October 29, 2015

"October sky...

"On cloudy days, I just want to raise my arm up,
stand on my toes, and screw a light bulb into the sky.
Don't worry, my light bulb is energy efficient - it runs on solar power."

-"This is the Best Book I've Ever Written, and it Still Sucks" (Jarod Kintz)

"October Sky"
State College, Pennsylvania

If April comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb...then for moi, October might come in like a lamb carrying mums and pumpkins, but she sure goes out like a flannel-shirted lion looking for her UGGS, a sun lamp, and a den to hibernate.  Yeah, I know lions don't hibernate...but I know they WANT to!  October is my last hurrah.  My last burst of color before my attitude turns gray along with my scenery.  I guess when it comes right down to it, clouds are my mood-ring (remember those?!?!?)

Hello November.  Setting my clock back an hour this weekend, losing an hour of daylight in my life. Might as well call a spade a spade, it's Armageddon for depressives.  I would gladly trade my extra hour of sleep just to keep my internal clock in sync with all my external ones...and I'm pretty sure the Better Half would trade HIS extra hour to keep ME in sync too just to keep all my grey clouds away from him.

Daylight Saving Time.  Why isn't THAT an antiquated policy any of our gazillion presidential candidates willing to take on?!?  But since they don't see DST as more important than health care reform, tax reform, national security issues, and balancing the budget  then I'm stuck with few choices during my "dark season".  Arizona would be a good option, if only the work commute to Philly wouldn't suck so bad. Instead I guess I'll have to resort to my standard operating procedure: I will stockpile Vitamin D, be glad the clock in my car is finally correct, and continue to search for that proverbial light bulb to screw into those grey clouds.  

Yep, I'm a lion in flannel...let's just let that sink in.  

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  1. I don't like the perpetual darkness either. I am made for sunshine!!

  2. Lion in Flannel - book title! And my mood ring indicates that I have already turned to the dark side. Must.fight.back. So hard to want to fight it when all you want is a blanket and the remote control.....

  3. This is sooo me! Uh, I hate daylight savings and the lack of color in my life. Your photo is quite lovely, though!

  4. The grey skies of winter can leave one kinda crummy. Nice we have holidays to sort of spice it up for us!

  5. LMAO! I'm not sure I like DST...The carpet gets rolled up way too early and I become a BIG couch potato.

  6. I actually like it...I love the dark cozy evenings. The desire to light candles and cuddle under a blanket... *ducks as things are thrown this way**

  7. Pretty shot, and ya, I'm not a fan of DLST. Which they would get rid of it.

  8. Mmmm.
    What a stunning time of year!
    I hope you’ll drop by and share at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/10/a-visit-to-madame-tussauds.html

  9. Oh you have no idea, it is FAR worse in the UK. I will be dark by 3.30 - 4pm and we are the champions of dark grey skies that can go on for weeks at a time. I hate it and I completely sympathize with you


  10. hahahah OMG that is why they say the grass is always greener elsewhere!!!! Well Kathy let me tell you that even though colors here NEVER fade, and greens just keep getting greener I would pay a whole lot for a change in scenery once in a while.... and put on a flannel shirt or a sweater!!!! see grey skies and drink hot chocolate instead of lemonade! But yeah I get you anyway, I did my MBA at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I would literally cry waiting for the bus after school....but then again is still love winter... from where I stand!

  11. Gorgeous, I love autumn sky! Thank you for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things! Have a great weekend!

  12. Wow I love those fall colors, living in Okinawa we don't get a traditional fall with lots of beautiful colors like that!

  13. Love the header - and the colors and completely hear ya on the doldrum of the next season.

  14. I too struggle with winter. A friend of mine got a light box a few years ago and she says that it makes an incredible difference. I think I need to invest.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Photo Friday!

  15. Lovely color you have. Our autumn just fizzled out. Too much rain has stolen our color. I'm with you in the SAD department. I'm not looking forward to being funky. I need a lamp!