September 4, 2014

The last 'first'...

Ironic how I view so much of the past year's events in my life as "endings", while my Things identify them as "beginnings".   Beginnings or endings.  Regardless, it's been a year of changes I've been forced to navigate.  Sometimes more successfully than others.  Two weddings, and one soon to "fly the coop" high school senior.  I just experienced her last "first day" of school.  She was ecstatic.  I was miserable. Granted, there will be more school. But she might not appreciate me showing up at her dorm room to take her photo before she heads out to her first college class.  She will be on her own.  Just as Things #1 and #2 are on their own beginning their married (and soon-to-be) married lives.  As doors are opening for them, I feel the doors closing on me.

"STD aka/Shut the Door"
Chicago, Illinois

Why is everyone in such a rush to leave me in their dust?  Truth-be-told, my two oldest have waited quite awhile to make a commitment to marriage and life partners.  If they weren't at this stage in their lives...I'd be wondering what's wrong with them.  And the high school senior?  I've been told, and have experienced with the first two, that the last year at home is suppose to be stressful and angst-ridden. Kind of God's way of helping us cut the strings, by making us WANT them to leave.  Classic over-achiever that Thing #3 is...she started this "stress and angst" program two years ago. Yep, she loves me and wants to help me out THAT much!  

Rush, rush, rush.  What's the hurry?  They might be ready, but I'm not so sure I am.  Not that I have a choice in the matter.  So busy to get these processes going we apparently are living in a world of acronyms.  Our daily conversations can't even be given the time necessary to pronounce full words.

For Thing #3 our lives revolve around daily conversations of AP coursework and how they will effect her GPA.  Don't forget we need to fill out the FAFSA, joy oh joy.  And OMG, the SAT and ACT scores are published.  We need to check them out ASAP.  Should she pursue a BA or a BS degree at PSU, UVA or UNC?  Rush, rush, far as I'm concerned she should really learn to decrease her MPH to increase her MPG, just sayin'.

Lest us not forget Things #1 and #2, those to whom I play MOB and MOG.  We've dealt with STD's (not THAT kind of STD...that would be TMI). I've learned that RSVP's are sometimes overlooked by those who think they are VIPS...BTW, they aren't.  I have a new moniker of MIL who likes DIY projects.  Which is OK as long as I'm not secretly called CMIL (crazy mom-in-law).  And I have also learned you CAN have too many toasters.  TMWRNT(tomorrow morning we return the non-essential toaster).  I would have wasted ten minutes if I had typed out what I really was saying the old fashion way...with words.

Too many endings.  Too many beginnings.  Can't we all just slow down and do things MY way for a little while longer?  The Yertle the Turtle way? I am fully aware YOLO.  I just want it to be with me in the picture...FWIW, right smack dab in the middle.  I guess it's RIP to my former role.  I've got to open a door to a new beginning too.  FML (Forgot My Lapel-flower,  for those who's minds are in the gutter, LOL).

SWMBO (she who must be obeyed),

P.S.  Oh yeah, it's Thing #1's birthday today.  Twenty-Nine??!???  Wasn't he just two?  WTF(udge).

P.S.S.  The Acronym Bible

AP  Advance Placement
GPA  Grade Point Average
FAFSA (Federal mumble jumble aid for financing exhorbinat college costs)
SAT and ACT (college placement tests)
ASAP As Soon As yesterday
BA  Bachelor of Arts
BS  Bachelor of Science
PSU  Penn State University
UVA  University of Virginia
UNC  University of North Carolina
MPH  Miles per Hour
MPG  Miles per Gallon
MOB  Mother of Bride
MOG  Mother of Groom
STD Save the Date
TMI  Too Much Info
RSVP Are ya coming or aren't ya?!?
MIL  Mother in Law
DYI  Do It Yourself
FWIW  For what it's worth
YOLO  You only live once

TTFN  Ta Ta For Now!

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  1. It will be a year of acronyms! Hope you can savor each last, first for Thing #3!

  2. Oh my goodness. I hope you like alphabet soup! I am perhaps an unnatural mother...but when my kids left home and those doors closed behind them, it felt like doors opening for me. Not that I didn't miss them -- I did -- but I didn't grieve over it the way most people (moms) seem to. Wishing you peace in the midst of all that alphabetic chaos.

  3. Amen sister! Love the acronym soup as seabluelens put it, and too wish it would all slow down. I just know that the reality of the empty nest cry is going to hit, I just hope it isn't smack dab in the middle of the grocery line with people around me who actually know me. (I'm guessing it might be on our return trip to Disney for Halloween and I realize I don't have a kid with me -- ouch, it even hurt to type that). I like how you recognized nature's way of preparing us to push the kids out at the end of their senior year --- a lot like when we were pregnant and by the time we were to month 9, modesty and fear be damn - we wanted that kid outta of there. Nature!

  4. Wish we could sit and talk for hours....I can't possibly type all that I'm thinking. For me, it's all been mostly good...with a few kick in the gut moments and other gradual awakenings. Love that your humor comes shining through! {and I guess BU didn't make the cut??!?}

  5. I love the humor you find in the bittersweet. You need a giant hug and a nice bottle of grape juice. I have to believe that even in all this change that there are still so many good things to enjoy coming your way. It's just that transition phase that takes a little adjusting to.

  6. OMG - Kathy, I have to admit, I only understood half of what you were saying. All those abbreviations and educational talk in a foreign language - I understand nada. But I believe that you will find and go your way, always.

  7. Yeah, my brain shut down on some of the acronyms like at least one other reader, but the emotion in your post came through loud and clear. Before you know it, there will be grandkids and that door will fly wide open again. Take this time to build up some strength :) I really do get it about wanting to slow life down, though.

  8. I only understand half of the acronyms but I am in the same boat with you last thing is getting ( more or less ) ready to fly off. Ok, I have still 2 more years until she will finish her IB but we have to start thinking in which country she wants to go...GB, US or rather Italy or maybe Holland?In a way I feel sad seeing her getting ready but I know that I will have many doors opening for me and I am going to enjoy every single opportunity.

  9. OMG, this was so good, yes bittersweet! It made me LOL and also want to sit and have wine and hugs with you. My baby turned 29 just a few weeks ago...WTF(urge) ! How did this happen? It did and I am okay. I can't wait to see what doors you find to open. I hope you take us all with you. xoox

  10. I'm laughing so hard I can barely type!!! Your story is so true. Of my 3 boys, only one left at home ,still going to college but will journey to the west at the end of this semester.The empty nest...not sure how I feel about that. Love the door shot. It speaks volumes.

  11. What a fun post. Glad you had the list at the end, or I'd have been lost. I'm not very up to date with acronyms.