September 7, 2013

Song-ography, the "I Want to Break Free" edition...

I want to break free from...

"I Want to Break Free"
New York City, New York

ob*ses*sion (uh b-sesh-uh n) noun
the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.

...obsessions.  How do I love, and NOT love thee, let me count the ways...

1.  Worry and over thinking.  Yes, I DO worry that I over think.  

2.  Grey hair.  Probably a result of worry and over thinking.  I worry that since I DO color my hair, I won't recognize when the right time will be to gradually morph into age-appropriate grey.  I don't want to be the 100 year old lady sitting in the nursing home with jet black hair thinking everyone will think it's natural.

3.  Cleaning.  I have been known to drive my family crazy picking up, vacuuming, and wiping down, after them.  TRYING to ease up on that.  Everyone seems to be happy living in squalor.  I worry about that.

4.  Nail polish and lip glosses.  I can't pass a display without picking up one, or a few.  Which reminds me, I need to clean my ever-growing collections under my bathroom sink.

5.  BRAVO television.  The epicenter of reality tv nirvana.  Televise it, and I'm glued.  FYI, all the "Real Housewives of WHEREVER" obviously dye their hair...regardless of how old they are.  

6.  Andy Cohen.  The head of Bravo programming, and host of "Watch What Happens Live".  There is apparently nothing this man can do that I don't find 100% brilliant AND hilarious.  I watch him, I read his tweets, I follow him on Instagram.  I'm worried I'm a stalker.

7.  Andy Cohen would love the fashion savvy items I have purchased at great discount on this site.  I would love if my closet was bigger to accommodate all the fashion savvy items I have purchased at great discount on this site.  The Better Half would love if I would clean off and eradicate this fashion savvy site from my computer.  I worry the UPS man thinks I am using Ruelala NOT for the fashion savvy items...but as a ploy to see him way too often.

8.  Shoes.  Finally...a healthy obsession I don't worry about.

Can't wait to see what everyone came up with for Queen's "I Want to Break Free".  But first, here is next week's song...

"Something Beautiful"

How much do I love the endless photographic possibilities this song can spark?  I can't even count the ways!  My eyes will be on the look out all week to see what I can come up with.  Let the challenge begin.

Thanks again for stopping by, and linking up.  Please feel free to spread the word if you know of anyone who might be interested in participating in  Song-ography.  I love seeing the different directions one song can lead photographers in.


  1. Great pic - and great song title too, even though I'm not sure I have one in the archives to fit it (but I'll have a look anyway). Re the grey hair thing - I let my colour grow out over the last year and am so glad I did. Now I have my natural platinum colour on top with dark hair underneath - it looks as if I had a very expensive colour! I've also had it cut into a much funkier style and I've had far more compliments since I did it than when I spent a fortune on colour. Can't help you with the nail polish thing as I just bought two new ones myself... but the cleaning I find easy not to obsess about (made easier by my much more pleasant obsession with my camera) :-)

  2. totally nail polish obsessed...not so much the cleaning {cough, cough} and I'll have to check into both andy cohen and this shopping site...truth is, i'm probably most obsessed with paper. stationary, journals, scrapbook's bad.

  3. Your shot is really intriguing. Fence hold things in or keep things out. I think we all have those "fences" in our lives that we want to break free from. - I'm not to into Clothes, Shoes, Nail Polish but I have my addictions just the same. Oh and cleaning...not so much here either although I probably should but it's more fun to take pictures and play around with (my addiction).

  4. What an perfect shot of this weeks song.. LOVE it..


  5. What a great shot, Kathy! I am a bit of a clean freak too - not anti-germs, but anti-clutter and mess...I admit it (-:

  6. Great picture! I will be definitely the person in the nursing home with blonde /black/ RED! hair ...a bit of colour to brighten my old days! Yep - cleaning! Am known for that and now try to turn a or two blind is too short! And don`t get me started about lipsticks and nail polish , share this obsession with my ( still living at home) daughter. Shoes!! Will not worry about that one either.....
    Thanks for hosting and another fun Sunday morning.

  7. I really enjoyed exploring Queen's music a bit more, I was totally amazed by the live singing, piano playing of some clips I found. Talent! Most musicians these days don't have it. Anyway, can't wait to check out more about Andy Cohen! Love the shot!

