September 25, 2015

"The Pope is coming, hope he stops at a WAWA!...

Can't help but feeling a bit claustrophobic and fenced in around here.  Hello, I live in the 'burbs of Philly and...Santa Claus Pope Francis is coming to town!  Trying to keep the faith that the effects of his visit won't keep me fenced in.  Cordoned off.  Immobile.  Housebound.  But my faith is being severely tested.  I'm not even Catholic.  I'm just a Lutheran, caught up in a Catholic world this weekend.   And I'm the first to admit...I am totally gobsmacked of the impact this Papal visit on Philly and it's surrounds. 

"Fenced In"
Somewhere in the 'burbs of Philly, taken out my car window from Wawa.
(Gosh, I hope the Pope stops at a Wawa for coffee!)

The only thing I can equate the impact to, is one of our East Coast Nor'easter winter storms.  Winter Storm Francis?  Pope-ageddon?

1.  Major roadways are closed.

2.  Bridges are closed.

3.  Public transit has been curtailed.

4.  Parking restrictions have been implemented, and cars have been towed who haven't complied (apparently they thought they had more power than the Pope!).

5.  Townships have declared states of disaster emergency, due to a national security event.

6.  And perhaps most disruptive...those annoying "breaking news" bulletins that cut into my viewing of "General Hospital" (You know the ones, YES it's still snowing.  YES, the Pope is still coming!)

Which all means...huge traffic troubles and potential headaches not just for those in Philly...but the 'burbs too.  The last time I've seen these types of restrictions, I've headed out to buy milk, bread, eggs and candles to ride out the storm.  Perhaps non-Catholics can get a special dispensation?  A hall pass?  A "pass 'go' and collect $200" card?

Over 1.5 million are expected here in Philly this weekend.  Tickets for public masses, papal parades and even public transit are highly coveted.  His Holiness has taken over the Philadelphia consciousness.  It's all gotta make me wonder if he is going to do a Rocky-esque run up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum like ALL visitors to Philly do.  Yo Adrian, blessed are youse guys!

But I gotta admit.  As much as this Papal visit might fence this non-Catholic's also kinda Pope-eriffic.  In a world that seems so terribly divided, both here in America and globally, it's reassuring to witness so many coming together to celebrate a humble man truly dedicated to service and mercy.  And he just seems to be so darn likable too.  Pope Francis helps remind us (Catholics AND non-Catholics) that we Americans aren't the center of the universe...shocker!  Instead, we are a nation that is truly blessed by God with a bounty of gifts...we just need to to be reminded at times to actually use them!  Kindness, compassion, a giving spirit, and to put others before ourselves.  Even if it means fencing me in for a weekend.

So if you are in Philly this weekend, and if you decide to bust out of your fence and head into town to partake in Pope-mania...may the force be with you.  And please keep in mind the "no-no's" prohibited by the Secret Service:  weapons of any kind, explosives, drones, ammunition and...selfie sticks!

Ya gotta keep the faith!

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  1. I, too, am not Catholic and I don't get all the hype. I do think that Pope Francis is a wonderful. But, MAN, he is. And, I don't get why selfie-sticks are a threat? Maybe someone hit someone over the head with one. Who knows!

  2. It's been wild watching the clips {and the controlled chaos!} - I'm big on laying low when events like this get so disruptive... Must say I'm a HATER of the whole 'local-news-breaking-in" nonsense. We have days up here over the winter where they are literally on for 24+ straight hours. Even through prime time! ok...i'll stop now! I really like your photo ~ the clarity of that fence is perfect against the blur of the field and cow.

  3. It's been wild to watch from a distance, although I can relate having been in DC for Benedict. Enjoy the fences?

  4. Bwa ha! I had to laugh at your GH comment because my brother (in Raleigh) posted on FB that he was grateful the pope waited until after GH ended to land so it wasn't interrupted.

  5. Well this post was certainly a fun read. - I'm not Catholic and quite frankly I don't see what the hub-bub is all about - He's just a man who puts his pants on the same as any other man does. - Yes he's the leader of a Religion but unless he's God himself I'm not getting overly excited about it. Had to laugh about the interruption of General Hospital. I felt the same way this morning when The Price Is Right was interrupted with a news bulleting about the Speaker of the House resigning. By the way your cows in the field is a super neat photo.

  6. I know the feeling. Got caught in it when Bush visited Germany and again when Obama came! Here in Geneva they are so used to all this " important" people and deal with them much more efficient. Love your cows - great picture.

  7. -----I am not Catholic, but it doesn't matter a damn.
    I love this man & feel he is a great role model for
    all humanity! He can teach judgmental, self-righteous Christians A LOT.

  8. Pope-ageaddon - OMG. I am so ready for this to stop being all consuming SOON. (I can only imagine what it is to live it)

  9. I love that photo! Sweet, happy cow - totally oblivious to all that is going on around him. I too don't quite get the Pope worship (my thoroughly Methodist husband said, "Isn't that idol worship? Because it sounds like idol worship to me"), but OK.

    Thanks for joining us for Photo Friday again this week!

  10. Kathy, get HULUPLUS and General Hospital without interruptions (no commercials, no break-ins) no matter what's happening in the world. It's great! Just have to watch today's episode after 8 p.m. or you can be a day behind and watch it at your usual time the next day. I love it, sometimes if I'm busy a watch a week at a time. I hope the time passes quickly and the Pope leaves as smoothly as he came in.

  11. Here in NJ people working in NY worked from home and did not go in (or out) of the City these past days. It must have been pretty chaotic. I tend to bunker down, too, when events like these happen - just imagine those humongous masses of people squeezing and - shudder - I don't get the whole church and pope and Vatican State etc. thing, never did, but belief and faith, that is different. And from what I have heard or read these past days Pope Francis seems to be a very down-to-earth man, spreading a beautiful message of openness, I like that.

  12. Finally getting around to catching up with everyone after being away for 3 weeks. I tend to avoid going anywhere when there is this type of event in town.

  13. i didn't think about it at the time but i wish i had gone to dc when he was here, just because! thanks for linking and have a great weekend!! stay dry!