November 4, 2013

Chasing the light...

The week that was...

"Chasing the Light"
Somewhere in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
October 28 - November 4, 2013
Project 52 (45/52)

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."
-Chinese Proverb

I'll choose what's behind door #3 Monty...I want to light a candle AND curse the darkness.  Yep, I want it all, spoiled brat that I am.  Argh, last week was the last week before an hour of sunshine was taken away from me via Daylight Savings Time.  Just WHO is responsible for this travesty anyway?  I never understood it, and I never will.  All I know is that once that hour of sunlight is gone from my waking hours, I am just not the same person.  "Seasonal Affective Disorder"???  Perhaps.  More likely it's just that I don't like it and I'm gonna be a brat about it till that hour of sun is given back to me in the spring.  And just to make it worse, nature taunted me all last week with the most glorious sunshine of the fall.  I'm sure Mother Nature was just rubbing it in.  So I took full advantage of it and spent MANY of my daylight hours outside with my camera, chasing the light.  It didn't put up too much of a fight, it was very easy to catch.  Brilliant, beautiful, golden autumn light.  I caught it, and caught it often.

But now that I'm beginning my sunlight deprived funk, and since November is suppose to be a month of thanks and gratitude...I thought I'd do my own 30 days of gratitude to help lift my spirits so that I'm more tolerable to live with, despite the shortage of sun.  The lengths I'd go to, to make my family happier knows no boundaries.  I'm sure that would make THEIR lists...if they made one.

1.  November 1st - I am thankful that Halloween is OVER!  Not a big fan of the holiday for many reasons. Probably it all started when a bird decided to use my home-made yarn Raggedy Ann wig as it's personal toilet.  AND the skinned knee that resulted as I ran home. AND all the candy I lost when it went flying as I hit the sidewalk.  Yep, glad Halloween is over.  It's all upwards to Thanksgiving from here.

2.  November 2nd - I am grateful that Penn State won their football game vs Illinois.  And I'm even MORE grateful that it took an overtime to do it.  Because it's always nice to get more than you paid for.

3.  November 3rd - I am thankful that I have a Better Half who ALWAYS seems enthused to spend the day with me...and my camera (even if he's not).  He never complains (out loud).  AND, he can always pull off the road and find a place to park the car whenever I see a photo op.  Seriously, that guy can create a parking space outta nothing.  And he can ALWAYS navigate a walking path for me to get to where I want to photograph (creeks, rocks, steep embankments don't stop him).  He's kinda awesome that way.  Plus, I can usually finagle a dinner afterwards, because I hadn't been home all day to cook one.  It's his fault tho.  If he wasn't so good at all this we would be home a LOT sooner!

4.  November 4th - I am grateful for Starbuck's "Salted Caramel Mochas", and that they can make them "relatively skinny".  And if they REALLY can't do that, at least they care enough about me to lie so that I don't feel too much guilt. be continued throughout November.

Okay, STILL feeling a bit sun deprived.  Gonna go chase the light while I can.

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This week's song title is Miranda Lambert's "All Kinds of Kinds".


  1. You caught some beautiful light in that photo! I love the colors of the shrubs and the way they catch the light.

    I like your idea of giving thanks for something specific each day. That keeps on our toes, I think, to remember all we have. #3--yeah, my hubby is good about that, too. He can park anywhere.

  2. LOL, I am laughing about your #3. It seems Blackburn men have more stuff in common. Today Mike went way out of his way to drive me around to try to get a good shot of an old mill in Freeport that I've been wanting to photograph. Well, it is right on the way to my OMT appointment. So, we left 40 min. early and did some searching. Then he found that elusive parking spot, helped me onto the crumbling cement bridge and helped me balance (I have vertigo) to get some shots of the mill. And after the appointment he took me out to eat. We both have such great guys there should be a holiday named after them, don't you think?

  3. This is beautiful! I know..... chasing that light.... I already hear Christmas music on the radio! :)

  4. That is a beautiful photo!! What kind of camera do you use?

  5. Mmm salted mochas? Why doesn't starbucks offer a soy-free dairy-free milk! You may hate me, but i love the early nights, makes me want to curl up and be all cozy!

  6. Gorgeous , I was glad to drive to work today with the sun shining instead of in the dark.

  7. I did the same thing yesterday with LtWD - but found this morning that my sun chasing left a not so wanted present on my left hip!!! A tick!!! In the shower this morning - I found a tick stuck to me! AAAAAGGGHHHHHHH - I can't wait for a good hard freeze & if that means SNOW, so be it!!!

  8. Beauty! Enjoy the weather while you can!
    Love salted caramel ANYTHING!

  9. Will be nice to follow all of your month. I totally get being deprived of light, and as you will be able to see in the morning, I had to go out and get some light of my own for the winter. Love your shot Kathy, and your photography is always just amazing! Hope your sun deprived Monday was awesome!

  10. It's all fun and games until you get crapped on and to add insult to injury, suffer bodily harm while trying to salvage any semblance of dignity. Guess I'm a die-hard fan because at the ripe age of 5 or maybe 6 I got so excited that my friend showed up at the door with the same Donald Duck mask as mine, in the process of running to get mine I face-planted into an open closet door resulting in a massive black eye. I'm telling ya - that shinner hurt like h*e*double*heck AND I didn't get to Trick-or-Treat (cause apparently wearing a mask over a black eye can lead to blindness or something ???) and some how I love the holiday. Must be the bird poo.

    Excellent Autumn photo (not digging the earlier night - by 8 my body is saying "come on old lady, it's been dark for hours now - bed time!").

  11. I love the scene and I love the orbs more!

  12. I love your attitide and will try to find something positive in every day in this most awful month of November.....NO rain today! Something to be grateful for.Have a lovely sunny day with some Starbucks visits!

  13. I am not a happy camper about losing daylight either. You certainly found a beautiful bit of sunshine.

  14. I love thanksgiving for the very reasons of reflecting on all the good things we have...often things that are simple and the most significant. And yet, ironically, I find myself feeling a little funky about some of the challenges of getting where you are going. I try so hard to get above the process and I just need to relax, and enjoy the journey.

  15. LOL @ 3 & 4! As a photographer you would feel a certain kinda of way about losing daylight saving time. As an artist who can paint in almost any light I'm loving that extra hour I gain. If for nothing more than sleep. Nothing beats an extra hour of snooze except "Salted Caramel Mocha's." ;)

  16. I have to agree.. The Time Change Sucks!! Loving your grateful list. So much to be grateful for.


  17. What beauty surrounds you and lovely lighting. Oh the Salted Carmel Mocha is yummo, I had one a couple of weeks ago.