January 15, 2016

So many plans...

And after this week's $1 BILLION dollar powerball lottery guess what?  I STILL have so many plans.

"So Many Plans"

It's probably all for the best. Not sure I could handle being that popular!

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  1. So disappointed I didn't win with my 10 tickets. Had already spent the money in my mind. Happy 2016 to yo Kathy

  2. The only thing I would have bought was a new couch, think that means I'm pretty content with life!

  3. It's funny - my husband told me before the drawing, "I really think we're going to win. Like, if I wake up in the morning and we didn't win, I'm gonna be angry." LOL! OK, sure, sweet boy. We have to drive over to Slidell to buy tickets, which gives us the opportunity to talk...and get daiquiris at the drive-thru stand ;) Thanks for sharing with us at Photo Friday!