October 26, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Double Vision' edition...

"Fill my eyes with that double vision
No disguise for that double vision
Ooh, when it gets through to me, it's always new to me
My double vision gets the best of me."

-Double Vision (Foreigner)

"Autumn Double Vision"
Real Life/Still Life
State College, Pennsylvania

Whoa!  Major flashback to freshman year in college with this song.  1978?  College?  Double vision?  No comment.   But no worries, I can see clearly now the rain haze is gone. Wish I could tell you I was out meandering pumpkin/gourd patches to get this photo.  Truth is, I was meandering Trader Joe's in search of my favorite "Salt & Pepper Pistachios" when I came across this box of white mini pumpkins.  But it WAS Trader Joe's, so it's pretty dang close to it's natural state...right?!?


Welcome to another week of Song-ography, where the concept and rules are kinda simple:

Song/Lyrics  + Photo(s) = Song-ography

Since next Tuesday is the first Tuesday of the month (hellooooo November!), that means I have a song prompt suggestion for you, should you decide you'd like a bit of a challenge...

Kelly Clarkson

Looking forward to seeing how you've mashed up song with photo this week.  Thank you for stopping by, leaving a comment, participating in the link up.  All are appreciated and welcomed!  I urge everyone to take a few moments to visit some of the Song-ography participants.  I know I will! Afterall, besides being fun...it's the neighborly thing to do.

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  1. Love! I really enjoy seeing all the pumpkins and gourds this time of year. Especially the mini ones. The smaller they are, the more I like 'em! {we getting a song prompt for next week...first tuesday of Nov?} {I'm hoping!}

    1. ARGH!!!!! Can't believe it's November already! Thanks for the reminder, I put up a song suggestion for ya!

  2. Oh, I love those white pumpkins!

  3. I really love those little white pumpkins and get excited when it's time to buy them each autumn.

  4. Years ago Lou Gramm (Grammatico) would come into my business. Big stuff back then.

  5. The white pumpkins are just so classy!

  6. I don`t think we can find these white pumpkins here, så I`m amazed :D

  7. I love Trader Joe's. I don't get there often, but when I do I go crazy. - Margy

  8. Do you know I got in trouble at Traders trying to take a photo of brussel sprouts when I saw how they really grow?! true story....never saw them that way!

  9. These mini whites are so pretty! I agree, the produce at Trader Joe's is so photogenic, I've taken a few myself (artichokes, their wonderful array of flowers)... luckily, I haven't run into trouble (yet) like Kelly ;)

  10. At fist glance I thought this was garlic. I have never seen white pumpkin before


  11. I thought that it was garlic as well...pretty little pumpkins.