July 17, 2013

Captain Obvious...

"Closing Sale"
Philadelphia, PA

I hate when I miss a good sale!

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This week's song title is James Taylor's "Up on the Roof"


  1. oh probably one of the trendy shops that tries to look old. nice window frame

  2. I am there with you! But today I had a lucky strike....closing down sale and boots ( from Italy!!) for 30(!) dollars. Yes- i am shallow and I admit it - it made my day!

    1. Well I must be REALLY shallow because it never even occurred to me that Italian boots for $30 wouldn't make ANYONE'S day :)

  3. Beautiful photo! I love the window - it has such character.

  4. That window looks like it's been around a lot longer than that closing sale sign. I love the frame around it. Great photo!

  5. great shot, but looks as if you missed that sale by quite a bit. Yes that boot sale is one I would like to go to......

  6. Captain Obvious..I love that saying. I like this grungy find. Text and image together-one of my faves. Nicely processed too.

  7. Too funny... I have been up on the roof of my trailer trying to get some shots of next week. I am thinking I might have to find a different roof, Nothing to interesting from the roof of my trailer that's for sure. Just lots of desert... Micky D's is next door I wonder whats on that roof???


  8. how much is that window in the window? i sure would buy it..