September 25, 2014

Help, I've fallen...

...and I can't get up.

"Mom vs. Mom vs. Mom"
Self Portrait

Three Things.  Two weddings in three months.  One high school senior.  Eleven colleges on her "top ten" list.  A gazillion essays to be written by the ultimate procrastinator.  I'm exhausted.  Playing the role of "mom" in three different performances, at the same time, can do that even to the most experienced parental unit. But even a madre' who's been around the block a few times can learn a few things.

1.  What's the mother of the bride suppose to do?  Have an opinion on everything.

2.  What's the mother of the groom suppose to do?  NOT have an opinion...and smile while doing it.

3.  What's the mother of the hopeful college-bound senior suppose to do?  Realize your opinion doesn't mean squat.  Which doesn't stop you from expressing it until she bends to your will and yells "UNCLE NETFLIX!"

Those who know THIS mom well, know which one of these lessons was the hardest to master.  The good news?  I finally wrestled my favorite blanket away from the teen Thing.  Life is exhausting lately. But it's good.

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  1. Exhausting but good! From what I can tell the opinions you had {and didn't have} all added up to some beautiful weddings and lots of family fun!

  2. You deserve a big class of wine and a vacaton!! Love the difference between mom of the bride and mom of the groom!

  3. And I thought having an only was exhausting. You have given me another perspective to challenge the drama Queen in me. Thank you Kathy.

  4. MADE ME LAUGH ALOT. I can totally see why you are how you are in that photograph. You might also try a shot of you on a street corner with a tin cup. LOL

  5. Having been through that whole college bound thing x2 in and of itself warrants timeout on the couch with the favorite blanket and a marathon of Netflex. Yep!

  6. You just stay put and enjoy yourself. You deserve a big time out.

  7. Being the MOG once before - I was always asked my opinion.
    Being a current MOG for the 2nd son - I've been told to wear beige.
    Need I say more?

  8. Sounds exhausting but so worth it! Love your image - I think I'm about to lie down ...

  9. Sounds way too overwhelming - and bed is the most sensible option. Renee

  10. And I thought just 1 wedding was exhausting. You've had more then your share to deal with. Enjoy that blanket.

  11. making happy memories can be exhausting my friend Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. xo

  12. Sounds like you've earned the privilege of not getting up for a while if you don't want to! As long as you're down, enjoy the snuggly blanket and the Netflix. :-)

  13. Two weddings in one YEAR is a enough. You did good! You deserve to be under that blanket.

  14. Oh sweetie, been there and done that. lol! Before you know it you'll be looking back and missing all of these exhausting times!! Snuggle up, relax, and enjoy!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.