February 2, 2015

"Song-ography, the 'Ordinary Day' edition...

"Just a day,
just an ordinary day.
Just trying to get by...

What is "ordinary" to one person, has the capability to be quite extraordinary to another.  And that is what makes the world interesting. Perspective.  It's also what I love about travel.  To experience someone else's "ordinary", for a change.  Because quite frankly...I find it extraordinary.

"Beginning of an Ordinary Day"
Prague, Czech Republic

It's also what I love about photography.  The art of observation.  For moi, it's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place.  For now? It just happens to be someone else's "ordinary" place.  Prague, Czech Republic.

...Please come with me.
See what I see...

...and ordinary people, in that ordinary place.  Living their ordinary lives.  They probably have no idea I found them so extraordinary.

"Christmas Market Cherubs"

"Slovakian Rolled Trdelnik"
Christmas Market

(apparently there are some universal 'ordinaries')


"A City on a Hill"

"On Duty"

I've found it really has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them.  Sometimes the extraordinary is quite apparent.  

"Old Town Prague"

"Orange Rooftops"

"Prague Castle"

"Old Town Christmas Market After Dark"

And sometimes, it takes a little more looking to see it.  AND...travel companions wondering what the heck you are taking a photo of.  It just looks so ordinary.

"Men at Work"

But it never fails to amaze me how someone else's ordinary, is so much more interesting than mine.  I need to work on that.


"Night Lights"

"Ordinary Alley"
Prague, Czech Republic

...I started to realize,
that everyday I find 
what I'm looking for."

-Ordinary Day (Vanessa Carlton)


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"I Can See Clearly Now"
Jimmy Cliff

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  1. The first two blog posts are photos of beautiful cities across the world from me. I'm envious and in awe of your photo opportunities and of your beautiful images.

  2. These are so very beautiful! Sometimes I forget all the beauty that is in the ordinary. Last week when I was wandering around Meridian looking for things to shoot - it took me a moment to get comfortable enough to remember that there's lots of beauty in all of these ordinary things - the buildings, the street, the graffiti, the stuff that makes life what it is.

  3. Wow - what beautiful and moving shots!

  4. breath-taking. I love the night lights and those gorgeous rooftops, thank you for sharing x

  5. All your pictures remind me why I so love living in Europe.

  6. What a sight to behold. You are so correct in how as a universe, we become so accustomed to our ordinary that we fail to see its extraordinary. Beautiful collection of images from your trip.

  7. These are all amazing! And so true how was is ordinary to one person is extraordinary to another. Why I love teaching, what is just a lesson to me can easily become the best lesson ever to them!

  8. So generous you are with your photographs on this post. Amazing. Thank you for hosting this very interesting meme.

  9. Prague is such a wonderful city. I have very fond memories of our visit about 10 years ago. Thanks for the reminder. I am sure I have walked the same streets and stairs and have some of the exact same photos somewhere on my harddrive.
    Just never forget - your 'ordinary' may be someone else's 'interesting' :)

  10. WOW!! Nothing Ordinary about these photos at all. They are fabulous..


  11. Wonderful shots!
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/02/signs-and-signposts.html. I hop to see you again next week!

  12. These are lovely. I sure would love my ordinary to be more like this! Europeans seem to understand living poetically.

  13. I don't even know where to start, these are all so great - but I do love the baker's tongue in the puppet shot, lol!

  14. Me too - the baker's tongue in the puppet shot! And I echo how wonderful these are - each by itself so lovely - and we get treated to a whole tour! I love it when people along my path stop to ask me what I'm photographing...thinking some exotic animal must be lurking. And I answer "the thorns" or "a bud" or "this leaf" ... It truly is the gift that photography keeps giving - turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. And, I agree - travel puts us in the midst of other people's ordinary...which is always so neat. That finding our extraordinary each day is such the conundrum...true enough.

  15. Your photos are stunning!! I might have nightmares from those creepy puppets though. ; ) What is that thing they were cooking? It looks yum, please tell me it's not meat!

    1. You're safe..it isn't meat! It is Trdelnik which are Slovak pastries cooked on spits shaped like rollers outside over an open fire. They are all over the city. You purchase a Trdelnik (which is about a 6" section of the long roll) and it is hollow inside where the rollers are. You can either eat it plain OR....you can have a layer of Nutella spread along the inside of the roll. I opted for the latter :) YUM! The pastry itself is a dough with sugar sprinkled on it and cooked.

  16. Your photos are amazing. I agree with you. We often find the extraordinary in other people's ordinariness, but find it difficult to see the extra in our own. Wonderful, wonderful post!
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  17. Your photography photos are certainly extraordinary. I certainly want to see the world after visiting here.

    Teresa @ Eden Hills

  18. I see what you mean about the ordinary being extraordinary. My daughter loved Prague!


  19. Prague is a beautiful city. your images are gorgeous, love all your details.

  20. I love your "ordinary" photos of Prague, if only the US were so ordinary! All that beautiful architecture is something I am going to miss when we return to the USA. My favs among this post include the Christmas tree in front of St. Victus and that row of (not even sure what to call them) ornamental decoration under the windows. Beautiful photos!

  21. Love the first photo with the tremendous view!!!!! Oh and I will take a dozen of those sweet rolls please! Beautiful captures.

  22. I have decided that as we live so close to Prague we really ought to get ourselves sorted out with a trip there and the Chirstmas decorations and markets make me think a winter trip might be the time to do it


    1. Molly, we flew to Prague via London...I think it was only a 1.5 hour flight out of Heathrow! I figured if I was home I could be in Cincinnatti (Prague out of London sounds so much more interesting! haha). And yes, Christmas is fantastic in Prague BUT....Germany was even better :)

  23. Wonderful photos, Kathy, and nothing ordinary about them. What caught my eye when scrolling through was the rhythm and repetition in many of them - even the faces and red ribbons of those little choir girls.

  24. You certainly have an "eye" for a photograph. A beautiful collection. :)

  25. Yum to the baker's tongue! The puppet's is my fave though! I adore all things animated. :)

  26. Went to Prague this winter and looking through your photos, I'm transported back into those exact moments. Simply, incredible!

  27. Oh .. I think all the images are extraordinary. I love the church and the crosses. . the streets and oh my just all of them. Stunning. Gorgeous . Gorgeous.