July 11, 2013

31 years, but who's counting?...

"Let My Love Open the Door"
Pete Townshend
Berks County, PA

Apparently it's a week of anniversaries for moi.  Two year blogging anniversary AND thirty-first wedding anniversary.  And to think, I USUALLY have such a hard time making a commitment to things.  Thirty-one years.  How did that freakin' happen so fast??!!??  Ahhh, 1982 twas a very good year.  EXCEPT for fashion and eye shadow colors...

Prince William was born (hello soon-to-be daddy!)

"The Weather Channel" first aired (and now I am OLD because I hawk it daily)

EPCOT opened (yes my Things, that Mexican boat ride in the Mexico pavilion that I use to put you on so I could drink margaritas and not worry about where you are?  Wasn't always there.)

The first CD player was put on the market (which thus created the great 8-track wasteland I like to call the back of my husband's blue Mustang)

Gasoline was 91 cents/gallon (explains why I thought NOTHING of putting my Things in their car seats and taking them for endless car rides until they fell asleep)

Twas the year of E.T. (which reminds me, Thing #2 you need to phone home more)

Ronald Reagan was president (happy sigh, loved the Gipper)

My wedding dress cost $300 and was off-the-rack (after spending the past week wedding dress shopping with Thing #2?  I think I'm going to go to Epcot, put myself on that boat ride, and grab a margarita at each pass thru)

The Better-Half had no grey hair, but he DID have a mullet (happy to report NO mullet now, but quite a bit of grey. And he earned every single grey hair spending the last thirty-one years with MOI)

What a difference a year makes too.  Last year we were in Europe celebrating our mile-stone 30th anniversary.  This year?  I'm home.  Blogging. The Better-Half didn't fall for the "ALL anniversaries should be considered milestones 'oh love of my life'!" rationale.   In his defense, it's probably because all wedding dresses aren't $300 and off-the-rack anymore.  BUT, we did splurge for the gas and headed to the stadium to watch the Phillies lose.  Thirty-one years.  But who's counting?

P.S.  Just a reminder about my OTHER anniversary and new link-up launching this Sunday called SONG-OGRAPHY.



  1. Happy Anniversary!! We're two years behind ya! Any my husband, it wasn't a mullet...but a perm! EEK!

  2. Happy anniversary! 31 years might not be a typical "milestone," but it's still an accomplishment. I hope you and your husband enjoy your day.

    My first car was a Ford Maverick with an 8-track player. Quickly became obsolete.

    I'm afraid to think what wedding dresses cost now.

    1. Tina, MY first car was a puke-green Maverick! Affectionately known as the "Mav".

  3. 31 years - WOW and CONGRATULATIONS. The 80s - boy-ol-boy those were the days. Puffy sleeves, neon, and perms. Good times, good.times!

  4. Happy Anniversary...may your lives be continued to be blessed and there will be celebrations each year!!

  5. Love this Kathy! Such a walk back in time. I can remember all of these things, except the margaritas. Wasn't allowed to have them yet. :) Happy Anniversary to you!

  6. Happy anniversary!!!! To many, many more!!!

  7. 31 years should definitely be counted - and definitely be congratulated on, so I'm sending some happy thoughts from across the seas. Thanks for the fun history lesson too!

  8. Happy anniversary - it's great to see that there still are wonderful love stories going on in the world.

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! I loved reading about 1982! I met my hubby in 1982!! He had a mullet too. Can I go on the Mexican boat ride and have a margarita with you?

  10. Happy Anniversaries. Yes, I am already counting on a trip to Europe for our 30th, but I need to start planting that seed in someone else's head or it won't happen. Hopefully, these weddings will be behind us and our last thing...he won't be in college yet. So the way I see it, there is no excuse NOT to go.

  11. Funny you should mention the "wasteland" of 8-track tapes because on of my favorite 8-tracks that I had in my car was The Who with Teenage Wasteland (or Baba O'Riley as it's rel title). Ha. Good old days indeed. My hubbie and I are one year ahead of you anniversary-wise, but we chose not have Things but instead totally focused on our selfish selves and lived in Europe for seven years. After that it was hard to go back. I honestly can't tell you where 32 (in October) years has gone. Poof!


  12. I obviously am lacking in typing skills. Sigh.

  13. Congratulations!!! I hope you had a lovely day even if it was low key compared to last year.


  14. Happy Anniversary! We are at 25 yrs!

  15. Congrats on both these milestones! Cheers! :)

  16. Congrats to you and you hubby!! I have to say I love my little portable 8 track player!! I thought I was so cool by the pool listening to Boz Scaggs. Those were the days.


  17. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will be celebrating 34 years, next month. I remember all of these things. Wow! Such good memories.

  18. Happy double anniversary! So glad about the mullet... :O)

  19. Happy Anniversary you two!

    Neat to look back at what was happening at this time. Great post Kathy!

  20. Happy anniversary!!! I will be peeking in on your new theme-i want to see what everyone comes up with. I wish I could play-it sux not having my computer. I'll be home soon.