September 28, 2013

Song-ography, the "Two of Us" edition...

"You and I have memories,
longer than the road
that stretches out ahead"

-John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Two of Us

"Two of Us"
Christ Church
Philadelphia, PA

Have you ever encountered a completely random scenario that spurs your imagination to take flight and soar? What's the story?  What's next?  What came before?  Why didn't I get her freakin' WHOLE foot into the shot?  That's what happened when I ran into the "Two of THEM" in Philly this past week.    Totally not what I had originally planned to post for this week's Song-ography.  But in my world...the two  of them ARE the "Two of Us".  And plans are meant to be changed.  I'm pretty sure that when they got up from that bench they were...

"...on our way home.
We're on our way home,
We're going home."

Can't wait to see how "Two of Us" spurred your imagination!  But before you link up, take a look at next week's Song-ography song.  Brought  to you courtesy of the month of October, and the season of Autumn (yikes, how did THAT happen so quickly!?!), AND "Classic Vinyl" Sirius satellite radio that the Better Half has permanently locked into his car radio stations...

"Forever Autumn"
Moody Blues

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  1. Great shot Kathy, and yes, it is very easy to leave out a piece of the person..... Guess that is always why i take about 20 of each shot and my computer hard drive is so full it is about to burst. Oh well, they always make bigger computers, surely. Have a great weekend

  2. What a sweet moment you captured (missing foot aside). I'm wondering what the date means on the wall next to the couple since it hasn't happened yet. We were thinking alike this weeks as far as the lyrics we highlighted.

    1. My guess is it is a wedding's a Friday, hearts...and it's at a church.

  3. A Wedding date - written on the wall- what a sweet idea! Love the couple on the bench sharing an ice cream before they are "on their way home". Thanks for another Sunday morning full of fun!

  4. Gorgeous!! Wow. I love the pov. And I've never heard of next week's song, I'm excited!

  5. I love your picture! And I just loved this song!

  6. I thought this was one of your "things" and a save the date announcement!

  7. I hope you know these people and were able to give them a copy of this photo. If that's their wedding date they'll want this photo for their album. It's a perfect shot.

  8. Oh by the way, I totally love the scenery on that video for next week. It is amazing and makes me so jealous living here in Texas! See you next week!

  9. I like this picture. Not catching the foot sounds like something I would do. What's up with the date in the future? 11/15/13? Makes me wonder what will happen then?

  10. This is fantastic!
    Love the shot! You are so right the photograph just sings ' Two of us"!
    What a terrific idea, linking a photo to a song. I'll have to join in through my photo blog, it looks like so much fun.
    Have a great week.

  11. I think your right great shot of the two of us.

  12. Yes, this shot sets the imagination in motion! It's great for the "two of us" theme. I think we can say it's artistic to leave out a foot (or top of the head or hand or whatever). The mark of a creative photographer :) Thanks for hosting another fun week!

  13. Fabulous spontaneous shot, LOVE it! Thank you for coming by sharing your creative photography on Weekly Top Shot #102!

  14. I am a late visitor from Thursday Favorite Things. Its so nice to run into another Philly Girl!
    Your Photographs are amazing and really helped me feel better about fall, except the Stone Harbor ones, they are beautiful but I hate to see summer go.
    My niece has a store in Stone Harbor..
    I love the Moody Blues!
    I will add your link on my site..

  15. Love the shot... and who cares about her foot! Had you fiddled around longer arranging it or something, it probably wouldn't have the same spontaneous quality anymore...

  16. I wouldn't have even noticed here foot if you didn't mention it. Such a great shot.


  17. what a tender moment....and the date on the wall, priceless!!

    thanks kathy, i am really enjoying this!!

  18. What a perfect shot for the song!

  19. I am tardy to the party - but I made it and that counts for something - right. Moody Blues next week - OMG-- loved that band.

    Great shot, perfect 'life style' or 'street photography' and excellent match for the tune.

  20. Awesome pic!! Thanks for sharing it with us at our beautiful world!!!

  21. this is a great shot~! i love the focus and perspective that you chose and really didn't mind the abscence of her toes. ;-)

    you have a beautiful blog.


  22. What a great photograph-makes you think-I like it a lot!
    Best wishes,Nessa xxx

  23. Great picture! Well written too!

  24. somehow missed linking up last week, so here goes!! I hate to miss a great party!

  25. I love this song and I love the image.