  8. What a brave list to share here ! I love getting to know people this way!!
    I am just loving Songography so much !!
    Thanks for hosting every week !!
    and by the way...~embrace the grey~

  9. I adore all things Andy Cohen too! Next week's song gives me chills, it was my daughter's 'class of 2012' song at her high many memories!

  10. When visiting the local nursing home I notices their beauty salon had prices listed for: Wash, cut, set AND color/tint. So I guess these seniors are still covering up the grey.

  11. aawwwww kathy, you are soooo "normal", be happy with all your "stuff", i think you are very cool!!

    i don't have a "shoe" thing, i worry about myself, just not a girly-girly!! i am also a neat freak, can't work in clutter.....

    this is an awesome image, perfect for today!!

  12. You are so funny! Your obsessions sound kind of fun to me. I'm an obsessive cleaner, too. Even though the others in this house could care less. I wish I wasn't so obsessed with clothes.

  13. You're right -- I would like to break free from some obsessions. Though cleaning is NOT one. My husband happily cleans everything while I don't even notice mess and dirt. He even goes over and cleans my mom's house for her. I do love nail polish. I tend to buy a new pretty shade and then never use it. Thanks for hosting this fun party! I love next week's song -- have heard the group but not this song. It's beautiful!

  14. Shoes... and for me corsets... are a lovely obsession. I have a great fun exploring both of those. Great image yet again and fun prompt. Lots to think about for next week too. I am LOVING this meme so very much


  15. I gave up my cable. I remember Bravo. Fondly. Project Runway? Can now watch that one Jeans and t-shirt girl likes the high fashion show-and Michael Korrs "this looks like someone with a bad outfit whose never going to get into Studio 54". Too bad he's not on the show anymore.
    I can echo many of the obsessions on your list. I hear ya. I just don't have any "things" to clean up after.
    Love your photo today-the view thru the fence. The division between you and "it".
    Looking forward to next week. This is always fun. You did a great job creating a link that's something to look forward to each week.

  16. Ooops!!! I posted my songography post to Something Beautiful!!! I suppose my kitty's nose is itching to break free and go outside...she does like to escape now and then!!!

  17. Worrying and overthinking? Check! I am the poster child...your NYC photo is incredible!! Have a great week, Kathy. :)

  18. Worrying I don't think we ever get away from that after you have children. Love your shot of NYC. See ya next week


  19. #1 - so me!
    #4 - I do that with hair products. I'm getting better though. I make myself use all of something before I can try something new.
    #8 - I think I already mentioned this in a previous post of yours but I am stressed out because I threw away a pair of black boots end of season last year that needed to be thrown away. I haven't replaced them yet.

  20. Perfect pic for the song Kathy. you crack me...i'm always in a state of smiling when I come visit

  21. Another great Song-o-graphy post, Kathy!
    And your "obsessions" had me smiling :-D
    I obsess ... too much ... according to my husband. He's right ... I think! ;-)

  22. Oh, I'm obsessed about so many things, can't list 'em. I wonder when I should start coloring my hair, if at all. Does the gray show that much, I ask myself while looking in the mirror? Then I see a photograph of myself and realize, yes, it shows. Now I have to decide if I care. :-)

    Fantastic shot--I like all the ways "break free" applies.

  23. Very apt photo of yours to how I'm feeling this week. Love how your photos always have clarity to them. As like the previous few weeks, what a great quality of photos you are getting on the link up. I find it so interesting to ok through. Thanks, Renee.

  24. I want a redo!! Waaaaaahhh! Sometimes skimming doesn't work and I just proved it. The post I did would be suited to next week's submission not this one. I'm sure I've left a lot of people scratching their heads!! Gesh Louise! So sorry to screw this one up but I'm having a good laugh over here!

  25. And one more thought... high five to loving Bravo, Andy Cohen and the Housewives. My addiction/obsession!

  26. Thanks for visiting and commenting on MammothLakesDP!!! I'll get the timing down in the future!!! We're dog people too...our Kelly gets more face time than the kitties, so sometimes I just have to give them their due!!!