February 7, 2014


...I'm back.

Winter.  Philly, on ice.  Shaken, not stirred.  No fun being iced over and left without power.  But I'm finally here.  Yes!  Haven't had time, or the Internet, to look at the photos I took amidst the ice.  But I do have some observations.  And I also have some photos I took of the winter calm, PRIOR to the storm.  Before the branches fell and wreaked havoc.  (FYI, none of these photos are black/white...on purpose).

1.  30 hours without electricity or heat.  I was not designed for roughing it (no one I know is surprised by this observation).  May name is Kathy, and I am no Laura Ingalls.  Truth is, we are lucky.  There are still hundreds of thousands without power here in the Philly area.  I am grateful to the caravans of power trucks that have mobilized from other states to help out our local linemen get us back up and running.

"Beauty before the Beast"
Horsham, PA

2.  Why is it that going outside right now to 50 degree temps would be delightful, yet trying to sleep indoors in the same temperature feels sooooo much colder?!?!?  Thermal shirt, hooded sweatshirt, sweat pants, socks, five blankets later...I was STILL freezing and couldn't believe I could not see my breath when I exhaled.  Yes, I tested out the theory multiple times.

"Flown the Coop"

3.  Heat can not be overrated.  Television and Internet can.

"I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends"

4.  Eavesdropping is a great form of entertainment when you have no television, especially when it involves IHOP wisdom.  After venturing out to get a meal which involved a 40 minute circuitous route (normally a 5 minute drive) due to fallen trees and power lines...Thing #3 and I finally found an IHOP open.  The topic of conversation in the booth  behind us?  "Would you rather be stabbed or kidnapped?"  Personally?  I just want my heat back on.  So I would answer "Kidnapped" if it involved taking me to a warmer place.

5.  The cream always rises to the top, even amongst Philadelphians.  We ARE the city of Brotherly Love after all.  I was continually amazed by the pleasant attitudes, willingness to help, and the good nature of everyone I encountered.  Except possibly for the couple sitting in the "stabbed vs. kidnapped" booth.  The lady who preferred to be "stabbed" complained to the waiter about her eggs not being hot enough.  I would venture the waiter wished her to be "kidnapped".  Immediately.

Glad I'm back.  I apologize to those who I normally link up to, that I had to miss joining in this week.  Barring any more ice storms, I'll be back at it next week.

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  1. Glad you're back in the warm and safe! I think we are all ready for spring. I don't care what that groundhog says. We need spring!

  2. These photos are stunning. I just LOVE them! And all the snow. {and I'd say the ice too, except when it wreaks havoc} That solo bird atop the pines is my favorite! Glad you're ok and have your power back!

  3. Oh my goodness Kathy! This weather has been hard on you guys this year. I think I have the opinion that our weather has been not too shabby for a Utah winter. Last year was brutal. This year = no major incidents, well accept for dealing with the cancer crap I have dealt with. My surgery would have been today at the 'bad' hospital. To catch up see this post { http://www.simplesequins.com/2014/02/pink-update-1.html }. I am so glad I got smart and go control of my care and I am so much more relaxed now. I am.

    I love each and every one of these photographs. They are stunning! Your captions and comments are, as usual, hilarious. ILOVEYOURWIT! Yes, I would rather be kidnapped, too. {if a chose was presented to me, that is} Otherwise, I chose orange juice and the daily special. thank you. lol

  4. These photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm so glad you got your power and heat back...and glad you were able to come out of it with your sense of humor intact. :-)

  5. great snow photos. they look good as black and whites. I'm always surpirse by the kindness of people and then something would happen to change that but at least, no one try to kidnap me this week. & I would kidnap over stabbing but I don't think it's a fair question because they both can happen.

    hope you're staying warm. have a great day.

  6. no electricity sucks regardless of the time of year - but winter is possibly the worst (don't want to test this any time soon). Glad your power is back and enjoyed your booth neighbor conversation - wonder what got that topic started. Pretty pictures - cold, wet, but pretty.

  7. been there - done that - a few times this winter. thankfully i live with Pa & he chops wood for the wood burner in our living room to keep us warm on those power outage days. oh & the lantern left over from long ago camping days helps with the light source.
    glad you are safe, warm & back online!

  8. I'm glad you're back and that your wonderful humor is still intact! You made me laugh...I hope you're finally warm!! Your photos are simply gorgeous. Sending good thoughts~~ :)

  9. Oh my, you made me giggle... When things get to rough for me, my standard response is "I am not Laura Ingalls! And, I to would have kept trying the see your breath test!

  10. I'm so so sorry! I feel your pain. Does t happen here in GA, but when we lived in Charlotte it happened yearly. The first time we lost power for 3 days since all the power lines were snapping left and right. It was not at all fun, and of course we were totally on electricity. I'm so glad you got your power back. Your pictures are gorgeous, but it know you are just hoping for some change of scenery!

  11. Oh my you are having it way worse then we are. We had about 6 inches yesterday and that was more then enough for me. You have gorgeous photos of your snow. Loved the one with the birds and the squirrel.

  12. Glad you're ok Kathy! I am sooo jealous of the snow - we haven't had ANY this winter and your pics remind me how beautiful it looks.

  13. As you know my hubby's family live very near you, they called on Thursday night, they were going to stay with friends as they felt they needed a shower. No power since Tuesday night! Snow is beautiful but not when it makes life impossible


  14. Love your sense of humor. Personally I would rather be stabbed. Have a great weekend.

  15. Power outages are tough. Glad you're up and running again. 30 hours is a long time. You have to start to worrry about the pipes and the frozen foods (tho that's what snow is for) and all that. IHOP-yah. That one little notch above Dennys.
    I hate snow, but these photos are gorgeous. I think the last is my fave. Stabbed, kidnapped? I'm going to pass. I had a boyfriend who used to ask those kind of questions. Would you rather slide down a bannister that had razor blades sticking up out of it OR have you toes cut off with an axe one by one. Seriously? Why not, would you rather have spaghetti or a steak with your red wine? This is a question I can relate to

  16. Glad you're back and that you are beginning to thaw out. Been thinking about you each time the news came on. Hope you have a warmer weekend.

  17. Glad you're back and thawing out.
    We were out of power a couple of years ago for 5 days ... it sucked ... big time!
    I so love the shots! Awesome.
    Stay toasty.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  18. Glad to hear things are returning to normal. Love that shot of the squirrel and birds. I think the birds were really brave for being that close to him.

  19. Glorious photos snow against a blue sky magic...