December 16, 2015

" Yep, I'm a 'Great British Bake Off' wannabe...

By morning, a beautiful bowl of mandarins.

By evening, Italian orange ricotta cookies...

...and orange, chocolate, pecan biscotti.

Yeah THIS doesn't happen too often!  But "Mary Berry" made me do it (best name everrrr!).

P.S.  Has anybody seen my PBS obsession?  Don't be fooled by the poor American knock-off airing on Monday nights on ABC.  Go for the real deal.  The Brits do it right!  Plus, it always makes me laugh when the Brit judges refer to the bakers' "soggy bottoms".

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  1. Good luck - looks great!
    Thank you for linking up at

  2. Oh Yum, the cookies and chocolate for Christmas - am addicted - it's good that it's only once a gear! Have a merry Christmas!

  3. ME ME ME!!! I literally LOL'ed that someone else watches the GBB...This was a great season too! I pretty much watch all the British shows...Father Brown? Love him!

  4. I'm addicted to My Kitchen Rules (Australian)!

  5. I have been holiday goodies challenged this week - nearly everything took 2 shots to get a good outcome. Did discovery 'failed fudge' brownie - might have to fail again. :)

  6. this post has been disastrous to my pre Christmas diet plan. :)
    it all looks very yummy. and yes to the British sense of humour!! I grew up with the BBC here in Canada and always appreciated the Black Adder, Smith and Jones, Absolutely Fabulous kind of laughs over stuff like South Park.

  7. A very tasty post ;) I love yout first two photos, particularly the second.

  8. Mmmmm,- wish I was there... Love your second photo! Great post!

  9. Oh my that looks SO good


  10. Ooooh, these look soooo delicious (and I don't mean the mandarins :))