cheese. Clothing is more my de-funkifier when in a funk. Loves new clothes!

  4. Love the photo! We just don't have places like that around here. I bet it smells good in there.

    Funks? Oh, yeah. I've been in a semi funk this evening. Music helped me get out of it. I listened to an old, old song that I used to play on the piano. I sang along sitting at my computer. Felt good! Hope you are de-funked very soon!

  5. Shucks, I visit Funkytown on a regular basis and I don't just pull in and park, I freaking hit it like a brick wall. Cleaning, organizing, short trips to somewhere other than the grocer or gym, and honestly - going to the gym helps. I've pretty much sworn off chocolate - it had become the enemy in "keep your friends close, keep your enemy closer" to me.

    PS - I love cheese - I could totally spend $200+ on cheese and eat it all in a week and regret it for the next two - but God, I love the good stuff, not the processed fake stuff.

  6. I'm way better at coming up with reasons to not bother to get out of my funk. I mean, it's so hard. And I spent so many years in denial - never allowing myself the tiniest funk cause so very much depended on me NOT being in a funk....I kinda feel like it's my turn to linger. Indulge. Then there's, "do you KNOW how old I am and how STRONG these hormones are?" Oh, so many reasons to give in. I'm a big help, I know. {most recently helping my son make a break through and start to emerge out of a funk of his own got me going again...truth be told, it's almost always people....people that let me into their heart....that help me the most!}

  7. Ah the funk! I hope yours is short lived. You know, I think pre-holidays and funks go hand in hand. I de-funkify by watching a bunch of TV, eating a nice meal, a soak in the tub...and most importantly giving it time. Wish I could pass you a glass of wine and chocolates for a little support.

  8. Sorry that you are in a funk... and definitely i have those too. I can usually get myself out of it if i figure out something very unique to do, something that i would normally not think of, but that sounds like fun. Sadly, it usually involves some sort of travel... but oh well. I also love getting out to do my photography, and see that you are already doing that. Love the shot of this cheese shop, and it looks like a great place to go. I think that for me November is not usually a good month as I am dreading winter. Cheesse would definitely help out on the gratitude though, and looks like you found that perfect place for that! I also love my journaling, and that is something that can usually get me "back on track".

  9. ohhh... I know about funky moods! the way I chase the "funkiness" is to get a massage! or sampling some of that great-looking cheese sounds good! love the intensity of the first gal (this will get you laughing) "cutting the cheese" --- I know, boy humor! this sort of reminds me of Seinfeld's neighborhood!

  10. Wave to me girlfriend...I'm here in funkytown...somebody cue the funking music! haha It was a great foggy morning today, so I went out with my camera to you know, photograph all those lovely spiderwebs that I so love, and had to leave because apparently I was in skeeterville, which sent me right back to funkytown. Well, that and the damn wind, sheesh. Pass some of that cheese please! ;)

  11. hi Kathy! You are an original for sure. I appreciate your humor, I do! Funky is ok. It is. Thanks for the vote on the tights and the skirt - I just need to lighten up that photo to show my feet do stop at the floor. lol ♥

  12. I hope you get out of it soon. Whenever I find myself in a funk, a trip to the salon helps. Maybe the chopping off of some hair is symbolic of chopping off whatever it is that got me into the funk in the first place...?

  13. Great cheese market!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River.

  14. Oh, look at all that delicious cheese!

  15. Now I want cheese! I love most cheeses...currently on a smoked cheddar kick. And Kath, what goes better with cheese than wine...and of course, when I'm in a funk, I run a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles, light the candles...put on let's see...what's good de-funkin music? ...okay, how about George Harrison's All Things Must Pass entire album...nibble that cheese, grab that glass/bottle and hit the tub!!! Alas...DE-FUNKED!

  16. Hi Kathy, sorry to hear about the funk. Hair cutting is good if you don't make it a drastic cut. I cut my hair too. No, I really mean I cut my own hair. Fortunately I've been doing it all my life and have become quite skilled at it. Started with my Father teaching me to cut his hair at age 14 (I didn't even get a tip). Then I cut the neighbor's hair and her four kids hair, and my Mother's hair. When I grew up and worked as a nurse's aide in a nursing home I cut some of the patient's hair (those with no family to care for them). I cut my first husband's hair and my 2nd husband's hair. And I still cut my own hair to this day. If you want a free haircut come up to Maine and see me sometime. After the haircut we can go get some lobster. Lobster always cheers me up. :)

  17. You are Def. Funky!
    Love the photo of DElish cheese.
    Love your gratitude journal! Xx

  18. Great cheese shop! Wow! What helps me move through funkiness is thinking about who needs me today. Just today. I don't worry about the next day. But maybe one of my family needs to hear from me or a coworker needs cheered up or a neighbor needs help. And while I do like cheese, my go-to food in funkytown is chocolate :)

  19. Great shot! I'm always shy to shoot when there are so many people around. :)

  20. Okay...I hear in my head the words, "we want the funk...give up the funk...ow, we need the funk...gotta have that funk"

  21. I usually get in a funk in November, I think it's the decrease in sunlight. There really is some sort of seasonal disorder. I found out the hard way when we moved back to PA from CO--where the sun shines like crazy. We've actually had a lot of beautiful, sunny I think I am doing better than usual this year. Best of luck kicking your funk!