August 22, 2013

Chipping away at a problem...

...all by myself. With no one to help. And this one hit me right in my Achilles  I'm lost, with no GPS tellling me to "Recalculate you moron".  This is coming from a girl who only willingly started to pump her own gas within the last 5 years!

"Chipping Away"
Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Is anyone else experiencing a problem with Blogger?  As of two days ago, I am unable to access any editing functions on my posts.  I can type out a post.  I can hit publish.  Then I better darn well hope it's perfect because when I go back to try to edit ANYTHING, I get a completely white screen.  No text, no photos, nada.  I can't edit, and that is kinda tough on a self-professed perfectionist like moi.

"I do not like white blog screens, DAMN!
I do not like them Sam-I-am."

Since my technology Guardian Angel seems to have gone AWOL, there are three questions I asked myself:

1.  What could I do?

Well, I could check all my settings, I could re-boot my computer, I could empty my cache, I could try a new internet server...and then I could ask Blogger.  And they could ignore me.

2.  What could I read? 

What HAVEN'T I read?  Spent the whole day googling, googling, googling for an answer.  Instead of an answer, I wound up scoring a great bargain on a new dress on  At least the day wasn't a total loss.

3.  Who could I ask?

I'm going to ask the most Blogger savvy peeps I know...YOU!  Anyone experiencing a similar problem?  Puhleeze someone say YES it isn't just me!  Not that I want any of you to be suffering the same problem but...I kinda do want some of you to be suffering the same problem.  Misery loves company ya know.  If you are...any solutions you've been able to do, read about, or get an answer from someone you asked?

Doing my best to chip away at this problem and get an answer.  A problem is a chance to show yourself how smart you are.  OR, one erroneous click of a button on my keyboard and POOF, I could be known as the blog formerly known as "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out".

Thanks for any input!

Please join me on Sundays for Song-ography.
This week's song title is Frank Sinatra's "The Summer Wind".


  1. First, let me start off by saying I dislike using the blogger editor entirely (really hate it). While I have not exactly experienced the problem you've described, Kath, my problems have been not being able to delete lines or spaces. Instead, blogger ADDS lines when I press delete. Other times, layouts that look OK in edit, shift when viewed in preview - text or photos go in other directions. If a large photo needs to be centered, select "left" to center it vs.using "center which shifts it more to the right. IF you are using a PC, my suggestion would be to use the free Microsoft Live Writer program which lets you create blog posts off-line vs. blogger which you only use when on-line. BUT when I create a post in LW and schedule it to blogger, the fonts seem to change even when I am using a standard one, like Treubuchet, which is available in the blogger editor. Unfortunately, LW is not available for Macs, but Mars Edit is another off-line editor app that is for Macs for a nominal fee. It has some drawbacks to VW but IMO anything beats blogger most times.

    My preference is for Live Writer which I use as much as possible, but it only works with PCs, so when using my MacBook

  2. whoops, my comment was TOO long it seems...
    so quickly, LW is NOT available for Macs but Mars Edit is an off-line editor available for a nominal fee and while not as user-friendly as LW it will get the job done.

  3. I KNEW there was a reason I haven't posted anything this week. I wasn't just lazy. Sorry you are having problems. Last time I posted, everything was fine.

  4. You are hysterical even in technical difficulty. Or hysterical because of...:). You make me laugh so much! Sorry you are having issues. Wish I had a nugget to offer. I'm on WP.

  5. When I posted on Tuesday, all worked fine for me...I feel your pain, though. I'm completely challenged when it comes to anything technical regarding computers! When things go wrong, I always feel clueless as to how to fix it. Googling helps sometimes, but not always (as you've discovered). Your humor shines through, as always...I hope it's resolved soon! :)

  6. Hm, I wrote most of this week's posts over the weekend so not sure! I hope you get the kinks worked out. When all else fails...blame blogger!

  7. i had a similar problem after sandy in october that lasted until christmas. i was not able to prepare anything on my pc, and i was not even able to upload pictures. i headed to the IPad and was able to do some blogging with that but no editing and i could only add one or two pictures. it was at that time, when i had so much to write about, that i was silenced. devine intervention, perhaps.

    right now, i am not able to see my followers, i haven't been for months, could be a good thing!! every other picture i add to a post, i get an error message and have to re-do, but then it works.

    i remember doing ALL the other thing you stated and nothing worked. i messaged blogger everyday, NEVER got a response.

    good luck.....humor gets you far!!

