December 2, 2013

Lucky breaks and wenis's...

The week that was...

"Lucky Break"
November 25 - December 2, 2013
Project 52 (49/52)

Did you know the saying "I need a lucky break" comes from the tradition of breaking the wishbone from a turkey?  Did you know, the word "wenis" comes from a Thanksgiving Eve trivia game? Both the wishbone and the vocab are a result of MY lucky break that all the Things made it home for Thanksgiving, despite a Nor'easter that set back Thing #2 and her fiance's arrival by a day.  Since I always cook Thanksgiving dinner WITH Thing #2, that pushed back our messy kitchen tradition too.  I was definitely out of my routine, I'm not so good with that.  But I got a lucky break and somehow got my mojo going and went with the flow (well, at least by MY definition).  For all that, I give thanks.

And the "wenis" definition. Did you know that is what the flap of skin on the end of your elbow is called?  Apparently I'm the only one who felt it necessary to threaten my Things in the restaurant, during a trivia game, when they felt comfortable saying that word TOO LOUDLY for my comfort levels.  Seriously, if that 80 year old woman sitting next to us knew what a wenis was before moi...I'm just gonna have to download the "Urban Dictionary" app to my IPhone.

"Wenis".  I'm going to have to add it to my list of words that I like to use, just because...

10.  Wenis  (as much as this word makes me laugh...I still don't think my kids should be saying it in public.  Let's just leave that for where it belongs...our Thanksgiving dinner table).

9.    Mojo  (I admire an elusive word, one that everyone defines differently.  Plus, it sounds like it would be a good chocolaty, chewy, candy bar too)

8.    Stuffing (gotta love a multi-tasking word that sounds the way it makes you feel)

7.    Lollygag (puts a positive spin on getting absolutely nothing done)

6.    Gobsmacked (so much more fun to say than "wow I'm totally shocked")

5.    Gherkin (go ahead...just try to say it without chuckling)

4.    Eclectic (an 11th grade vocab word that makes you sound more sophisticated than saying "a bunch of cr@p!".  Plus, what a fun word to have all those "hard c's" in it to pronounce.  And yes, I'm easily amused AND I pronounce each "c".)

3.   Brouhaha (because it sounds like a fight over a beer, that makes you laugh while you are lollygagging)

2.   Kerfuffle (a skirmish that perhaps Sesame Street's Snuffleupagus might take down Big Bird.  Is it even possible to make a fight sound any more charming?)

1.    NO!  (only because I'm really good at saying it)

Hope everyone had a Thanksgiving full of good mojo and lollygagging around a table full of eclectic delights that left you gobsmacked at more than just the stuffing.  And that your day was filled with fun, merriment...sans brouhahas.  Because would you want a wenis thrown in anger at the Thanksgiving table during a kerfuffle?!?!!?  NO!  That's what Saint Paddy's Day is for.

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  1. Classic Kathy, this one. Love it! I think lollygag is my favorite...since I'm very good and getting nothing done. And, wenis would be said too loud and too often out in public by my things too.

  2. LOVE urban dictionary! My name comes out so funny when I put it in!
    Hope you had a delicious holiday!

  3. Wenis! LOL! I never knew that word, but it always reminds me of Friends when Chandler's weekly reports are work were called Wenis. I agree, that is isn't a word to be spoken loudly in public....unless you do want to mortify the family.

  4. Glad everyone made it home! That is quite a wonderful vocabulary list!

  5. Gobsmacked and lollygag are my favorite on your list...although I am developing a soft spot for Wenis.

  6. Dang! I love your posts!
    I literally laugh out loud.
    Wenis!!!! That's a new one! I was gobsmacked to hear it!
    Well, time for me to lollygag ...
    diane @ aug's blog

  7. so loving this list...I am going to keep wenis to myself...knowing that hubby and son would loudly shout it out in public!

  8. LOLOLOL! So fun! I will have to memorize that last paragraph. Wenis, hahahhahaha, toooo funny. Thank you, Kathy for the great laugh this early in the morning. Does a heart good! Now get that tree up and decorated and stop that lollygagging. My Mom was full of these types of terms. I'll have to do a similar post to commemorate her, thank you.

  9. This made me laugh so much! Your last paragraph is priceless. :-) I'm going to have to work gobsmacked into a conversation very soon.

  10. Yes! I was hoping kerfuffle made the list.

  11. Totally forgot about gobsmacked! Wenis makes me giggle too. Oh & my computer thinks that isn't even a word. Ha! Thanks for making me laugh today.

  12. I am GOBSMACKED at your creativity! Glad you had a great thanksgiving! and that all of your kids got home safely!

  13. hehe....did we need to know this?? will there be a test!!

    you crack me up!!!

  14. I'll have to not tell the wrong people about the word wenis or there will be a kerfuffle. Or as my mother would say, I might end up discombobulated and whompyjawed.

  15. can I confess to to know I'm not the only one thinking "boy, I hope there isn't a test at the end of this cause I'm gonna have to scroll back up just to copy and paste "Kerfuffle" (and yea, I just did...). I'm totally down with mojo, often in a state of Hannah's 'discombobulated' and routinely yell at the kids to get to it and quit 'lollygagging". Wenis has not found its way into our conversations at home or in public and I'm probably ok with that ... although now that you've mentioned it and I'm confident it would strike horror into my children to hear it from me, I might slip it in at some point.

  16. I love kerfluffle! Wenis makes me think of the show Friends. Chandler was always trying to get the Wenis in on time! Too funny!

  17. I love that word kerflufle...i use MOJO...all the time..i send it out to whoever needs it. I never got the good break of the wishbone.

  18. OMG, I'm going to have to share this with my daughter (who is far from being a child, by the way). She is going to LOVE wenis. One of her favorite games is to try to pinch that spot on my elbow. She's also fond of saying things that sound scandalous but aren't really. This is worthy of being considered an early Christmas present for her. Thanks for the laugh!