December 7, 2015

"Song-ography, 'The Hug Song'...

"I want a hug when we say hello
I want a hug when it's time to go
I want a hug 'cause I want you to know
I'm awfully fond of you...

"Look Into My Eyes"
Dog #2
Samsung Galaxy

It's no secret to my family that Dog #2 totally has me wrapped around his furry paw.  Why?  Because apparently his sole purpose in life is to make me happy.  I swear, I didn't make him!  And a funny thing happens when someone wants you to be want THEM to be happy too.  As a result, we kinda have a mutual admiration society between the two of us.  It's an exclusive club.  Membership is very hard to obtain. A couple of weeks ago I got to spend the weekend with Thing #2 who told me an interesting little factoid.  She said she read that dogs hug with their eyes.  Even tho this little tidbit initially surprised me, I guess I knew it all along.  I mean there any doubt?  This guy apparently hugs me all freakin' day long.  No wonder we are joined at the hip, and the rest of the family (including Dog #1) just rolls their "non-hugging" eyes at us.

...Now some folks don't like hugging - they think they're too tough
I bet they'd be a whole lot friendlier if they were just hugged enough
When you hug the one's who love you, an amazing thing you learn
When you give a hug, you just can't help but get one in return."

-The Hug Song (Fred Small)

As for the rest of my family...Dog #2 and I love you regardless.  Just look into our eyes.


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P.S.  In case you are wondering what kind of dog my hugger is, he is the best kind...a mutt.

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  1. Oh Cathy that is so gorgeous, my Crazy Poodle definitely hugs with his eyes too! CP has the same sort of eyes at your Dog1 - or maybe it's all white, fluffy, cute dogs?!
    Have a great week!
    Wren x

  2. Oh, those eyes! Our vet said that you can tell a lot from a dog's eyes down to how they feel health wise!

  3. My little grand-puppy has wise and warm and wonderful eyes...I can't even! In my whole life I never knew I could get this close to a pup!

  4. This is totally awesome! That is a beautiful pup!

  5. Your doggie still the show! Adorable and great photo!

    Wishing you the love and magic of the season,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. darling doggy with such hopeful-longing eyes!

  7. What sweet puppy dog eyes!

  8. I can get enough of his cuteness. I love when your dog follows you around and it is next to you all day (even when you are sleeping).

  9. Well he is one seriously adorable looking creature that is for sure


  10. That face!!!!! cuteness overload. I wanted to let know, I visit every new post, but the ones I don't comment on, the comment page gets all wonky and the text gets all jumbled and i'm super happy it didn't do it on this one.