September 16, 2013

Fall firsts...

 The week that was...

"The Commish"
Thing #1
September 9 - September 16, 2013
Project 52 (37/52)

Fall blew into the Philly area last week.  One day it was in the 90's, the next in the high 60's.  Besides the drop in temps, it was a week of Fall firsts.  Some that I'm kinda crushin' over, and some....not so much:

Had a glass of red wine (my version of no white after Labor Day)

Wore my first sweatshirt

Broke out a pair of leather boots

First Penn State football loss (the first of a few I'm sure BUT..the first cut is the deepest)

First humiliating loss in my family fantasy football league.  My dubious team name is "I'm So Confused"...
and I do believe that name gives me too much credit

A high point?  I DID finish ahead of my son, "The Commish" of the yah!  It's
gotta be humiliating being the Commish and losing to your MOMMY, who is so confused (I was told trash-talking is highly encouraged).
By the way, did you KNOW there are television shows and radio stations devoted to Fantasy Football??
Seriously folks, I have priorities AND the"Real Housewives of New Jersey" to watch.  I will forever remain fantasy football confused!

Speaking of priorities, the Fall TV line up is getting under way.
"Dancing With the Stars" starts tonight.  Anyone else excited about seeing Valerie Harper hoofing it?

Had my first Pumpkin Ale of the season

Air conditioner got turned off, and the windows got opened wide

First bonfire of the season.  Unfortunately it wasn't ours.  It was our neighbor's, who built it
right on our property lines and didn't seem bothered by the fact that all THEIR smoke blew right
 into all MY wide opened windows!  My house now has a very obvious campfire aroma to it,
and I have a strange urge to devour s'mores and sing Kum-baya.

Yep, fall is in the air.  And thanks to the neighbors, also IN my house.  I'm so confused.

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This week's song title is Aerosmith's "Pink"


  1. Several years ago my son was laughing out loud at an article he was reading. So, I asked him what was so funny - and, while I do not remember what was so funny...I don remember him explaining to me that the writer was the fantasy football writer for SI. I said something, there's a guy whose job it is - his full time, get paid in the real world job - to write about imaginary football??!! It was my first glimpse into this world. My son's college internship was a writing gig for a fantasy football web site. I have not, as you have, jumped into the fray...but he's always in at least three or four leagues. Sorry about the smoke in your house...but fall sure does feel great!!

  2. Your post made me smile this morning. :-) Your sense of humor is so delightful! I've never played fantasy football--I would be beyond confused. But it sounds like fun to compete and "trash talk" when needed. Our AC is still on. It's not running as much, but we're still getting some high temps during the day.

  3. SUCH A great post Kathy, and making me feel jealous with this ongoing and continuing HOT DALLAS WEATHER! Hard to remember what fun bonfires are living here!

  4. Thanks for the DWTS reminder ;-). I love March Madness and picking out the brackets ... I always lose early as I have Nova going all the way regardless of what the little voice in my head tells me. A girl can dream!!

  5. I had to close my windows some!!! And wore socks to bed!! Love it!!

  6. Cool picture, and it sounds like a nice week you had :)

  7. Loving all the fall stuff!!! I might actually watch DWTS many interesting celebs!!

  8. Our windows and the porch door were wide open as well... I grow more and more in love with autumn each passing year.... Makes me want to run through the streets shouting, "I'm ALIVE... I'm ALIVE"... well okay, that's a little over board but still, you know what I mean.. LOL

  9. Fall is definitely in the air! Yay for sweatshirts and leather boots!

  10. Came back from a looong weekend to the South of France and was welcomed by rain and clouds ! Yes fall is in the air. Enjoy the TV show and have a great week!

  11. Fall sure is here, I love many parts of that but miss summer a little. :-)

  12. Ha!... You have it easy there... it is really quite cold here and has been raining on and off for about 10 days now. eerrgghh!


  13. I'm happy to bring the chocolate and marshmallows.... there is something oddly comforting about the bonfire smell. Although I'm not sure that I want it wafting up at me every time I sit on the couch. Happy FALL!!

  14. I just giggle when I read your posts...Fantasy Football, not my game, but I do like to wear sweatshirts, does that count?? Dancing...oh goody, gotta set the DVR to speed pass their way too many commercials, but at least it is down to a one night a week show this year.

  15. Jealous! I would love those 60s and windows open. We are trying hard, but still wearing shorts around here. Red wine...yup! I like that idea. I would be very confused by FF. Way to Gi beating the boy!

  16. you're not alone: fantasy football confuses me to no end, not to mention reality football does too! happy fall!

  17. We still have the DANG air's disgusting...98* in the middle of sept...puke. Might have to record DWTS tonight...just see what all the hoopla's about.

  18. I hate it when I open windows of hang out bedding on the day someone decides they want to burn leaves. Where did Thing 1 get his hat? I like the ones that are closed in the back like that. As for DWTS, I'll just catch the highlights on the news ;-)

  19. Lord, I love your humor. Yep, I was also excited to see Valerie hoofing it.

  20. I am so jealous of all your "firsts", Kathy! Sweatshirt, boots, open windows...I live for that first cool morning! I can do w/o the campfire aroma in my house, though! Hoping a breezy day will take care of that.
    I missed DWTS last night!

  21. Campfire smoke... One of my favorite scents. NOT. We don't do campfires very often. Just because of the smoke. That scent sticks around for days..

    Ever since we left Vegas I have been wearing a sweatshirt. I am loving life..


  22. I am so not ready for fall... I am holding onto summer with 2 hands... at least until we have to take our boat out of the water... then fall can come! I almost broke out my Uggs the other day but then decided against it. I went with Jeans and flipflops and a sweatshirt instead lol!

  23. Yay for boots and wine and bonfires! Best when in boots at a bonfire, sipping wine! Yay fall!

  24. I'm not ready for fall either, but it seemed to be here early last week, the temps dropped here too. I am not ready, still too many beds to weed.