July 31, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday (#1)...

I have to laugh thinking about the LAST "Scavenger Hunt" I was a part of.  Let's just say it was an adults only, Saturday night version.  It resulted in the ONLY time I entered a porn shop with the task of purchasing an inflatable woman doll that somehow managed to find it's way hoisted up the neighborhood flag pole by the end of the party.  There was lots of explaining to do for those who actually managed to make it out of their beds and drove by that flagpole to take their children to Sunday School the following morning!  Ahhhhh....good times.

I'm an "all or nothing" kinda gal.  Once I set my resolve on something, it can become all encompassing.  Hence my thankfulness that Thing #3 was away at camp this past month and I could monopolize the family computer searching various photo blogs, photo tutorials, photo sharing websites, and Bloomingdales.com (hey, a gal needs a break!)....anything for inspiration as I delve further into photography.  So when I stumbled upon "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" at http://www.ashleysisk.com/  the name alone made me laugh and think "thank goodness I don't have a flagpole!"   Every week Ashley posts 5 photography prompts for "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" and has invited other photographers to link up their submissions.  If you are interested in checking it out, just click the "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" button in the side bar.  The rules are you should attempt to take all five photos within the week, altho previous photos are allowed.  Since I was late to the party this week,  I had to use a couple of older photos for a few of these so I could RSVP in time.  Without further adieu, here are my first attempts:

1.  Walking Empty Streets

I just wasn't quite quick enough on this one!   This cute couple passed by me on a Paris street, he was protecting her from the raindrops with his umbrella.  As I turned to capture them from behind, I guess he felt she didn't need shelter any longer and pulled down the umbrella, yet still held her hand.  Makes me wonder what types of streets they have walked down together in life, and the shelter they have provided each other thru their years together.

2.  Repeating Patterns

Bryn Athyn Cathedral...I might lose my leverage in coercing trips to Europe to photograph ancient cathedrals with my husband, if I ever choose to introduce him to such a treasure so close to home!

3.  Floor

If there is a sliver of sun to be found on the floor....my Homer will bask in it.

4.  Then and Now

Oh how I love hydrangeas!  Some floral buds opened "now", some floral buds closed "then"... a beautiful flower in combo of then and now.

5.  Fingertips

Statuary fingertips holding a pigeon (aka...rats with wings, yuck!).  But together, I LIKE "A Bird in the Hand"!  

Can't wait for next weeks photo prompts!!!  Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave comments.



  1. Oh what great photos. Love the first one, and the beautiful cathedral. Love the last one too.

  2. Oh WOW- the repeating patterns is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  3. lovely photos. Your now and then photo is genius. Repeating patterns makes me hungry for Europe. I too love the old cathedrals.

  4. This entire set is really wonderful. Your opening paragraph cracked me up. I've played those kinds of games before. I hope we'll see you again next week!

  5. Ashley,

    I am so grateful I stumbled upon your sight while surfing! Thank you for both the inspiration AND the visit :). Feel free to stop by anytime and I will see you next week.

  6. Wow, your "repeating patterns" shot is very cool! It's a great picture! ;)

  7. Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt! So glad you joined in- your photos are inspiring!

  8. I'm so glad you are joining the hunt because these are all phenomenal! While they are all great the first photo made my heart melt and the last one made it stop. Simply stunning!

  9. All of your photos are amazing, that first one really grabbed my attention, very sweet.

  10. Wonderful photos! I love the old couple shot and the story that goes with it. Your dog is a cutie!

  11. I love the first one... and the story!

  12. WOW!! Your shots are amazing.. every one of them.. But that first one looks like it could be framed.. I love it..

  13. This has been a wonderful introduction to "Scavenger Hunt Sunday" and I appreciate all of you taking the time to look and comment!