October 29, 2013

I bet on "Polish Cowboy"...

...and lost.  That's what happens when you pick a horse solely on it's name.  Too bad there wasn't one named "Really Fast Horse".

Even tho I exited Keeneland Thoroughbred Racetrack in Lexington, Kentucky with less money than when I entered, the experience was totally worth it.  That just doesn't always happen (hence most of my visits to the doctor AND the Department of Motor Vehicles....oh yeah, and then there was my visit to the bank to pay my Real Estate taxes yesterday).

"Keeneland Thoroughbred Racetrack"
Lexington, Kentucky

"We want a place where those who love horses can come and picnic
with us and thrill to the sport of the Bluegrass...We want them to come out
here to enjoy God's sunshine, fresh air, and to watch horses race."

-Hal Prince Headley, Keeneland Founder


"March to the Gate"


"They're Off"

"Home Stretch"

"Dash to the Finish"

Keeneland opened up it's track in October of 1936.  There are only two racing months in the year.  April which hosts various Kentucky Derby prep races. And October, with The Breeder's Cup prep races.  Most of the racing scenes in the 2003 movie Seabiscuit were filmed at Keeneland because of it's authentic appearance.  Keeneland takes pride in maintaining racing traditions (i.e., men MUST wear suits and ties if they wish to enter the clubhouse).



"Winning Jockey"

"Race Track Millinery"
(by the look on her face...I think she bet on 'Polish Cowboy' too)

"Cigars and Bourbon"

And the NOT so traditional...

Desperately seeking "Really Fast Horse" to win, place, or show.

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  1. Kathy I LOVED this post...it has been a dream of mine to visit this track for years! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kathy, these rock! I loved them from top to bottom! Way to work that lens!

  3. i enjoyed this post, the photos were fab and i love the look on the lady's face who also bet on polish cowboy :D i've not been to this track but we toured churchill downs...it was wonderful...we even won a race...i think it was "really fast horse" ;)

  4. You did, however, get some winning pictures and what looks and sounds like a winning experience.

  5. hi, visiting from Tuesday Muse. What a wonderful post, a trip to the race track. I've never been and thank you for sharing this, LOVE it!

  6. Great photos! My favorite is "snaggletooth". I hope he ran well!

  7. LoVe....that close-up of the cigar!

  8. Oh Kathy I've always wanted to go to the race track. Now I feel like I have. These shots were fabulous and fun. So many of them just caught my eye. I really like (in no particular order)
    Well goodness upon reviewing them again I'm just going to say I loved them all!

  9. Loved this! A great horse name might be "don't waste your money" (-:

    Gorgeous shots!!

  10. Wow, your photos give us such a great feel for what it was like at the racetrack! I love the one of the clock and the one called "Home Stretch." You really know how to capture the essence of a place. Oh, and I would do the same thing--I would pick a horse based on the name. :-)

  11. I love all of these but I think my favourite is 'winning jockey'. I have never been to a horse race but looks like it could be a lot of fun


  12. Kathy these shots are all really great. Love how you cropped snaggle tooth, and really like all of them. Looks as if you had a great time.

  13. Some really great shots here. Hoping to be at Keeneland in the Spring and maybe I'll pick a winner (fat chance). I sure don't want to look like the millinery lady.

  14. Kathy, these photos are truly extraordinary. You are so talented!

  15. I'm so into "pieces" of images....I LOVE them! How exciting to be at a big racetrack and to have this experience! Wonderful photos.

  16. I love horses…but I have never been to a racetrack.You shot some amazing photos.Love all the b/w and the grumpy lady with the (sorry) ridiculous headgear!

  17. Well, we are the winners here Kathy -- I think the racetrack should pay you for your photographic endorsement. :)

  18. OK....what the hell? Your photos here are amazing! It's time you start selling. I mean wow.
    My fave are the close up cigar, and the crop on the horse Snaggle whatever and the BW positioning at the gate, but legit, I feel like I visited with you. You got the flavor down girl.
    Hope you're having fun.

  19. Amazing photos.. WOW!! That last one is too funny. You look great..


  20. Beautiful photos, I especially like the B & W, my favorite is the cigar, great!!

  21. These are fantastic, Kathy! I live in Lexington and always enjoy seeing other people's photos from the area. Keeneland is nice, isn't it? Both Keeneland and the Horse Park have beautiful photo opportunities.

  22. Love this post! Great photos..

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