July 7, 2016

When fantasy becomes reality...

Fantasy:  The bride carefully selected a bridesmaid dress that will actually be able to be worn again!

Reality:  Welcome bridesmaid dress, to your permanent residence in the dark, deep recesses of my closet...behind those jean I swear I'll fit into again...someday.


Can I tell ya how much I love living in a fantasy world at times?  Seriously, ask the Better Half.  But what's even better is making that fantasy a reality.

It's been two years since Thing #2 got hitched.  Yikes!  Which means it's been about two and one-half years since I first saw the bridesmaid dresses and Thing #2 uttered those words of fantasy "I love these dresses and I really think they can be worn AGAIN".  Yep, I loved the dresses too.  But I also was thinking "I agree..IF you have a little girl someday".  Because if nothing else...I'm always thinking.  And I was thinking those dresses would make a dang cute dress for a little girl.


Two years later, and Thing #2 is expecting our first grand child (hereto forth known as Grand #1) in August.  As luck would have it, it's a girl!  So I dug one of the bridesmaid dresses out from the back of the closet.  And thanks for asking, but no...I still do not fit into those jeans. 

And just like I always do when I'm trying to turn an inspired idea into a reality...I headed to MY mom's house.  Because it's hard when you don't have the talent to turn fantasy into reality yourself! I have put my mom into this position before.  So when I walked into her home with a smile and carrying my hanger of pink satin, tulle, sequins and beading...she rolled her eyes...again.  And proceeded to tell me she was so busy, and didn't think she would be able to have it done in time for Thing #2's baby shower.  Another total fantasy!

Because reality is...

...I never had a doubt she would say "yes to the dress" and it would be done with plenty of time to spare.  AND, I think she enjoys "complaining" to me about all the sequins she has been finding in her carpet ever since she took out her scissors and started morphing this fantasy into reality for her soon-to-be great granddaughter.  Someday, she MIGHT even thank me for my ideas that need help in morphing from fantasy into reality.  Because I certainly thank HER!  And I know Thing #2 does too. Her daughter will have a piece of her wedding day.  Made for her by her great grandmother. With a little help from her Omi (that's MOI!).  Total reality.

(The baby shower...apologies for the poor quality photo...I promise BETTER quality in a future post)

My next attempt at morphing fantasy into reality?  I spotted a BMW 428i white convertible in the parking lot of Target yesterday.

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  1. This is so adorable!! Killing me with the cuteness!

  2. The dress is absolutely precious! What a wonderful fantasy turned into reality! Now her daughter will have a dress that was made from something from her own wedding. Now that is definitely special!

  3. That dress is so off the scale beautiful!!! And that little girl is going to feel like a princess in it. This reality/fantasy post was stellar!! ALWAYS love your humor!

  4. How precious! Before I started reading, I thought perhaps it was going to become the skirt for the crib ;)

  5. WOW! What an amazing dress. Perfect for a little girl!


  6. That is the sweetest re-use of a beautiful bridesmaid's dress ever!

  7. What a special little dress.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. A dress fit for a little Princess. Ahem.......you do realize Omi and Moi share the same letters so you've already morphed your title.

  9. What a fantastic idea. I look forward to seeing Grand#1 wearing it


  10. Awe, what a sweet idea. It's adorable!

  11. You all look great in it as well. Lovely color and style, a lonnnggg way from when I last wore a bridesmaids dress.

  12. This is so precious! Such a very special gift!! {and a future photo shoot waiting to happen!!}

  13. That was an inspired idea! Such a beautiful keepsake!

  14. That's incredibly awesome. Sewing is such a great skill...wish I had it!