September 2, 2012

A very "Penn State Tailgate" kind of Scavenger Hunt Sunday (September 2, 2012)...

I was soooo planning to NOT do Scavenger Hunt this week.  But then, as I was tailgating up at Penn State on Saturday and my sis commented  that SHE was doing Scavenger Hunt...well...I HATE being shown up by my lil sis.  Not that a "competitive" gene flows in our family or anything (understatement of the year my "Things" would say).  But here it is, yes late, but better than never....Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  The Penn  State Tailgate edition.

This week's prompts are:  Any of the Five Senses, Toys, Candid, Half and Batteries

1.  Any of the Five Senses

Penn State Bloody secret ingredient sure to arouse the senses:  Old Bay Seasoning.  Yum!

2.  Toys

Tailgating is all about having fun.  And the Better Half has fun with his "toy"...the grill.  A 12:00 kick-off means breakfast sandwiches are on the menu...grilled Taylor Pork Roll and egg sandwiches pre-game.  

Of course, there are the more "traditional" tailgating toys too...

3.  Candid

Penn State was playing University of Ohio.  I had to wonder if this Ohio fan started to second guess his choice of covering himself in green paint when the paint began to sweat off in the second half.  He was considerate tho...he brought a garbage bag to cover the seat when he sat down.  Poor guy.

And another candid...

"We Are...Penn State"
(linked to: Your Sunday Best)

The University of Ohio might have won ON the field.  But Penn State came out a winner in my book.  It's been a VERY tough few months for Penn State.  It was heart warming and re-assuring to see the Penn State pride was still there and shining brightly.

4.  Half

"Half Time"

HALF-time....of course.

5.  Batteries

"Out of Batteries"

Ya know?  As one who bleeds blue and white, and is a loyal Penn State's been a LONG road.  And Saturday was a LONG day.  By the end of it...I felt as if I was completely out of batteries myself.  But still Penn State proud.

This has nothing to do with Scavenger Hunt.  But I wanted  to show ya that the maelstrom and stress continues...this plane circled during the morning tailgating. For those who do not know, Erickson is the President of Penn State and under a lot of fire due to how he's handled much of the crisis.

"Look to the Skies Penn State"

And on a much happier and personal Thing #1 turns 27 on Tuesday.  My "little" boy ain't so little anymore.  I'm so proud of that kid and the wonderful man he has morphed into.  Altho, I still don't understand how I can have a 27 year old????  I guess that is what happens when you have a kid at 10 years old.  Totally worth the whole scandal and embarrassment I caused my family  (TOTALLY kiddin' folks!!!!!!)

"The Favorite Son"

Okay Sis...I did it.  Sometimes I regret suggesting she participate in Scavenger Hunt.  Puts a lot of pressure on me, ya know????  Hope you all are enjoying the last weekend of summer, and spending Labor Day in a way that brings a smile to your face.  And if you have the time, please hop on over to Ashley's Ramblings and Photos to check out all the other Scavenger Hunt Sunday submissions.



  1. That poor green guy! Love the scav hunt recap!

  2. Good to see that all are still enjoying the Penn State Football weekends. It's been tough, but I see the spirit is still there. Congrats on your fav son's birthday, I know what you mean about that early marriage thing...I was only 8. Great pictures of a fine looking weekend.

  3. The eggs look good! Great picture of you with your little boy! Your proudness shows.

  4. Great wrap-up of your weekend! That Bloody Mary makes my mouth water!

  5. Looks like a fun day - roller coaster emotions I imagine. Great shots, as usual! And Happy Birthday to your 'boy'!

  6. Well you did a fantastic job with all the prompts at the game.
    My favorites were: Toys - The Egg Shot
    Candid - That's one green guy!
    Half - Clever take with Halftime.

    Nice photo too of you and your son.

  7. Oh I forgot to ask, which blog is your sister's?

  8. what a great set & I like the way you tell a story for each picture. I didn't realize that tailgating started so early in the morning - breakfast sandwiches... whew --- what a long day! beautiful pic of you & your son. You REALLY must have been a child bride!

  9. uhm, drooling over the eggs & bloody mary!!!

    these are fantastic photos!

  10. You know, I heard about the loss yesterday on the radio (as I listened to Nebraska win over So. Mississippi -- sorry,) and I thought of you and your team. Funny how blogging makes your world so much smaller.

    Gorgeous photos Kathy. And your son is a stunner. My youngest turns 28 in about a month. I agree -- how is this scientifically possible? :)

  11. Great hunt interpretations! Tailgate parties look fun!

  12. I believe that is a "Three Olives" drink. :). Too bad Sweat wasn't one of the prompts!

  13. He's handsome! I haven't managed to like a Bloody Mary but yours looks good - I love olives - and the Old Bay is intriguing.

  14. Greeeeeeeeat, fun Photos.

    Love "Half" & the one w/ you and Fave. Son!!!

  15. Kathy, this is a delicious post! I love your interpretations on the prompts! Great pictures. And love your header! Here's wishing you a happy week!

  16. Love your shots this week.. That looks like a lot of fun I must say.. And I really can't believe you have a 27 year old. You look fabulous..


  17. Oh my - that bloody mary is SO delicious looking. Do you deliver?

  18. The Bloody Mary looks great in the pic. Never have been a fan of this drink, but if you would have said Ciroc (vodka) was an ingredient I would have been sold. lol don't look like you have a very handsome 27 year old. Nice pics as always.

  19. I know...I'm WAAAAYYY late to comment, but I'm gonna anyhoo. Go Bobcats! Ohio University is the alma mater of my daughter and brother, so we were definitely cheering on the Bobcats as the underdog. If Penn State hadn't been playing OU, then I would wish them wins and good fortune after such a difficult year unless they were playing OSU, which of course translates to Go Bucks!

    Loved the green and white Bobcat guy, but I really want a sip of that bloody mary.

    Good luck this football season!

  20. It must have been so hard for you to become a mother at such a ridiculously young age, but now you get to only be 37 with a 27 year old son. Ha! I want a grilled breakfast sandwich.