September 30, 2013

I went to Philly and all I got was this silly mustache...

The week that was...

"Mustache Love"
Old City - Philadelphia, PA
September 23 - September 30, 2013
Project 52 (40/52)

"We can't be lovers because we both have mustaches.
But since you are a lady, and I am a gentleman...
I'll shave mine off."

-Jarod Kintz

Yep, ventured into Philly with the familial unit in search of a venue for Thing #1's wedding rehearsal dinner.  And all I got was this silly mustache in Old City Philly.  Not that  I'm complaining.  I like silly, and I like mustaches.  Altho, it has been pointed out ad nauseum:

"This whole mustache thing of yours, that is sooooo Middle School!"

-Thing #3

Yeah, took me awhile to give up my 1980's big hair too, little girl!  I've never claimed to be ahead of the learning curve.  When ya like something...ya like it!  Forgive me...I must-ache now.

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  1. I like Thing #3s comment. Did you know they make mustache duct tape? I bought some for son in law #2 and his middle school mustache thing. Any luck with a venue?

    1. Yes, I've seen the duct tape but made myself back away from it :). No venue yet, still waiting to hear back from a restaurant in Old City (they don't seem to think this is as urgent as I do! haha).

  2. Rehearsal dinner? Getting close!! Great sign!

  3. Those plans are really moving along! Love the sign.

  4. Haha! I think it's cute too. I was never a head on the learning curve either. . . now, I"m okay with that ;)

  5. Your posts always put a smile on my face....I'm happy to now be one of your sheep.

  6. So did you find a place?? That sign is awesome!

  7. Must-ache you, does this mean we are getting closer to "The" day? :)

  8. Time is a tickin' sure hope you find something soon. Love that have such a talent for coming up with the perfect post for the perfect sign!!

  9. Ohhh wedding joys!!! Your thing #3 has your sense of humor!! Ilove this.

  10. But did you find a location for the dinner? *tries not to be too envious of people who get to go into Philly regularly....


  11. I'm sorry I've been absent for the last while, missing my companion too much. Hope you found a location for the rehearsal dinner - it sounds like you are all being very organised with the preparation. I'm thinking that you would be a fun Mum to collaborate in wedding plans with. Renee.

  12. My old your Philly posts :)