October 31, 2016

365-day project (weeks #42, #43, #44)...

The week that was (October 10, 2016 - October 16, 2016):

"Week #42"

1. Homemade socks by....someone 284/365
2. Morning Solitude 285/365
3. Spray Paint Kinda Day 286/365
4. Shiny Object Syndrome 287/365
5. Friday Night Excitement 288/365
6. A Saturday Spent Exploring 289/365
7.  Westward Ho 290/365

The week that was (October 17, 2016 - October 23, 2016):

"Week #43"

1.  Pennsylvania Wears October Well 291/365
2. Cincy with my Grand and her Chins 292/365
3.  Adventures in Babysitting 293/365
4. Next Stop...Cleveland and my Bestie 294/365
5. Planning Our Next Adventure 295/365
6. Penn State vs. Ohio State with the Besties 296/365
7. Homeward Bound 297/365

The week that was (October 24, 2016 - October 30, 2016):

"Week #44"

1.  Because the  Fortune Cookie Say So 298/365
2.  What's Cookin'?  Shrimp Stir fry 299/365
3.  Hello From the Other Side 300/365
4. Officially Boot Season 301/365
5. When No One Tells You Something is Stuck in Your Teeth 302/365
6. Two Months and Bigger Than Her Teddy Bear 303/365
7. Orange Ya Glad It's Sunday 304/365

Been AWOL from the blog.  But fully present with the 365-day project. #thebeatgoeson

**All 365-day project photos are via my Samsung Galaxy phone camera.  For more, you can find me on Instagram @KathyMcB.

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  1. I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at SiteHoundSniffs.com.

  2. The little princess is so adorable and her smile very heartwarming. Seems as if you have had some busy weeks lately. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. That baby makes my heart smile.
    Love the sign in Week 42 :-D
    **hugs**@ thoughts&shots
    diane @

  4. So much beauty!!!! And that baby is a beauty! Could I use the photo of the Bar 31 sign? it is just too funny!!

  5. Great variety of shots! What a cute little one.

  6. PA wears autumn very well. How bout them lions...We are

  7. Oh my goodness.... homemade socks had me at hello and then I look further. Look at those cheeks on your sweet grandbaby. These collages are perfect. I always love your titles, they are always so fun.

    Lisa @ LTTL

  8. Those socks...absolutely adorable! Your sweet grand baby....those moments are priceless! Lovely collages~