April 17, 2013

Reflecting on Independence...

Thoughts on Boston...

"Reflecting on Independence"
Independence Hall - Philadelphia, PA

Boston and Philadelphia are intertwined in my mind as cradles of American independence.  I feel a kinship with Bostonians. Kindred original colonial cities.  Similar shared experiences.  Similar architecture.  Similar cobblestoned streets.  Similar pride in the role we played in the birth of America.  Boston's got Ben Affleck, we've got Bradley Cooper.  Not to mention we both talk a little funny.   Philadelphia is where we declared our independence from tyranny.  Boston is where the first shots were fired to assure it.

Patriot's Day.  I doubt the choice to bomb the Boston Marathon on this date was coincidental.   Nor to inflict terror at the finish line.  The precise place where people were celebrating the blood, sweat and tears shed to overcome the challenges of running a marathon and all that accomplishment represents and implies.  Some have called these terrorists, whomever they might be, cowards.  That's too easy.  I call them evil.  Their goal is to tyrannize with fear.  To inflict mass hysteria, if not mass casualties.  They want us to cower.  To be scared.  To unsettle us.  They want us to stop living our lives.  Do they even know who they are dealing with here?  Americans who have fought for our freedoms.  And that fight began right there.  In Boston.  

Stupid, stupid terrorists.  Stupid AND evil.  What a dangerous combo.

They want us to believe our lives aren't safe.  I won't let them tyrannize me into not living my life freely.  I will not let them take away my independence.  They will not win. So not only will I go out and live my life, I'm going to do it with a little more compassion, kindness and love.  Because good always triumphs over evil. That's an amazing power we have.  I plan to take advantage of it.

I defy those tyrants to take away my independence and my freedom of choice on how I want to live my life.  Don't they know Bostonians, Philadelphians, and Americans in general, have "been there done that"?  We are kinda good at it.  After all, it's how we began.  I have no doubt that defiant spirit will live on in Boston.  Unified Americans will always overcome merciless acts.  

God bless you Boston.  I stand with you.

From a Philadelphian, 


  1. Reaching for that spirit. I'm extremely unsettled. But I guess, more profoundly sad than afraid. Thanks for this - I love that photo - a favorite because our cities do share so much...and this photo captures it.

  2. You're the best. Thank you thank you thank you! We are connected - for sure!

  3. Well said! And adding my words to your well thought out statements will not be necessary. Let your statements resound!

  4. Amen. You said it very well. Good will ALWAYS overcome evil.

  5. Thank you for this nice memorial on such a terrible, unnecessary event.

  6. This week is the anniversary of the shooting at Virginia Tech, the Waco incident, the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine shootings.. Might just be a good month for all of us to start staying home.

  7. Very well said, Kathy!

    LOVE the photo. Great capture. I love reflections.


  8. Thanks, Kathy ~ wonderful post ~ I live north of Boston and it is a terrible tragedy ~

  9. Yes good will triumph over evil, eventually, some of it may not be til the end. In the meantime I stand with you, I'm not going to let crazy, evil or stupid keep me from doing the things I love where ever I feel like doing it. But then again I live in Texas where a 70 year old just might shoot ya if your dog poos in his yard (true story). Beautiful photo to go with your thoughts!

    1. Thanks Kim. Took this photo last week. Didn't know how I would use it until today.

  10. You have expressed my own feelings about this so eloquently...beautifully put!

  11. Beautiful Kathy. My wish is that everyone would take the same stance - it's just starts with a little compassion, kindess and love.

  12. Amen! And Amen! Pure evil is what this is. We Americans are fighters and resilient. We are tough when we need to be, but hopefully we can make great head way in this world with teaching kindness and compassion for fellow human beings. I truly don't understand the desire to hurt.

  13. So true, thank you!

  14. xo
    Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop