September 29, 2014

Song-ography, the 'These Are Days' edition...

"...these days you might feel a shaft of light
make it's way across your face.

"See the Signs"
Thing #3

...see the signs and know their meaning."
-These Are the Days (10,000 Maniacs)

Two siblings getting married within a couple months of each other.  Yep, I'm pretty sure Thing #3 has had her fill of Bridesmaid-hood for awhile. Sixteen years old.  More at home in a pair of Doc Martens and jeans, than heals and lace.  Oh yeah, I see the sign and totally got 'the look'.  Still, it was nice to catch her with the morning light streaming in upon her face as she waited her turn to get "done up"  last weekend for her brother's wedding.  Oh yeah, I DEF can see her signs and know they're speaking to me, to me.  You done good Thing #3.  And tho she might not realize it at the moment, these are days she will remember.  If for no other reason, than the blisters.


Ya ready for next week's Song-ography prompt?  As usual feel free to bend it, shape it anyway ya want it.  You're only limited by your creativity and imagination...

"True Colors"
Cyndi Lauper

Thanks for joining in this week!  Looking forward to stopping by and seeing whatcha all been up to!

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  1. Fantastic b/w and yea, I didn't even consider what a whirlwind of 'oh crap' 2 weddings has on a teenager - I probably would have staged a mini-revolt in my day if my siblings did that to me. Looking forward to some Cyndi next week.

  2. She sounds like one amazing 16 year old! Love next weeks song! Thanks for hosting and the fun challenge.

  3. Haha! Yes the blisters!! What a year you've all had!

  4. That's a gorgeous image of her. I love it. Hope you are both in recovery mode after all the lace and heels.

  5. Lovely backlit portrait! Very nice light and exquisite tones in B & W, very good !

  6. As Ringo would say, "Peace and love".

  7. Weddings are fun but also a lot of Work, I bet she's glad it's all over now. She's a lovely young woman. At least you have a (wedding reprieve) for a few years now since she's only 16.

  8. Very creative bw portrait shot for OWT!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

    Happy Day to you!

  9. i love Cyndi Lauper ... maybe it is due to me growing up loving her music. she rocks!! ( :

  10. Such a joy our different kids! She will {eventually} cherish all memories made...even the blisters! Sorry I couldn't link up today - I'll spare you the tedious details....And I love this song too! Back next week for sure!

  11. Great shot -- you captured her personality :) At least you should have a few years before this gorgeous young lady plans her wedding!

  12. What a beautiful portrait of your daughter!


  13. Blogger was being a bugger yesterday, so I'm back to try again....Love this so much, the light, the "tude" and holy moly just thinking about two weddings within months of each other makes me break out into a cold sweat!