  8. Sorry I'm of no use when it comes to computer problems. My problem is I can't get photos out of my files to upload into a blog anymore when I use Google Chrome. I have a bazillion files of photos but when I go to get a photo I only see the last 5 files, all others are not showing up when I go through blogger. So, I gave up for awhile but figured out when I go back through Internet Explorer all of my files show up. I think it's all Chrome's fault. Good luck my friend.

  9. Oh, I meant to tell you I love your little sandpiper or whatever he is. Sooooo adorable. Fabulous shot.

  10. I haven't noticed a problem. I love your little sand piper.

  11. Sorry sweetie - I just went to my blog & went into to "test edit" a recent post. Everything comes up as it should when I hit edit under the post.
    (insert pouty lip face here)

  12. Hey friend....I've had my share of Blogger problems but not this particular gem (yet), Sam-I-Am. I am right there on the perfectionist thing. Scary! I hope you can sort it out. Whereas you already tried re-booting, that's usually the best fix of all. Keep us posted on the issue.
    Hey, as an aside. I'm just about to finish up my 365 and have decided to start another one. That will start on Sept 1. I'm going to make a Flickr group to sort of keep track. I've asked some blog friends to join in if they want. If you're interested let me know. You can jump in at any level of commitment you'd like. It's not going to be something I blog about, just a continuation of the madness. let me know if you're interested.
    BTW-Flickr has it's bugs too, but it's much quicker to use than blogging when the day is too full.
    Hope the man behind the white screen knocks it off soon.

    1. DEF interested Susan :) Thanks for thinking of me!

  13. The last time I quoted 'Sam I Am' it was out of frustration I had to eat every word (pays to remember WHO you have "friended" on Facebook before you take a jab at rhyming - just a little PSA.) I write the majority of my Blogger posts in the HTML option and then go and modify format in the Compose (or whatever the 'other' option is). I'm not sure which avenue you are using - but perhaps if you try and access through the other you will have more luck. I have days when my posts look like a Kindegardner composed it - actually, worse. I throw in the towel and post any way because according to that other Seuss quote "those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" - that was Seuss right?

  14. I don't usually edit in Blogger. I write my post and edit in Word, then copy and paste into Blogger. But I started having problems with being able to do that. I couldn't post anything in Blogger. I was using Internet Explorer for my browser. I tried emptying the cache, rebooting, searching for solutions, too. But what finally worked was installing Google Chrome and using it to post. I haven't had any problems with Blogger since.

  15. I wish the people behind Blogger stopped trying to improve things, Every time they do another problem arises. :)

  16. I totally agree with EG camera girl. I hate it when they "improve" things cause it usually means i'll have issues. And i do have a lot of issues with eblogger. Not the issues you've described but I've had to reboot to even access the blogs I follow. I'd write them. Love the photo and so glad you found a dress!!!! Lmao. U r a hoot

  17. I've been posting & editing (I tend to never post a perfect post, and edit often!) all week in Blogger. Working fine, and using it lots. I'm sorry all I can offer is this feedback!
    Hope it gets back in gear for you! Techy problems drive me bananas.

  18. I changed from blogger to wordpress over a year ago and never looked back. Hang in there sweetie. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Hop. xo

  19. Techy woes are the worst... ridiculous when you think it all just comes down to zeros and ones. No matter the typos, your thoughts shine through and your photos speak for themselves.

  20. I HATE blogger... with a passion. If you are interested in moving your blog to self hosting let me know as that is what Mr does for a living and I suspect if I asked nicely he would cut you a serious deal.


  21. While I don't have an answer for your problem I did learn of a new Mac editor in the comments so thanks for the post. I heard Google was out/offline/gone south/whatever for while recently. I imagine everything Google failed during that period. Oh you did know blogger was owned by google. I enjoy blogger and really never understood why a blogger would pay for hosting a blog. I do as one of your other readers, write the post in an editor and cut and paste. When I cut and paste I do it in the HTML mode and then switch to the other to touch it up.
    The blogger editor is not great but it's ok and like the preview function they added not too long ago. Moving pictures around the post is still very hit and miss. Don't know what type of platform you are on but keeping you browser and Java updated is very important.