September 28, 2015


"Well, sometimes I go out by myself
and I look across the water.
And I think of all the things, what you're doing
and in my head I paint a picture."

-Valerie (Amy Winehouse)

"I Look Across the Water"
Lake Tahoe, California

I admit, this isn't Valerie (how coincidental and perfect would THAT have been!).  It's Susan.  And I thank her for allowing me eavesdrop with my camera...not that she had a choice or anything.  But it was just too good of a moment to let pass. Sometimes, painting a picture in your head just isn't good enough. Now I have it forEVERRRRRR.


Welcome to another week of Song-ography.  We are an open-themed prompt here.  Which means your imagination is your only limit, as long as you stick to the rules of the link-up...

Song/Lyrics + Photo (s) = Song-ography.

Before you link up THIS week's submission, I want to remind everyone that NEXT TUESDAY is the first Tuesday of the month.  Which means, I will be giving you a prompt should you decide you'd like a bit of a challenge.  And you'll understand why I picked this particular song, it's apropos:

"Wake Me Up When September Ends"
Green Day 
(song begins at the 1:22 mark of video)

Thank you to all who stop by, leave a comment, join in...all are appreciated and welcomed.  As usual, I urge you to take some time to visit a few of the other Song-ographers who are linking up.  I promise you, you will scratch your head and think "Why didn't 'I' think of that song?!?!?"

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  1. An unbeat song from a troubled artist, what a waste.

  2. Great shot - and love that song!
    I totally did that song for this week (-:

  3. Terrific shot, a keeper for sure.

  4. Great shot, great song and an absolutely wonderful place :) #LTTL

  5. Perfect mesh-up of lyric and image. Just heard an Amy Winehouse song the other day - such a loss.

  6. Great song for your personal theme this week! Happy Fall to you! Hard to believe it is here already!

  7. I wonder what she was What to cook for dinner?

  8. Love next week's choice! And this is such a nostalgic shot. Very pretty. The color(s) of the water...especially lovely.

  9. So much thinking going on in this shot. And what a good friend to let you get a "back end" shot.

  10. water lapping gently at her feet, it is so possible to be caught up in the moment, I could water watch forever too ;)

  11. i love this image, we are sisters in our love for the ocean!!! you should get someone to do this for you/of you!!!! love those impromptu bubbles!!!!

  12. I do love the prompt weeks, they are an added little challenge. Oh and in reply to your question about the diner, would you believe that perfect retro beauty is in fact in Dorney Park


  13. I love shots like these where you can see what the person is looking at. Terrific capture here, and the song choice is perfect as well. Thanks for linking to Life Thru the Lens, I promise to be more social once my life settles a bit, we are in the midst of a major move, and life change.