May 31, 2014

Song-ography, the 'Keep on Walking' edition...

"Well I walked into the morning
and felt that warm sunlight forming on my shoulders
'Cause it hit with no warning
like a summer sky storming in my lungs...

"Walk into the Morning"
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

...Like a stone carried on the river
Like a boat sailing on the sea
Oh, I keep on walking."

-Keep on Walking (Passenger)

"Keep on Walking"
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania


Next Song-ography link-up it will be freakin' JUNE bustin' out all over (no, that won't be our song).  How did THAT happen?!?!?  You know what that means...SUMMER.  So I'm picking one of my all-time favorite summer, feel good, make me happy, can't help but dance and bop my head to, embarrass my Things, country songs!  Yes, this Philly gal likes her country music.  FYI, "country" is a state of mind, not your state of residence...

"Chicken Fried"
Zac Brown Band
(song doesn't begin until about 1:10 into the video)

It's all about appreciating the little things that make ya happy.  Can't wait to see whatcha come up with! Thanks for joining in here at Song-ography.  I've noticed a few new folks taking the leap the last couple of weeks, and I've also noticed those who keep on coming back...I appreciate ya both!  Thanks!  Looking forward to visiting your blogs.


  1. That looks like a beautiful place to walk and enjoy a gorgeous summer day! Thanks so much for hosting each week.

  2. what sweet shots and an amazingly beautiful place to stroll!

  3. Strollin'. Wonderful capture. Thanks for sharing.

  4. A fantastic walkway on what appears to have been a gorgeous day to take a stroll.

  5. I've been doing some of my own walking. Looks like a great place!

  6. kinda' gave me goose bumps.....i love to see peeps walking together, hand in hand. i always wonder/worry....was their another person, that is gone??

    it's a beautiful image, i'm just sentimental!!

  7. WOW!! Beautiful shots. Looks like a wonderful place for a stroll.. Thanks for hosting my friend. And I Love the song for next week. I do hope I get to play along.


  8. Cool perspective in the images and yep, you gotta keep on truckin'! I want to run through the field on the left!

  9. Such a serene picture... Sorry, I'm a little late today, and short, too

  10. That looks like a beautiful place to keep on walking in :)

  11. It looks like a perfect summers day in your images this week.