October 21, 2013

I love "Love"...

The week that was...

"The Little Brother"
October 14 - October 21, 2013
Project 52 (43/52)

You know that moment when you realize you are transitioning from the the "younger generation" of a family into the "older generation"?   Prime example was this weekend at my niece's wedding.  The FIRST, of an onslaught of family weddings coming up...of our kids' generation.  It was beautiful, despite the fact that it officially bumped me up the totem pole in elder hierarchy now that the youngin's are beginning their mass infiltration into "married-hood".  Yeah, go ahead and convince me I'm getting old after I just put all those "young-ins" in place by the way I stomped out "Zombie Nation" ala Penn State style on the dance floor.  Take THAT! (I would just like to say how much I LOVED when I finally took my heels off!)

Such a fun wedding, where love showed in soooo many different ways.  Some deliberate, some maybe not so deliberate...

1.  The Little Brother.  Of the groom.  Who gave a rousing speech/toast of various "how to" ideas to the bride on how to please his big brother.  Chief of which was...the groom likes it on top.  Complete silence in the room of 180 guests.  I could almost hear the sweat beads pop out of the father-of-the bride's head.  With timing worthy of a professional comic...he continued...the top bunk bed.  Drum roll puhleeze.

2.  The Mashed Potato Bar.  LOTS of love going on there...over, and over, and over again.

3.  The friend of the bride who approached me and told me "Just want to let you know, that our table of guys have you tied for the lead in the "best dressed" category".  Considering my competition was a twenty-something year old...I consider that a WIN folks, now that I'm a stupid "elder"!  What's NOT to love about my messenger of joy?!?!?  Even if he was fibbing, I still love him for the effort. I even forced him to be included in a family photo that was taken, because I now love him like a son...can't wait to see the reactions when I send out our Christmas Card this year.

4.  The Penn State "Singing Lions" and theatre peeps.  My niece and her groom live in New York City and are performing artists to the core...as are their friends. Who wouldn't love a good choreographed production number spontaneously break out on the dance floor?  I'm still not quite sure how that exactly happened BUT..I was up on my chair to make sure I got a good view of it.  (Again..have I mentioned how much I loved when I finally took my heels off?)

5.  "Zombie Nation"...don't know what THAT is?  Then you aren't a Penn Stater and you'll just have to believe me when I tell you it's how we Penn Stater's show our love for our alma mater.  

6.  Which leads me to the fact that I LOVED how many Penn Staters there were at the wedding.  And if you weren't?  You sure were by the end of the evening.

7.  Ice Cream Bar!  Because we love having all our food groups covered at a wedding.

8.  The Pastor.  Who's sermon I was told was VERY funny.  All the laughs were a dead give away.  Apparently the Pastor and the Groom share a love of "The Big Bang Theory" and it was referenced quite frequently in the sermon.  I get the feeling I would love that show...if I watched it.

9.  "Dirty Dancing".  NOBODY puts Baby in the corner!  But, more specifically "I've Had the Time of My Life" which was the last song of the evening complete with all the guests hoisting both the bride and groom into the air to the final strains of the song...ala Jennifer Gray...except both the bride AND the groom were "Baby" in Saturday's version.  I love surprise endings.  

10.  Love.  I just kinda loved love...it was lover-ly.

So happy "married-hood" to my niece and new nephew.  I love you both to the moon Penn State, and back.  Just don't expect me to act elderly, now that I'm an elder of the family...because I won't love that!

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  1. Oh honey - I hope you didn't wait to long to dispense of the heels! Mine came off right after the mother/son dance. Life was so much grander at that point!
    Big Bang Theory - you SO have to start watching this. My absolute FAV show. (side ntoe - one of the writer's is actually the son of a friend of ours at church).

  2. Mashed potato bar, genius! Ice cream bar, the cherry on top (haha!)

    So glad you had a joyous weekend! And yes, thank you for Victorino!!!! Sorry Papelbon wasn't as useful to you guys...

    1. Yeah...Papelbon should have come with a "satisfaction guaranteed" clause! haha

  3. Sounds like a blast! Love the little brother shot, Kathy. Really spot on.

  4. Any event that brings you to remove your shoes is epoch! So glad you had as much fun as I did. I love the photo of Little Bro. Quite a character he is. My only regret is that I completely missed that mashed potato bar :(. You looked fabulous which is no surprise. Enjoy the honor of "best dressed"! The pressure is on ME now for those upcoming weddings!

  5. Sounds like it was a fantabulous event! I've seen that Mashed Potato bar concept and I thought, 'What?!?! Genius!' Weddings are so much fun nowadays and a far cry from what I had - but I can say that it 'stuck' and 22 years later, still going strong!

  6. Mashed potato bar??! OMG...that would be my idea of heaven. This sounds like such a fantastic time...thank you for sharing your best moments with us. I love your image and how you edited it!

  7. A mashed potato bar and an ice cream bar? I would love that!! Sounds like one of those great weddings where everyone is happy--the best kind! Love the shot of the little brother.

  8. Weddings are so fun! It's awesome to be surrounded by all that love!

  9. Sounds like an amazing night! Mashed potato bar...uh huh! The speech? I probably would have died.

  10. weddings are just the best- sounds like an awesome time!!
    Helene in Between

  11. this is a totally fantastic post, how I enjoyed reading about the extraordinary wedding and the like it on top!!!! Fabulous photogrph!, Thanks so much for sharing the ♥ with us at Our Beautiful World!!!

  12. You have me Laughing once again my friend. Sounds like you had a blast. Love the photo.


  13. Oh my I LOVE this shot... just fabulous! Sounds like you had a good time....

  14. Great shot, and I absolutely love your processing on this! So amazing!

  15. Sounds like a fantastic time.

  16. OMGoodness, what an enjoyable post! Sure wish I could've seen you steppin'/stompin' out to ZOMBIE NATION! Sounds like a hoot! I, too, am in "THE" category of being a "GROWN-UP", with the added title of "GREAT AUNT" attached to it since they are having their own babies now. And boy, do I make sure they know who I am...Yes...I am THE great aunt. And my motto for the past 4 years..."My kids are getting older...but I REFUSE"!! Ba da bing! Always love your posts, Kathy...Keep it up! Aloha

  17. Such a great shot, love how the editing makes it looks like some Parisian painting


  18. Yes, I get what you're saying about the move upwards, and kind of outwards! Really love what you've done with this photo, it makes me feel the movement. Renee

  19. This is fabulous!! Sounds like a terrific wedding ... Thanks for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!

  20. Absolutely stunning composition!. Love what you did with it, made it more dramatic!. I had a good laugh over the speech, what a fun wedding!. Thank you for sharing this story with us at Our Beautiful World! :).

  21. What a lovely shot. My oldest nephew just got engaged last month, so I'm moving up that ladder too.