August 2, 2013

My Dearhearts (#6)...

"Turn Left for Answers"
Cape May, New Jersey

1.  If only life's questions could be answered by changing directions.  Actually, maybe many of them can.

2.  I've come to the conclusion that I really need a special "smiley face" or "font" to denote I'm using sarcasm.  Apparently, it's often only apparent to moi.

3.  Thing #3 is taking an SAT prep course this week at a local college for the English/Writing/Verbal portion of the exam.  We've been discussing vocab words every morning on the drive to the campus.  I'm embarrassed to tell her that while on the phone to USAirways yesterday, and trying to elaborate my confirmation code to the representative (ie, FTBZC)...I couldn't come up with a word that began with the letter "T".  Well, actually I did....TEA.

4.  I don't get sick very often.  But I got knocked off my feet this week by SOMETHING.  The worse thing about it?  I will now be a hypocrite when I joke about how men can't handle being sick.

5.  On Monday, I will start my next crazy exercise program with the awesome Saun T via television in my dungeon basement...T-25.  It's premise is it's  a full body, high intensity workout accomplished in less than 25 minutes, 5 days a week.  I'm totally waiting for the T-5 program to be released.  NO sarcasm font needed!!!

...and, please join me on Sundays for my new link up "Song-ography".
This week's song title is Bill Wither's "Lean on Me".


    You know, That THINGY you were TALKING on.


    1. As you know, my mind is scary sometimes :)

  2. Tango! The official phonetic alphabet for the letter 'T' but when in doubt I usually report to place or people's names and like you sometimes my brain just zones out and I can't think of anything


  3. Well, I love the sarcasm, no font needed. It's endearing and funny. Isn't sarcasm it's own font? Hope you are feeling better, summer sickies are no fun.

  4. Glad you're better! And best of luck with your new exercise program! :). No sarcasm there! :D

  5. hmm, wonder if it was the same bug that grabbed me a week ago?? Glad it didn't last very long and like me, you are back in business!!

  6. Tango! But my mind blanks out too. No sarcasm there--it really does. :-)

    Hope you are feeling better! It seems particularly not fair to be sick in the summer.

  7. Sarcasm font, perfect!! Workout sounds amazing. I start a 2 day a week UFX class on Monday plus my regular training. Adios vacation effects!

  8. I love your sarcasm. I'd like to think that I always "get it" but who knows? BTW I showed your rubber duckie photo to all of my friends who go to Cape May just to see if they know the store where the rubber duckies live. I'm happy to say they all know and love that store.

  9. I was sick last week too. Boo!! Glad you're feeling better!

  10. i think some times in bloggin' folks that read what you are writing will never get what you mean. ever! guess it is tough to get on the same wavelength. ha. ha!! no clue.

    the hubby & i loved Cape May ... the big Victorian where we stayed was freakin' awesome. would love to go there again one day. so much to see & do. ( :

  11. T-5. This has the potential for super big money making. You need not have a sarcasm font for me. I hear you loud and clear and LOVE it.
    Sorry I missed you this weekend. I was away with friends with NO internet service. Really? Do places like that still exist? Yup. I'm thinking on Lean on Me for Sunday.

  12. I don't get sick very often but when I do ... well ...

    Good on you for crazy exercise. I am bad. I really only enjoy swimming and walking. And walking with my camera as a weight works too, right?

  13. Some dictionaries define sarcasm as a high form of wit which is exactly what I get when I read your posts. Keep it up - it's working just fine.

  14. Enjoyed this random five!
    I'd totally go T is for Tiger. ☺ Tulip, tango, tazmania come to mind next.
    Love the idea of changing directions for an answer.

  15. Hey I've never had a problem with recognizing your sarcasm. :) Thanks for joining in R5F this week.

  16. Sorry that you've been feeling under the weather - hope you're on the recovery end. I agree with your point 1 and laughing about 'tea' in point 3! Renee.

  17. LOL "T" as in "tea"
    Made me laugh so hard I peed a little.....sorry......TMI!!!!

  18. I love sarcasm! I would have to use that font ALL the time!

  19. Great post. Hope you are feeling better.