May 23, 2016

365-day project (week #21)...

The week that was (May 16, 2016 - May 22, 2016):

"Bauble Decisions"

" 'Go To' breakfast, lunch, snack or...just because"

"For the love of skinny jeans"

"Quizzo night"

"I sent my youngest to college, and she returned a vegetarian"

"As close to camping as I'm gonna get"

"TRYING to get to to the Philly Italian Market!"

It was a week of redefining "normalcy".  As much as I lamented Thing #3 heading to college, and leaving me with an empty nest...I grew quite accustomed to dealing with less feathers.  But the eagle has landed for summer break. And I gotta tell ya...those feathers are EVERY WHERE!  #fullhouseproblems

**All 365-day project photos are via my Samsung Galaxy phone camera.  For more, you can find me on Instagram @KathyMcB.

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  1. I love srawberries adn blueberries and that is a good shot as is the boot. Your daughter sound as if she has her head screwed on right. I get a trivia question in my mail box and I have learned a lot that way. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. College does that to kids....I eat meat now after 27 years of being a veggie!
    And I love me some asics for the love of skinny jeans!

  3. WE agree on the camping thing, berries for breakfast, skinny jeans and trivia!

  4. I'll be feeling the full house, feathered nest syndrome soon too! I don't see my favorite Wegman's faux meat...It's "Don't be a piggy sausage crumbles". They are SO good! Even my hubby eats them and requests them in recipes. The crumbles are better than the patties for some reason.

  5. Oh Kathy, I know all about those feathers...but it is surely good to have her home again. And as she already stated, "I have a new job, and it's just until I can save enough cash for my own place", I am grateful to see her face every day, and she loves to cook!!! Your night of camping looks pretty good to me! Aloha!

  6. I totally understand about the feathers, though my little chicks flew the nest years ago; our nest was graced with 2 little chicks last summer and I'm excited about the return of one of them very soon for the summer. You have had a wonderful week it looks like. Happy Tuesday!

  7. Those baubles.....(big puffy heart)

  8. LOL, feathers. I am laughing. My girl has not flown the coop yet, but she is gone a ton because of her schedule. Man when she has a day off you can tell.

    Lisa @ Life Thru the Lens

  9. Those berries look yummy! Better a vegetarian than becoming a delinquent. ;-) I am pretty sure I'd have to kill my son if he moved back home.