November 11, 2013

Get out of my way...

The week that was...

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 4 - November 11, 2013
Project 52 (46/52)

It was one of those weeks.  A week of hurry up and wait. A week of plans and something getting in my way that slowed me down.  I hate when I'm in a hurry and the world seems to be trying to do it's best job to step in my way.  Frustrating.  Even more frustrating?   Moi!  Sometimes I need to just get out of my own way.  There are enough obstacles in my path without allowing me to be one of them.  

Day #10.  November 10th - I am thankful that I got to spend the day in the city with my family.  It's been a stressful week.  It was good to get the chance to exhale together.  I am grateful I had my IPhone so I could take this last minute, deadline pushing, photo for my Project truly summed up my week.  Kudos to the Photography Gods for putting something in my way, AGAIN.

Day #11.  November 11th - I am grateful that photography can speak volumes without saying a word.  Today I will not be my obstacle.  I will step out of my own way.

Here's looking forward to a more productive and successful week.

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This week's song title is Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World".


  1. Such great things to give thanks for! I used to laugh at the tourists on Segway tours by the Art Museum!

  2. I understand what you're saying, I hate that hurry up and wait feeling.

  3. Sounds like a story of my life! Whenever I'm in a hurry, something is trying to slow me down.

  4. Fun post to read, but sympathetic to your plite! So happy it's a new week, a new beginning!

  5. I need that on a sign and in a frame. I'm often my own obstacle. It is so hard to give yourself grace though. Glad you got to exhale for a minute.

  6. I've always wanted to use one of those. Truth be told - I am more often my own worst enemy - so damn frustrating.

  7. My Dad used to always say "oh, look at that guy stopped up at that light in front of us. He had to hurry up and wait." Thanks for the memory of me Dad. Baby Z got to go home today! I am thankful that I am not saying what I am thankful for each day of November. lol (hug)

  8. Your photos always tell a story, Kathy. I hate to "hurry up and wait" too, but when I'm really getting frustrated, I remember too late that I missed an opportunity to practice patience. Oh, well. :-)

  9. Beautiful shot! I hate those weeks when nothing seems to get done.

  10. LOL! Hope the week gets better for you.

  11. It is so true that at times, we are our own biggest obstacle in life, and often, the same sort of obstacle over and over. It can be frustrating to say the least! Hope the rest of your week is much better, and love that shot that you got while you were in the city. Looks like a scene out of the future... lOL

  12. i love tis!

    your photos always tell a story, kathy. that's why i love your photography.

    have a wonderfully productive day~