November 25, 2013

A dream is a plan in the making...

The week that was...

"Leaps of Imagination"
November 18 - November 25, 2013
Project 52 (48/52)

"Without leaps of imagination or dreaming,
we lose the excitement of possibilities.
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning"

-Gloria Steinem

I've always dreamed of celebrating a New Year in a foreign country. Some might say I already did that the New Year's I fought the crowds in Disney World.  Someone neglected to inform me all the Americans were apparently at Universal Studios ringing in the New Year.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that many foreigners might share the same wish and head to the States to celebrate. 

Years from now, I don't think I'm gonna regret the things I have done in my life.  But I do think I'm gonna be bummed out by the things I DIDN'T get around to doing.  So dreams morphed into plans last week, and I will be singing "Auld Lang Syne" on the banks of the River Thames in London this year (truth-be-told, I'll probably just be cheering because that song is depressing!).  

Travel and new surroundings have a way of invigorating me.  Everything looks more...better-ish.  Shinier, brighter, happier.  That doesn't mean it actually IS.  It is just that home kinda pales in comparison to something new and different.  And the best part about it?  As much as I love waking up in a new place and spending my days wandering thru unfamiliar kinda makes the routine and normalcy of home more appealing upon return.  Sort of like I spent the evening decked out in those 5-inch stilettos that I adore, but soooooo love coming home to kick them off for those fuzzy slippers.  Win-Win.  

So I guess what I'm saying is that my imagination, dreaming and planning is going to ultimately culminate on my sofa, in a sweatshirt, leggings and Uggs, probably watching an episode of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" that I missed.  And I'm gonna love every freakin' second of it because I arrived at my destination via a detour in London on New Years Eve.  

It all starts with a dream and a plan...and maybe a bit of arm twisting.

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This week's song title is Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home".


  1. Nice. Excellent. (and adore this photo...the light, the dreams in the making!)

  2. The picture is fantastic indeed. I wonder what will be the plan for this new years eve ;-)

    All the best from the Netherlands,

  3. I am ringing in the new year on a plane somewhere over Montana! I would love to ring in the new year one day in a foreign day!

  4. This is getting exciting! I do hope you'll share your travels with us, since I never seem to leave the farm.

  5. Your sentiments hit close to home… congrats on realizing your dreams, it takes a lot of courage and determination to do so. Have a wonderful time in London!

  6. Jealous.... and so excited for you. great photo!

  7. Enjoy your journey - send me postcard!

  8. Whoop whoop for London.... I am really rather excited for you and I live here *laughs. Shame we can't swap.... as Christmas and New year in Philly sounds like heaven to me


  9. Beautiful photograph and YAY for you! London! Whoo hoo! Go, Kathy!

  10. Great photo and the cover of the books say you have a good plan.

  11. Congratulations on your dreams coming true. Nothing like a vacation to yes, ring in the New Year 2014!

    When I was a little girl at 10-12 or so, I was in 4H Club. We would journey off to the leaders home and have our lesson and laugh and eat and play in the hour or so we were together. One of our leaders was dedicated to the cause but her home was less than desirable. It stunk, was messy and it was old and wind would whistle through their old walls and windows. When I returned to my home, I was so much more appreciative of it and was very eager to do the dishes or sweep the floor because it was my home where love brewed each day.

    Have a great Thanksgiving week, Kathy!
    ♥ R

  12. I'm so happy and excited for you! What a great New Year's treat and I will be waiting for the awesome images that are sure to follow. London is a dream for me any the year!

  13. London sounds like a great place to spend the holiday! Enjoy,! Planning is half of the fun

  14. What a wonderful idea. London sounds like a marvelous bring in the new and leave the old behind. Simply mah-vel-us!!!!!

  15. How exciting...I can't wait to see the photos! :)

  16. YAY! One way ticket outta Funkytown delivered! Can't wait to see & hear about your adventures. I know the pics will be fab!

  17. what an exciting way to spend new years! have fun, and yes, can't wait to see your shots!

  18. Superb, inviting photo.
    makes me want to sit, sip, read!

  19. OHHHH I love where you are going. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see pics.

  20. Oui superbe post ! idée original pour ta photo, j'aime cette verve des mots!
    Have a nice day!