September 18, 2013

"Sometimes comfort doesn't matter...

"Life is too Short Not to Wear Red Heels"
Las Vegas, Nevada

...When a shoe is freakin' fabulous, it may be worth a
subsequent day of misery.  Soak in Epsom Salts and take comfort
in the fact that you're better than everyone else."

--Clinton Kelly

Don't ask me HOW I know this but...I would think that perhaps two mature women wearing their OWN stilettos, and carrying glasses of wine, might easily fit into that shoe!

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  1. Now that's the picture I would have wanted to see. That is a GEEEOOOORGOUS shoe! LOL - I would have agreed with Clinton Kelly about a month ago. Then I sold out and wore a plan b pair of shoes to my high school reunion.

  2. OK, I won't ask how you know, but that would have been a fun photo! :-) That's a great pair of shoes, but I can't wear anything like that anymore.

  3. Love it!! You are always so whitty!!

  4. Not sure about that statement ..... LOL
    When ya walk around with a pained looked on your face because of the agony the shoes have your feet in .... well, it ain't pretty!
    But I guess.....if I were younger....I would agree!
    Great shot!
    Awesome shade of red!

  5. I NEED a pair of red shoes!
    I have the same photo from Vegas.

  6. High heels rock in any color, but red ones mean business. LOL Wish my feet would still allow me to wear them because I'd wear them every day!

  7. Do they indeed but one can only assume you know that because.... *laughs


  8. Oh me and my shoes are not easily parted. And ...the more I blog the more I want even more shoes. I loved reading these thoughts! ♥

  9. I am that shoe! Any high heels thinking about it! Gut feelings says YES and head says NO , mostly gut wins and another pair of shoes are on the shelf! Barely wear them...walking the dog? Garden? Hope that you had a great time out and about in Las Vegas!

  10. haha, now THAT is one photo I would like to see!

  11. Oh you made me giggle with your PS comment. - That is one cool shoe!

  12. What a shoe! I hate heels, but this one is cool.