September 6, 2014

#TBT on a Saturday...

Because I apparently have a propensity to get side-tracked when I should be doing something that I really don't WANT to do (yes filthy floors, you will soon get my attention)...I got distracted.  Yep, totally waylaid by the idea of "hey, wonder what I was doing on this date a few years ago? Betcha I wasn't thinking 'bout CLEANING!"  So I thought I'd give ya a bit of #TBT on a Saturday....Italian laundry style.  Geez...apparently cleaning a little somethin' somethin' was on my mind then too!   What's WRONG with me?!?!?  So many possibilities...but let me fill in some blanks for ya:

1.  If I am forced to clean the house then I'll most certainly experience a 'Calgon take me away' moment.

2.  Laundry reminds me of Cinque Terre, Italy. (okay, you'll have to trust me on this)

3.  I think of all my lucky friends who have cleaning services for their homes when I start to have a pity party for myself while scrubbing a toilet.  (seriously folks, thank your lucky Scrubbing Bubbles!)

4.  'Calgon Take me Away' memories and moments are the most special thing travel and photography  have given me.  (even if it means my house is a mess!)


(originally posted on September 6, 2012)

Do as I photograph....not as I do.

Hmmmm, just envisioning my convo with the Better-Half tonight:

 "Did you know you can buy a pretty inexpensive, yet 'fashionably forward' ensemble at Target?  Ya just might wanna check that out.  By the way honey,  I was waaaaaay too busy posting about laundry today to actually DO any.  And (sigh deeply to illustrate how tired I truly am)...can ya pick up a bucket of Colonel Sanders on your way home from Tar-jay?"

Oh yeah, THAT should work.

If only my fascination with laundry extended beyond the boundaries of Europe.  Sigh.  Oh well, I bring you....drum roll puhleeze....laundry in Cinque Terre.

Yes, we are back in Cinque Terre.  Before the test, let's review:  Cinque (five) Terre (lands) on the northwestern coast of Italy.  Embedded into the cliff sides.  Beautiful colors.  I dare ya not to dream of taking up residence here (epic fail)...

Manarola, Italy

Where apparently doing the laundry isn't just a chore, it's been elevated to an artform.  Ya just don't get this beauty in my laundry room no matter WHICH fabric softener I use...

Catching a breeze.  If only they could bottle that scent and market it as "Eau d'Bellisimo", I'd buy stock...

Catching some rays...

Where the husbands supervise help (okay, SOME things just must be universal regardless of language).  Speaking of "universal"...he's probably saying to his wife "Hey, why don't YOU wear anything like that anymore?".  Hmmmmm, it just SOUNDS better when said in Italian coming from a guy named Marcello...

"Don't Bother Me"
Manarola, Italy

Where some linens are so exquisite I'd be honored to hang them out for the public to see (and photograph)...

And when the day is done, the laundry all folded and put away, the shutters drawn...

I'm SURE that supervising husband is going to walk out that front door with his hard working wife...

And take her to that lovely cafe down the street for dinner...

...with an ocean view

Because THAT is the universal token of appreciation for a hardworking wife who does the laundry OR... blogs about it.  Just sayin'.

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  1. gorgeous photos and i am laughing about posting about laundry and not getting it done haha...i have a dryer full of clothes to fold right now but i love the italian style of doing laundry!

  2. You're giving me wanderlust as vacation has drawn to a close!

  3. Great photos!! I, too, have a fascination with laundry when travelling to the point that I did a poster of photos from China for my laundry room of hanging washing. It must be because no one hangs out laundry here at home. I also took lots of photos of laundry in Venice.

  4. Such a lovely reminder of how much laundry I have to do today!! Sigh. I'm really going to get up and get busy any minute now....

  5. Oh what lovely laundry images...almost makes me want to do some, but not quite.

  6. Oh my gosh this was awesome. Let me just say you elevated "laundry" to a whole new level here. So where's the Calgon!

  7. I never thought laundry could look so beautiful. mine sure doesn't!
    And I definitely consider Calgon a great reward after doing a family of 5s dirty clothes.

  8. I knew there was an enjoyable side to laundry --- now to convince my husband that we need to go to Italy for me to do some laundry. I'll let you know how that goes! :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Love it that someone else take photos in Italy of unusual things. I have a collection of puffer jackets from Milan, Rome and Florance from different trips. Mostly from the back but to show the Italians with their winter glamour. Just never did a post about it. Fran

  10. Gosh, I love this post. How funny - and yes, laundry in Italy is something special. I miss the line drying - I still do it here, my European heart will not leave me. Why put the laundry in a dryer when the sun and air can do the same job - so much cheaper!
    Lovely pictures. I could go to Italy in a heartbeat. Sigh.

  11. This is a great post, not only do I adore the first photo, but you did a good job capturing the laundry. I've seen the hand in Germany and Austria, but never Italy...good to now it gets around.

  12. You made my ( and husbands) day! We had such a good laugh. My absolute favorite post of yours ( so far!). Have a wonderful and laundry free Sunday.

  13. What an amazing looking place, I could happily move there

    Thank you for linking up

  14. just about my favorite place in the world and they make laundry look like art!

  15. I wish my laundry would turn into an art form! :-) These are great photos. And yes, you must have cleaning on the mind.

  16. Oh I enjoyed this post Kath, it was so much fun looking at all that art form. It was just like you see in a movie.
    I too love to see laundry hanging outside too... (I don't like to do it you understand... I just like to see it) ;D
    I also had a giggle at Marcello and his wife. I feel I would like to know them more.
    I think I'm going to have to put Manarola on my wish list.
    Enjoy your Sunday (chore free hopefully)

  17. I LOVE these photos.

    I was in Italy only once, but it was at Christmas and it was cold. I am Italian. These are special to me.

    You certainly were focused about laundry today. LOL!!! Love your answers.

    ENJOY your week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My Follow Friday Four Fill-In

  18. What a fun post! Thank you for this!

  19. My laundry wouldn't look quite so interesting...or pretty. And I totally understand the Calgon moment except mine comes in the form of a comfy chair and a book.

  20. Amazing and beautiful photos, what a great place I would love to visit there, thank you for brightening my day! #mysundayphoto

  21. Ah capturing the simple life, no less in Cinque Terre - even the laundry looks gorgeous - thanks for sharing those lovely images!

  22. There is something so poignant about the process of laundry that most people go through. Nothing to poignant with my machines, but I'm thankful for them. :) I discovered the fashion-forwardness of Target recently when I found several things for my travels there. It was a total jackpot!

  23. Amazing photos! I think I might even enjoy laundry if I had such a fantastic view.

  24. In Malaysia and Singapore, we call the laundry flags.

  25. Thank you for linking up with Friday My Town Shoot Out. Hope to see you back this Friday! Take care.

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