June 13, 2014

Life is just like...

...a bowl of cherries.

"Bowl of Cherries"

"Life is just like a bowl of cherries.
Don't take it serious
life's so mysterious.
You work, you save, you worry so,
but you can't take your dough when you go, go, go.

So keep repeating it's the berries
The strongest oak must fall
The sweet things in life, to you were just loaned.
So how can you lose what you've never owned?
Life is just like a bowl of cherries,
So live and laugh at it all."

-George Gershwin

All my Things are in the house.  Been busy living and laughing.  Oh....and getting rid of some of that "dough" that I can't take with me when I go, go, go.  Life is good.

Here's where I "link up" today.

Please join me on Sundays for Song-ography.
This week's song title is Heather Small's "Proud".


  1. Mornin' Kathy, cherries are good, they make everything better as far as I'm concerned. Sorry I couldn't link up to Song-ography last week, blogger showed my post on this end but when I looked at it from your end everything I wrote was blank white and just the pic was there so I deleted it. I'll try again this week if I have time. I have lots of family here for the big yard sale weekend.

  2. LOVE that image! is it edited with an overlay? beautiful! xo

  3. Sounds like you're soaking it up and drinking it in!!!

  4. Glad you are staying light-hearted as all that dough goes!

  5. You made me smile ! Have fun with your family :)

  6. Yes it is, and every day is cherry season. Hugs and Thank you for sharing your sweet blog at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. ♥

  7. I just love cherry season! Hope things are gearing up well!

  8. Great shot of cherries! I need to get some!

  9. Strangely, the older my kids get, the better they get at sucking my wallet dry - and they have managed to figure a way to do it without having to be at home. Oy! Were it not for the pits - I would really enjoy cherry season.

  10. Beautiful shot of the cherries. I can almost taste them.

  11. Life for sure is good! love the picture and the words.

  12. So wonderful to have all your Things home! Exciting I'm sure with the upcoming wedding.

  13. So true. Love it! And love the image. Nothing sweeter than a bowl of ripe juicy cherries! Thanks for sharing with SYC.