July 26, 2011

All the Windows of My Heart...

... I Open to the Day
(Thing #3)
Rome, Italy

As long as I'm not cleaning them,  I find something quite enticing and intriguing about windows.  A window is a passage-way to another world.  Whether the view is looking in, or looking out...the anticipation of a story waiting to be told on the other side, a mystery to unfold, is unresistable.  Hmmm, it occurs to me that "Peeping Toms" might also use that same reasoning?  Regardless, those who happen to be in my company while accessorized with a camera know that if there is an interesting window in the vicinity, I will gravitate towards it....ad nauseum at times.

Thing #3 is away at camp this month and I am already bracing for  her typical 13-esque disdain when she finds out that not only is her mom blogging, but she dared include her a couple of times already and exposed her to the non-Facebook cyberworld....maybe even some OLD people (you know, those 25+ year old geriatrics!).   In my defense, I just love her to pieces and enjoy giving her reasons to roll her eyes at me. Her expressions, stubborn-ness, individuality and early-teen egocentric tendencies are totally captivating...when they aren't killing me.  I particularly love to catch her off guard when she is totally unaware, which SHE really enjoys too (insert sarcastic grin).   So the Gods of Photography were smiling on me when we arrived in Rome and they placed two of my favorite subjects before me....a window, and an unsuspecting Thing #3.  From the piazza below our hotel window, I looked up and captured a moment.  

Had I been any other passer-by, I would have immediately began (begun?) to speculate who was this child with the haunting look in the opened window gazing out upon the Italian piazza below her?  It was early and the square was just beginning to show life, had she just awoken too?  Was she in a nicely furnished or disheveled room, what interests/talents did she have, what adventures lay ahead of her that day, what was going thru that mind of hers at the moment?  Of course, I already KNEW the answers to this particular mystery and they weren't nearly as intriguing:  she had been up all night bored on a trans-Atlantic flight, she was grumpy and quite blue as a result,  the LAST thing she wanted to do was leave the hotel room with her parents and Thing #2, she argued she was old enough to spend some time alone,  she had made an art form out of rolling her eyes, behind the window was a messy room strewn with suitcases AND an opened bottle of Advil, and her adventure plan for the day consisted nothing more of finding a Sprite, a piece of pizza, and her pillow!  

Some windows are better left to the imagination....Peeping Toms take heed.



  1. I love windows too, especially the ones in Europe!

  2. Ahhh....don't even get me started on European windows with the laundry hanging out of them :)

  3. Well it's not only European windows that laundry are hanging also in the Philippines ^_^. Love your photo it's very beautiful!!


  4. Great portrait and a priceless capture. I like your offspring naming convention, it fits in with the over 25 generation :-)

  5. P.S., I'm not sure what happened, but your comment got nuked by my blog :-( Thanks for visiting!

  6. I'll try not to take the nuking personally :). Thanks for visiting too!

  7. she's beautiful
    I remember the 13s very well from my two nieces, the eye rolling and hair flipping was amazing
    and the drama!! oh my the drama :)

    this photo is priceless

  8. Is this the hotel right next to the Pantheon? God, I loved that trip.... I'm pretty sure she's so grumpy because it was still so early none of the gelaterias were open so we couldn't bribe her.... I, on the other hand, was already sprinting to the nearest Italian shoe store......

    <3, Thing #2

  9. Kathy, thanks for letting me know about this post - I enjoyed it very much, and the photo is great!!