August 2, 2011

The best thing to do when it's raining... JUST LET IT RAIN!  Especially when the rain comes out of the blue.

There's no fighting Mother Nature, she's a woman hell bent on a mission this summer! As if  Philly folk don't find enough to complain about on our own:  pot holes (ouch!), Howard Eskin (HATE him!), traffic on the Schuylkill (just shoot me!), Andy Reid (get him another cheesesteak wit whiz...STAT!), PECO energy bills (ouch again!), Met's fans (haha!) .... NEW JERSEY (with the caveats of the shore, tomatoes, peaches and my Jersey cousins)....whew!!

We're pretty hardy H-H-H (hazy, hot and humid) veterans here.  But THIS summer Mother Nature has upped the ante and outdone herself with a long string of record breaking temps into the 100's (without the heat index).  Everything is parched, the well-manicured lawns are golden and brittle as straw, the dogs won't go outside without a shove, air conditioner units are groaning under the workload, and PECO profit ledgers are grinning.  Where is a Good Humour truck when you need one?  No such thing as a good hair day...just twist it up into a clip,  put on the sunglasses and no one will notice both your hair and make-up melting, or at least pretend not to.

So when the sun decided to take a power-nap out of the blue last week, it was glorious and I headed out with my camera to...just let it rain.  My hair was already twisted up and the make up had long ago melted, so what was a little rain gonna do to me?

"It's raining, it's pouring..."

"Flowers never bend with the rainfall"
- Simon and Garfunkel

"When the rain comes down in the summertime, 
the leaves start dripping when the sun starts to shine"

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"

"When it's over, so they will rain a sunny day.  
I know, shining down like water."  
- Creedance Clearwater Revival

Thanks rain, I was getting REALLY tired of having to water my flowers anyway! 



  1. Beautiful rain photos!

    I am so dreading my next electric bill, I'm sure it will hit an all time high :-(

  2. There will be a collective groan throughout the Delaware Valley...and it won't be because Kendrick is pitching :)

  3. Looks like you have been doing a good job keeping those roses watered. You wouldn't know how parched the ground is from looking at them!

  4. I love rain photography and yours are admirable!!

    Blue & Water

  5. hey! I live in NJ ;)
    but I'm really from NY so that's all good LOL

    I love being out in the rain
    there's been little of it lately but supposedly tonight might be stormy

    I love your photos, you captured the droplets so perfectly

  6. Well there ya have it Dianne, you live in Jersey but have a New York state of complaining about THAT! :)

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